How to Add Multiple Photos to Your Instagram Stories

People usually post and story single photos on Instagram. However, sometimes you may want to story a number of pictures all at once. Fortunately, some built-in features of this application let you do that within the app. You can also use third-party apps to create a collage and then upload.

What third-party apps are there to use

Here is a list of popular applications that let you create different types of collages:

  • Picsart: On Picsart you can design and add stickers to your photos. You can also remove your photo’s background and set a new background for it. It’s free but you have to pay if you want to use some premium features.

How to create a collage on Picsart

  1. Choose the kind of collage you want to create (there are three options: frames, grids, and freestyle)
  2. Choose your photos (you are allowed to choose up to ten photos)
  3. You may adjust your photo or drag it to change its place with another one
  4. There are also some tools on the bottom, with which you can edit your photos 
  • PhotoGrid:

Both iOS and Android users can install this application. The simple interface makes using it very easy. There are also lots of backgrounds and stickers available. It allows you to edit pictures and you can take selfies within the application as well. It’s free but it contains ads. 

How to create a collage on PhotoGrid

  1. After you open the app, click “grid”
  2. Pick out the pictures you want to use in your project
  3. Tap “Next”
  4. Tap “Layout” on the bottom and select one that you like
  5. If you tap on a picture you can “Swap” it with another one
  • Pic Collage: this application has a wide range of templates. You can change the size of the grid and every individual cell. There are picture frames, texts, and doodles that you may want to add. You can also edit your photo but only basically. Beginners can use this app as well.

How to create a collage on Pic Collage

  1. Tap “Get Started”
  2. Import your pictures of choice
  3. Choose a template
  4. You can add a text or sticker if you like
  5. Click “Save to Library” after you are finished editing

How can I create a collage using Instagram

As said previously, you can create your collage directly on Instagram. It takes a bit more time than using a single photo but it’s worth it. You can add stickers and text as well and you can apply effects to your pictures. With the following methods, you can add 2 to 6 photos to your Instagram stories.

  • Method 1
  1. Go to your Instagram stories to create one
  2. Now you have to choose a background. You can either take a picture for your background or use the pen too, choose a color and hold it down to use a solid color as your background. If you don’t like those options, you can add your favorite photo to your phone, swipe up and select if for your background.
  3. Click on the “Sticker” tool
  4. Scroll down and you will see one option that looks like a photo with a landscape on it
  5. This option brings up your camera roll
  6. Now choose the photos you want to add and you are done!
  • Method 2
  1. Open Instagram story section
  2. Choose layout option from the tool pane you see on the left side of the screen
  3. Choose the frame you prefer
  4. Add pictures from your camera roll or take instant pictures to add to your project
  5. Now you can add texts and stickers too
  6. Now that you are ready, share the story!

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