How to Improve Your Writing Skills by Using Instagram

You know how to use Instagram already. There is no need to explain this. But, did you know that writers have been using it to improve their skills? Yes, you can use this social platform to enhance your writing. The process is simple and fun but also very effective. Below we are going to discuss how this is possible and what you should do.

How Instagram Can Boost Writing

At the end of the day, it all comes to your Instagram profile and managing it properly. See, Instagram will show 23 words of your story or a post. You need to be careful and write accordingly so you intrigue your followers with a few words only. This is difficult and almost impossible for those who have poor writing capabilities. Yes, this refers to all social media platforms but there are a lot of differences. In a nutshell, each one shows a different word count that is immediately visible.

”Sharing stories on Instagram has been a useful trick most writers have been using for years. It is simple yet appealing. It is effective yet unorthodox. Regular posts on Instagram can make you a better writer as well but it is important to stay focused and to know a few things before you start using it for this purpose.” says Scarlet Johnson a full-time writer at papersowl.com. Believe it or not, this actually works and it is one of the most effective methods. We say Instagram is the best due to the fact you have plenty but still limited space and the massive number of users.

When we talk or try to write something, we all know that it is going to be seen/read by a few people. This isn’t the case with Instagram. When you post something here, it will be visible to millions. Depending on your Instagram profile, you may have over a million followers and each one can see what you wrote. This creates tension and makes you write better and pay close attention to every single word.

But, how Instagram can help you compile sentences like a pro? As we have mentioned, you have limited space meaning you have to include specific words and structures. It means that you must use shorter synonyms for most of the words you want to include. This boosts your vocabulary and ability to form different sentence structures. There is more. You need to remove surplus words and unnecessary articles.

What You Should Do To Boost Writing On Instagram

There is not just one thing you will need to do and become a better writer. As a matter of fact, you will have to do a few things. First, make your Instagram account as large as possible thanks to more followers. You won’t invest the proper time and effort into an Instagram account with 100 followers. But you will try to compile interesting sentences if that account has 10.000 followers. Increase your follower count as much as you can, as often as time allows you.

Try to be original and focus on delicate and accurate writing all the time. Focus on specific terms, aspects and choose a niche you are interested in. Now, create an Instagram story that looks great. Add text that shares the same passion and repeat the step a few times per day. Writing will become better and better with each story. But, there is one thing you need to know also.

The writing will remain the same unless you want to make it better. Get help with Google and similar platforms. Search for synonyms for as many words as you can and always use another one. Most of these will remain in your brain and be available the next time you need them. Do this for as many words as you can. Writing is difficult but technology and Instagram can make it easier.

There are a lot more things you can and should do. The main one is to focus on alliteration. These are words that have the same starting sound but they refer to a different thing. It will push your brain into overdrive and help with your development instantly. It makes things harder, but the perks are impressive. Instagram is perfect for this purpose.

Try to make your own words. This is hard and not something everyone can do. But, if you are successful, the limits are endless. The recent example can be a mixture between chill and relaxation. We have chillax. Once again, Instagram is the best social media platform for that and the one where new words are crafted every single day. Try to be original and check other Instagram stories and posts to see what people are looking for.

Instagram hashtags are essential here as well. They allow you to create ideal posts and show them to people looking for the same thing. Instagram hashtags are complicated and effective. This means that you need to pay a lot of attention to understanding them and using them in your posts. But, Instagram hashtags can make a massive difference and make writing fun and better.

Yes, writing messages on Instagram can be helpful but with one catch. You need to pay a lot of attention to each message and each sentence. Try to make it sound professional and stand out. Using direct messages on Instagram has been a pleasure for some and an ideal way to meet new people so we had to cover this fact.

Last but not least, the most important perk of Instagram in this case is feedback. If you make a mistake writing you will know about it immediately. Followers will respond. This helps you by forcing you into being more careful with Instagram and paying even more attention to the next Instagram story.


Yes, there are a lot of great perks about Instagram and being able to become a better writer is one of them. This isn’t something most people use it for but it is a possibility. Instagram has been the best platform for this purpose and the one that has been adored by millions. Take your time and focus on all that we have said. Success is possible.

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