Pros and Cons of an Educational Blog on Instagram

Going to start an educational blog on Instagram and want to learn the pros and cons of an academic weblog? In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know!

When it comes to blogging on Instagram, there are hundreds of niches from makeup and fitness blogs to tech-related weblogs. However, what makes one weblog different from so many others is the type of content and quality of information that the blogger presents.

Before starting any weblog on Instagram, you should look into the pros and cons of the weblog before diving into the world of blogging. The same goes for educational bloggers. Here are a few things that you need to keep your eye on when it comes to creating a weblog on Instagram.

Advantages of Educational Blogging on Instagram

Development of Creative Writing Skills

Whether you are in high school or enrolled at a prestigious university, writing is a skill that is essential and invaluable. From writing perfect essays to giving good exams, writing skills are going to come in handy everywhere.

Moreover, this skill helps you when you go out in the professional world as well after you graduate. With the help of an academic weblog as a personal statement writer, you can learn and develop your writing skills. If the personal statement help weblog is yours, you will be to develop your writing skills by sharing the content you create.

From other academic weblogs, you will get plenty of knowledge on how to write professionally and how you can build your creative writing skills.

Platforms for Students to Interact

Academic weblogs on Instagram become platforms for students to interact and connect with each other. Unlike other content that creates a lot of distractions for college students, these weblogs only share and promote content that will help the students with their education, lesson plans, school homework, teacher assignments, etc.

Even those people who are relatively reserved and shy in their classes, feel comfortable sharing their thoughts here.

Encourages Teachers to Use the Internet

When it comes to academic weblogs, it is not only the students that reap their benefits but teachers as well. Teachers can easily learn new things that will help them transform their careers and help them perform their duties more effectively.

It is a great way to overcome the challenges and pressure of being a teacher from such Instagram weblogs.

Disadvantages Of Educational Blogs on Instagram
Lack of Variety in Ideas

Everyone who starts blogging wants to succeed, grow, and rank high on the search engines. However, this is not possible with high-quality content. The main disadvantage of an academic weblog on Instagram is the lack of variety in ideas.

How many times will you post the pictures of books followed by a unique caption, right? Since Instagram runs mainly on visuals, it is hard to get creative in your work through words. No one reads long captions and you have only so much space when it comes to sharing content through pictures.

High Competition

When it comes to blogging, every niche is competitive. However, educational blogging is not only competitive, but it is difficult as well. For instance, if you are talking about tech, and the focus of your weblog is on “Android Applications”, it will be very hard for you to cover all the aspects of Android applications in a single weblog thoroughly.

Those who will be able to do so will obviously gain more followers.

Final Word

In recent times, we have seen the popularization of education on Instagram as more and more academic weblogs are encouraging students to study. We have briefly discussed the advantages and disadvantages of educational blogging on Instagram. You need to keep an eye on them before you start working in this niche. Consider how you will harness the power of the benefits and how you will tackle the challenges you will face.

Happy Blogging, Folks!

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