How to Get a Loan Without a Job in 2024?

No matter whether you are employed or not, you might get stuck in financial problems, and the first thing that comes to mind in these situations is asking for a loan. But can you get a loan without a job? Is it logical to get a loan with no job? If these are your questions, keep reading because I will explain how to get a loan without a job and its details.

how to get a loan without a job

Can you get a loan without a job?

The first main question that I want to answer about this topic is “can i get a loan without a job”?, which the answer is Yes. While it is a bit harder to prove that you have enough money and a sufficient income to pay the loan back, there are many personal loan lenders who consider other income sources. Also, if you do not access any revenue, you can ask for a loan based on different types of investments.

How to get a loan without a job?

Basically, when you want to ask for a loan, the lender will consider some points to make sure that you are able to pay back the whole price and the profit percentage, such as your income, how you did about your other debt, and your credit score.

Now, imagine that you have a sufficient credit score based on the lender’s standard and want to know how to get a loan without a job. In this case, you should have an income (not surely from a job), or an asset to use as collateral. Then you should follow the below steps to get a loan without a job.

  • Consider which type of loan is best for you:

There are many loan types that you should choose from, and it might be hard at that moment. So, to prevent getting confused, we suggest you compare some of them and choose the best one based on your situation. The below chart shows all these loan types and who can get them.

Unsecured loanIf you have good credit and great document income.
Secured loanIf you have assets to use as collateral.
No income, no assets (NINA) loanIf you have a property expected to generate rental income to use as a  collateral.
Title loanIf you have a car, use it as collateral. 
Payday loan or cash advance loanIf you have a job with a steady paycheck. 
Payday Alternative Loan (PAL)If you are a member of a credit union. 
Family or friendsIf you know someone who has the means and wants to help out. 
Cash advanceIf you have a credit card and are allowed to borrow cash.
Cash-out refinanceAgain if you have something to use as a collateral, such a home, equity, or an income source. 
Home equity line of credit (HELOC) or home equity loanIf you have equity in your home. 
  • Prove you have an income:

As you read above, if you want to ask for an unsecured loan while you are not employed, you should prove that you have an income from any other sources by documents, such as:

  1. Child support
  2. Alimony
  3. A pension or annuity
  4. Disability
  5. Social security
  6. Dividends
  7. Interest
  8. Required minimum distributions from your retirement accounts
  9. Spouse’s income
  • Prove you have an asset:

If you don’t have any income, you might decide to ask for a secured loan based on your assets. The below list includes the normal items you can offer as an asset, and the lender usually asks for a professional appraisal to find its real value.

  1. Bank account or certificate of deposit
  2. Car, motorcycle, or RV
  3. Boat
  4. Retirement account
  5. Stocks or bonds
  6. Jewelry
  7. Artwork
  8. Collector’s items
  • Consult your bank officer:

Also, I should add that some Credit unions and banks offer secured loan options to their trusted clients with good credit, such as credit unions that offer payday loan alternatives (PALs).

  • Find an online lender:

Like local bank loans, there are some online companies that offer loans without employment only based on your income sources, such as or ZippyLoan.

  • Never think about predatory loans:

You might have heard about Title lenders that ask you to use your vehicle as collateral, but now we want to state that you should definitely avoid these cases because they are very expensive and risky.

  • Make a careful decision and do not accept high-rate loans:

Always before any decision, check the rates and fees based on your circumstances, and do not accept loans with higher rates and fees because they are hard to pay and will cause you more trouble.


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Where can I get a loan if I don’t have a job?

Previously, you read that the answer to the “can you get a loan without a job” question is positive, and now I want to explain where you can get a loan if you don’t have a job. The below options are the most popular sources you can use to get a loan without a job.

  • Ask for a personal loan from your family or friends, or if you live in the US you can use companies, like ZippyLoan,, or
  • Get a credit card without credit checks, like Horizon Gold Card, and get a loan guaranteed Approval, no credit or employment check.
  • You can ask for a loan from social banks without a job because they mostly look at your personal situation and allow you to borrow money and buy new things, like a washing machine, a TV, or furniture.
  • Learn about Bitcoin and get a Bitcoin loan without verification.

What are the risks of taking out a loan without a job?

Can I get a loan without a job? Of course, yes. But you should be careful about the risks that may come with it. So, before going through how to get a loan with no job, let’s talk about the most important risks of getting loans with no job.

  • Asking loans with no job might damage your credit score: 

If you’re unemployed, there is a chance you will default on your personal loan repayments, which could seriously damage your credit score. For example, it makes everything hard if you want to ask for a mortgage or other loan in the future, and you should pay more costs for borrowing money.

  • Asking loans with no job will end in lower loan amount: 

As you know, it’s hard to qualify for a loan when you’re not working, and if you qualify at all, it may be for a lower amount due to your lack of income.

  • Loans with no job are usually higher interest rates:

In this case, you are a high-risk applicant who wants to borrow money, so the lender might ask for higher interest rates and fees as compensation. And it is absolutely hard to pay high-interest rates when you are unemployed.


  • How to get a title loan without a job?

Previously, we told you to be aware of Title loans because they are usually expensive and risky. However, if you want to do it, you can simply apply for these loans online.

  • What to do if you’re not approved for loans with no job?

If you were not successful to get a loan without a job, try one of these pieces of advice:

  • Consider bills and take measures to reduce costs.
  • Assess your savings and emergency budget.
  • Explore alternative sources of income.
  • Seek other help sources.
  • Watch your credit score.
  • What if I’m a freelance or contract worker?

In this case, you can ask for different types of loans, such as commercial loans, guarantor loans, and individual and secured loans.

  • What counts as income for a loan if you don’t have a job?

Based on the lender situation and other factors, like how much loan you need, this amount would differ from $15,000 p.a. to $40,000 p.a.


If you are wondering can i get a loan without a job, I have to say that Yes. There are different types of loans, such as unsecured loans, family or friends, cash advances, and more, which you can choose. Also, you can find different online companies that offer loans based on any type of income not only being employed. To know more about how to get a loan without a job, I suggest you read the above text in detail.

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