Scrubbing Video and Co-Watching on Instagram

Instagram as one of the top social media is adding some new features on Instagram video which would add more comfortability and joy to watch it. The first is about scrubbing video, this would let users sharing the favorite frames they want, and the second one is about watching a video with friends at the same time. I would explain these two in more detail as below:

What is Instagram video scrubbing?

Video scrubbing is an Instagram features that allows users to see the frame preview on top and enables them to select the frames they just need. Of course, it will cause some performance progression and to post a video as efficiently as possible.

You can easily skip the part of the video you don’t need to post. Looking at comments on Jane Manchun Wong shows that this a real need of people and many users can’t wait to see this feature on their Instagram application soon.

News from Jane Manchun Wong on March, 28th shows that Instagram is testing new features of scrubbing the video, which able users to post the only part of the video that they want. It seems that it is one of the most requested features because you cannot post a video longer than 60 seconds on Facebook, so you need the essential parts only.

Scrubbing Video and Co Watching on Instagram
Scrubbing Video and Co Watching on Instagram

Co-watching and photo effect in one place!

As Jane Manchun wong posted on her Twitter, in April 2019, Instagram is testing another feature that able users, to watch the video with friends while they can see their pictures on the screen with effects. The Co-watching video feature somehow is similar to Facebook watch-party which was a common request from users.

This option starts with seeing photos on screen with a filtering option and adding effect to that. You can choose the video and upload it, while your pictures are minimized at the screen’s corner.

Scrubbing Video and Co Watching on Instagram
Scrubbing Video and Co Watching on Instagram

Watch-party is a popular trend specifically among young users. It is noted that after school, young users jump on live hanging out, and it took Instagram’s attention for its next features.

Co-watching features previously launched by Facebook, and their reports show that it has more than 12 million users on watch party who caused viewing video eight times more than usual video sharing in groups. It could be interesting watching the video with friends, though it seems that it has some restrictions such as two viewers only.

Like the scrubbing option, Instagram has not yet announced the launching date of these two features which certainly improve people’s communications.

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