How To Use Quotes On Instagram

How to Use Quotes on Instagram

If you haven’t found out how to use quotes on Instagram yet, don’t worry, There are many ways to achieve this feat with just a few taps. One of the great things about posting quotes is versatility. They can be serious, funny, inspirational, motivational. They can be about life, fitness, love, pizza. Pizza. Pizza. Pizza…!

“Sorry, Got distracted.”

How To Use Quotes On Instagram

So, how can you use quotes on your Instagram? Here are some ideas to get you started:

How to create quotes for Instagram?

  1. Use an Instagram quote maker application
  2. Use a desktop quote maker
  3. Create a quote using your Photoshop skills
  4. Use a photo editor app
  5. Share other users’ quotes!

How to use quotes on Instagram to get more followers?

1- Use Instagram quotes to engage your followers

One of the best ways brands can use Instagram quotes is to engage their followers and target audience and build stronger relationships. This way you can take it in whatever direction best fits your niche.

How To Use Quotes On Instagram

This strategy can help you take it in so many directions, like showing-off your funny personality. Just make sure that the quote you use fits your brand and aesthetic.

2- Use Instagram quotes to share testimonials

Another common strategy is to use Instagram quotes to share testimonials. This one is a bit more cut-and-dry than the others, but sharing testimonials on Instagram can bring great things to your business!

How To Use Quotes On Instagram

sharing quotes directly from Twitter is very common these days, but you can also create custom designs for your testimonials.

3- Use Instagram quotes to start a conversation

Getting your audience to really engage with your Instagram posts can be a hard thing to do. That’s why some brands share exciting and even intriguing quotes — because it’s an excellent way to generate more engagement in the post’s comments.

How To Use Quotes On Instagram

4- Use Instagram quotes to create brand awareness

Another excellent strategy is to use Instagram quotes to create brans or product awareness with your audience. For instance, if you sell an e-commerce product on Instagram, you can use quotes to remind your followers about your product features and advantages (without acting too salesy!).

How To Use Quotes On Instagram

5- Use Instagram quotes to promote a project or campaign

Many brands also use quotes to promote their Instagram campaigns or projects. Shop Bando founder @jengotch did this recently on her personal Instagram account to promote her new podcast.

How To Use Quotes On Instagram

The result? A compilation of impressive and engaging Instagram posts that got much love from Jen Gotch’s community!



These are only a few ways that brands can use quotes on Instagram. Whatever path you take, remember that quotes are more than just stuffing content — they can be used for all sorts of reasons, like encouraging more sales, building brand loyalty, and more.

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