Pinstagram? Leaked Instagram Feature Shows it’s Planning to Rip off Pinterest

Pinstagram Leaked Instagram Feature Shows its Planning to Rip off Pinterest

Instagram appears to roll out a new feature that would turn the platform into a direct competitor to Pinterest. Pinterest is a platform that lets you organize your photos or other users’ into private or public albums.

These pictures (called pins) can be of fashion, art, home designs- whatever you want. And you can tag them, make them shoppable, link to them, etc.

Instagram, too, lets you save other people’ posts into a private place in the app so that you can get back to them later, and it allows you to collect and organize all those pictures into private collections. So, if you want to save photos of fashion and interior design on Instagram, you can make private collections for each of those topics. However, Instagram might soon let you make these collections public.

Jane Manchun Wong, who has a great history when it comes to leaking unannounced features, shared a screenshot of a “Make Collection Public” option in Instagram. This feature is not available to the public, but she detected it in the Instagram for Android code. It shows Instagram will let you toggle the public visibility of a saved collection.

Pinstagram Leaked Instagram Feature Shows it's Planning to Rip off Pinterest

You will also be able to add contributors to your collections, which means you could give credit to people whose pictures you’ve rounded up. There’s nothing to suggest Instagram users can follow collections, but that looks like an obvious next step – one that would make Instagram work almost similar to Pinterest. Instagram has already told TechCrunch it’s not testing these stuff, though we all know that is a boilerplate response.

If Instagram launches public photo collections that people can follow, Pinterest should start getting worried.


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