What are the best Instagram story viewers?

As you know, anyone can see your name if you open their story. So, if you want to see someone’s story without letting them know, you should do some tricks. However, it depends on the account status whether it is private or public.

How to see Instagram someone’s story without letting them know?

To see someone story anonymously if the account is public. You can search the internet from Instagram story viewer. So, all you need is to enter the person profile URL in the box and watch the story. Please note that you only can see the story if it is a public account. Otherwise, you should be on their follower’s list.

Method #1 Use Instagram story viewer tools

  1. Open anyone’s profile that you are going to watch their stories
  2. Tap the three-dot icon on the top right
  3. Copy the profile URL
  4. Select from the Instagram story viewer list below
  5. Find the box to put the URL
  6. Paste the URL into the box
  7. Wait until stories load

Now, you can see the stories anonymously without them knowing.

To see someone story anonymously if the account is private:

This one is a bit challenging because you cannot use any Instagram viewer.

  1. The only way you can use is by having an account that they do not know is belong to you. You can follow them, and if they accept the request you can see their content.
  2. You can also use someone else account (if already is in their follower list) to watch the stories.
  3. There is one more way. You can change your name in your profile. So, they won’t realize that is you. After 24 hours, your name will disappear and you can change it to the original one. However, this way is a bit challenging and may be time-consuming. To change your name, you can go to your profile, and from the Edit profile change the name and username.

Top Instagram story viewers

Here is the list of top Instagram story viewer:

#1 Chrome IG Plugin

If you want to see or download someone else’s Instagram story as quickly as possible, we suggest that you do it through the Chrome IG plugin, so you can simply log in to Instagram and view a person’s profile by logging in to Instagram via the Chrome browser. And download the stories through the plugin.

The IG tool is still active and being updated, but Instagram has included cumbersome rules in its new algorithms that may soon make the plugin unavailable, so we suggest other ways to do so. 

Specifically, to view Instagram stories, there are various applications and websites through which you can view or download their stories without your audience noticing. 

#2 Storiesig

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best websites to see a story on Instagram without the audience noticing. How to work with this application is very simple and just enter the storiesig website, as you can see in the image below, enter the username of the person you want on Instagram in the middlebox of the page, and then press the Enter button. After that, the latest stories of the person in question will be sent to you. 

#3 InstaNavigation

Want to secretly track stories and highlights, live broadcasts publications, photos, videos, text posts, likes, comments, and followers? InstaNavigation is an online Instagram story viewer service that gives an amazing opportunity to view Instagram stories anonymously. Enter your username or the Link address of the page and view stories anonymously. You get the best chance with the InstaNavigation service!

#4 Insta Stories

Another website and application for downloading and viewing other people’s stories on Instagram is the Insta Stories application, which allows you to easily see people’s stories on Instagram. This program, like the previous website, has a simple user interface, and after entering its website. All you have to do is enter the username of the page on Instagram and see all the stories of that person, as shown in the box below.

#5 Story Saver for Instagram Video Downloader Instore

You can also have a mobile phone through the downloader Instagram applications, view a person’s stories, or download it without the person knowing. To do this, you can download the download story application through this link, enter it and go to the story section, and enter the username of the person you want so that the person’s stories can be downloaded for you.

#6 Ingramer

This is one of the fastest tools for download Instagram stories without letting the person know. Just go to their website and click on tools->story downloader and past your target story link that you want to download on a specified box. 

Method #2 Disconnect the Internet

The next method is to disconnect from the Internet when the story is fully loaded. This means that you can try to turn off your mobile internet or Wi-Fi by entering the person’s stories section at the same time and exactly when the story is loading, in which case the operation is left unfinished and you can view the person’s story. See without your profile page appearing in the Story Views section.

Of course, there is an important point in this case, and that is the high error rate of the method. You need to know exactly when to disconnect your internet line so that Instagram can not recognize you as a story visitor, which makes this method a bit difficult

Method #3 Block after viewing the story

There is another way to see the Instagram story of people without being seen. Based on this, you first enter the person’s story and see all the stories one by one. Then go to the person’s profile page on Instagram and tap the three-dot button at the top and select the block option. Just as easily!

The question is, after removing the block, will it be clear whether I have seen that person’s story or not? Yes, you have to wait 24 hours and then remove the person from the Instagram block. This way you can easily see the story without understanding others


It is easy to watch someone’s story if the account is public. However, if the account is private it becomes challenging.

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