How to see all your Instagram comments?

How Do I Track Instagram Comments

Instagram might just be the most popular social media outlet currently. With hordes of people joining it every day and celebrities choosing it as their primary outlet for connecting with fans, the growth it has seen over the last three years is immense.

And there’s no stopping it anytime soon. The Facebook-owned photo and content sharing application have seen an even greater interest directed towards it with the introduction of the Instagram story.

Many companies are now focusing more and more on Instagram when it comes to marketing and promotions. It is quickly becoming the one social media outlet that really matters.

If you happen to use Instagram, the comments are something you possibly encourage on your posts. They are a great way to interact with your followers and find out about their particular point of view. This is especially true if you happen to have a large number of followers.

Being a celebrity means having a lot of passionate fans looking for contact. And Instagram comments provide just that. Hence, keeping that in mind, you need to give more importance to Instagram comments. Apparently, with thousands of comments on your posts, you cannot read each one. It is virtually impossible. What you need to do is track your comments.

How to see all your Instagram comments?

If you are looking to track your Instagram comments, it’s not something you can just do using some inbuilt functionality in the Instagram application.

To see your comments on Instagram you need to download all your data on Instagram.

To get all your comments on Instagram:

First, open Instagram app and login to your account.

  1. Tap on burger icon on top right of Instagram feed
  2. Go to setting
  3. Open the security
  4. Tap on download data
  5. Tap on request data
  6. Enter the Instagram password
  7. Tap on done and check your email address.
  8. Open the link, and you will be redirected to the Instagram login page again.
  9. Enter the login info, and you can see the Download Data page.
  10. Click on the data and download the data into your mobile or desktop.
  11. Once your download completed, extract the data into your device.
  12. Open the folder, which should be in your username.
  13. You can see a number of file.
  14. Open the comments.

And now, you can see all your comments on Instagram in a text format.

How to see my comments on Instagram



Can I track others comments on Instagram?

In fact, you are only able to see others comments, in the posts that are visible for you. like what you can do for your own comments, you cannot do for others. you have no way to access others Instagram account data. Or see what they have inserted on Instagram (in full, and one place).

There are some written ways on the internet, like searching on Google, but even if you search someone else username on google, you can see some of data related to their posts, or captions. It is not possible to see the others comments on Instagram for now.

You can also use some of third-party tools. There are a number of third-party applications built for the express purpose of tracking comments on social media websites and applications. Here are the applications you need to take a look at to take care of the tracking:

Instagram Comment Tools


If you are looking for an all-around application that offers the best Instagram managing and also happens to contain access to every single aspect of Instagram that is manageable, you need to try out Instazood. Instazood is a dedicated Instagram bot that tracks all the data going into and out of an Instagram account and allows the user to manage it as well.

This bot not only allows you complete access to Instagram features but also helps you to automate your settings. You can automate direct messages, likes, and even comments. Moreover, it also allows you to schedule posts.

With Instazood you can indirectly interact with your followers, making their day without even having to read all the comments and typing in words to answer them.

Beyond that, Instazood also offers a thorough comment managing service that allows you to view comments in an orderly manner and answer them as you scroll through. It’s a fast and efficient method of answering your followers, with not a single comment missed.

Instazood is a bot built while keeping all aspects of Instagram in mind and it does not lose a single byte of data. Every bite is stored and can be accessed by the user to manage their Instagram account with the utmost efficiency. Furthermore, it happens to be mobile friendly and does not require downloading. It can be integrated right into your application. If you wish to give Instazood a chance, go to instazood.com and get 3-day trial right now.


You might have heard of HootSuite before. It is one of the most popular applications utilized for managing social media accounts and pages. Available for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, WordPress and more, this application provides the information from your accounts as streams of data displayed in columns.

This allows you to keep an eye on all the data easily and helps you manage it as well. You need to get the application and use the “Add a Social Network” option to link your Instagram profile to the application. By using the My Posts options, you can see your posts pop up like they do in Instagram with the comments shown from new to old. Sorting options and compilations are also available.

On the negative side, HootSuite does not allow you to reply to the comments, but merely view and sort them. HootSuite is a free application with no fee charged at any time of its use.


Another highly popular application, Iconosquar is developed explicitly for Instagram. The app is a full-on Instagram managing experience, with records of everything from comments to the numbers of followers lost or gained. It is free to sign up for its trial version and allows you to manage up to two Instagram accounts. You merely need to link your profile to Iconosquare and wait some time for the application to load all the data from your Instagram profile.

After that, you can access the menu for a wide array of features that includes comments. It shows all the unread comments and lets you manage them. After your trial version has ended, you will pay for Iconosquare’s premium features, with the amount being $54 a month. The premium features include the comment feature as well.


If you happen to have accounts on multiple social media outlets and wish to manage all of them, you need to check out SproutSocial. Unlike Iconosquare, which only allows you to manage your Instagram account, SproutSocial offers access to a wide variety of social media accounts.

Moreover, it happens to be one of the top applications around for managing social media. With its relatively easy features, you can use it to access your Instagram comments and reply to them or manage them with just a single click. However, with so many functions, SproutSocial happens to be on the expensive end.

It offers a 30 days free trial after which users need to pay $99 for every single month, making it far more costly than Iconosquare.


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