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How to Use Etherscan and EtherWallet: The Ultimate Guide

The information is clear in the crypto industry, everyone can have equal access to it. There are a set of tools that allow users to access this information and work better with cryptocurrencies. One of these helpful platforms is Etherescan. We are going to discuss what Etherscan is and offer a guide on how to use it. You can also find out about the Etherscan app and Etherscan gas tracker.

Ethereum is the second biggest blockchain by market cap. It is a network that allows smart contracts and blockchain to run and maintain their networks. Therefore, it’s an ecosystem for other blockchains and networks. Through Etherscan you can perform some tasks on tokens that exist on the ethereum network. 

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Now, let’s learn more about Etherscan and find out more about what you can do on Etherscan io. Then, at first we should learn what EtherScan is in the first place.

What is Etherscan io?

Etherscan is the blockchain explorer for the Ethereum network. Users and the cryptocurrency community members use Etherscan to gain some information. They can use the Etherscan io platform to search through the various blocks, or check transaction history. You can also gain information about the tokens that run Ethereum and other kinds of data. 

Then, let’s find out more about what you can do in Etherscan io. We should discuss further and get to how someone can use the Etherscan platform.

How to use Etherscan?

Now, to use Etherscan, you should visit the Etherscan website first. There, you can find a search bar that is located at the top of the page, you can also see below. 

To use Etherscan io you simply copy the crypto wallet address and paste it in the search bar. You can also use Etherscan for other purposes, like gaining information about a certain token. Then, you can copy the token’s smart contract address and paste it in the Etherscan search bar. 

As you can see Etherscan is a crucial platform and tool for crypto community members. Therefore, you should try working with Etherscan io to get used to using it. Then, now that we learned how to use Etherscan, let’s find out whether there is an Etherscan app. 

Is there an Etherscan app?

We learned what Etherscan is and how you can use the Etherscan io. Etherscan is a very useful crypto tool and having it on your phone makes using it easier. Then, let’s discuss if there is an Ehterscan app that you can use on your phone. 

Yes. There is an Etherscan app named Etherscan address tracker. You can download and use the Etherscan app on your phone. For ios users, they can download the Etherscan app here. There, you can install and use the Etherscan app on your iphone. Now, let’s discuss the Etherscan gas tracker.

What Is the Etherscan gas tracker?

You can use theEtherscan gas tracker to monitor a transaction’s information. They also refer to the Etherscan gas calculator as the ETH gas calculator. It’s another Etherscan tool that helps you with much more information about the transactions. 

As it’s obvious by its name, users use the Etherscan gas tracker to track transactions. Then, enter here to use the Etherscan gas tracker and get on with this tool. You can use the Etherscan gas tracker to view information about a transaction’s gas fee or confirmation process. 


Is Etherscan a wallet?

Now, we have learned about the Etherscan app and Etherscan gas tracker. Before we discuss Etherscan api, we should discuss Etherscan wallet. Now, let’s find out if there is a crypto wallet etherscan app. You should know that Etherscan is only a blockchain explorer. And all of the services that Etherscan provides are limited to that part. 

Etherscan wallet is not a thing because Etherscan didn’t develop an Etherscan wallet. If you see Etherscan wallet somewhere you should just ignore it. It’s possible that someone is going to scam you in the name of Etherscan wallet. Then, remember not to use any Etherscan wallet. 

How to get API from Etherscan?

So, now we can discuss etherscan api. Etherscan api is a set of APIs that programmers and developers can use in their applications. Then, programmers can use the Etherscan services through Etherscan API. 

But you should know that everyone can’t just use the Etherscan API. To use the Etherscan API set you should be an Etherscan member. Therefore, if you are interested in using Etherscan API you should sign up in Etherscan first.

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