Instagram new feature | Music On stories

Instagram new feature | Music On stories

Instagram is on fire! First the IGTV and now a new feature on stories.
As well as the group video chat, Instagram is now introducing music to stories.

What is the new Music sticker?

You can create a great mood for your Instagram picture or video by adding a good background music to it. or you can just let your followers hear the trending jam that caught you all over.

You can finally further liven up your stories by uploading soundtracks and music to your stories. The greatest thing is you don’t have to upload them from your phone, so basically you don’t need to have them on your phone!

You can search for a specific song or artist, or browse by genre, mood, and what’s popular. And after you choose the track, you can fast-forward or rewind to find the exact part that you have in mind for your story. Attaching music to your stories is as easy as adding a sticker. You can choose a background track to your stories before or after recording a video. When your followers watch your stories; they can hear the song playing and see a sticker that shows the title and the name of the artist to find out exactly what they are listening to.

So what can you do with this feature?

  1. You can add music to your photo or video stories.
  2. You can upload the music directly from the app, so you don’t need to have them on your phone.
  3. You can search for the music you want based on the title, artist, genre, and trendings.
  4. You can add music before or after taking the picture or adding the video.
  5. You can fast-forward and rewind the music to choose the exact part you want.
  6. The sticker will let people know the information about the music. So, there will be no questions to bother you!

How can I add music to my story? (step by step)

1. To add music to your story, tap the sticker icon on your story (just like the other stickers) once you captured a photo or video.

Note! On iOS, you can even choose a song before shooting the picture or video by scrolling to music option on the Instagram camera.

2. Search for the music you want to add based on its genre, title, artist name or just add one of the popular ones.

3. Choose the exact part of the music that you want to have on your story.

4. Place the sticker wherever you want by tap, hold and moving it.

5. That’s it. Just enjoy the experience.

The version?

You’ll need the latest Instagram version (51) to add music to Stories, and it’s currently only available in select countries. But soon it will be available in all of the countries around the world.

Note: If you can not see to find the music sticker any where on Instagram stories head to: “Why isn’t Instagram music feature showing up for me?” to learn how to get the sticker is you still do not have it.


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