Best Paying Jobs in Finance for 2024

The finance industry has one of the lowest unemployment rates and continues to attract top talent with a bunch of ready-to-apply jobs. We’re going to introduce and explain the best paying jobs in finance and let you know how you can land one of these best paying jobs. Feel free to read the next sections to get a good insight into the finance industry.

A List of the Best Paying Jobs in Finance

This comprehensive list outlines various positions that command impressive salaries and offer promising growth opportunities. Here are the top Best Paying Jobs in Finance.

  • Financial Analyst

Financial analysts can make up to $100k per year, and it’s one of the best paying jobs in finance. 

A financial analyst job is all about looking after company finances, analyzing the documents, and providing insights into financial decision-making.

Best Paying Jobs in Finance
  • Financial Advisor

Financial advisors’ salary is around $100k per year, and they help clients understand their goals and know how they can reach these goals with less effort. 

The job of a financial advisor includes having a good level of knowledge about risks and opportunities, and experts who are working as financial advisors should be proficient in offering working solutions. 

Required skills include financial analytics, planning, current market technology, knowledge of market trends, and understanding of sales strategy.  

  • Budget Analyst

Budget analysts are experts in analyzing a business and offering budget planning methodologies. 

They help public and private companies organize their spending to make the most out of their budget. 

Budget analysts are also responsible for checking the specified budget and foolproofing it to be efficient. 

  • Personal Finance Advisor

Personal finance and budget advisors give individuals a hand and help them manage their finances better.

While a business advisor helps businesses better manage their spending, personal advisors focus on individuals and families that seek better investments and revenue. 

  • Financial Software Developer 

Financial software developers provide software products to streamline the process of managing and maintaining tasks.

Finance tasks can be complex and time-consuming. Also, they necessitate using an additional workforce to handle the processes. So, finance companies are shifting to using software tools, making this job position one of the best paying jobs in finance.

  • Economist 

Economists analyze and evaluate economic problems in society, and they’re a vital part of every society these days.

Issues may be related to the production, imports, or exports of products. So, economists spend time excavating the related issues and help public and private companies find working solutions in their industries. 

  • Accountant

Based on predictions and data analytics, accounting is one of the in-demand job positions in the coming years.

Accountants are responsible for checking and ensuring a company has the correct tax process and whether everything is accurate or not.

The minimum salary for accounting jobs is around $55k per year. However, they can increase their salary by improving their experience and skills.

  • Chief Financial Officer

CFOs are responsible for business budgeting, cost-related decision-making, and forming financial teams.

This is one of the best paying jobs in finance, and CFOs can make more than $200k a year.

Skills required for chief financial officers are budget management, leadership, strategic planning, accounting, and consulting.

In fact, CFOs are masters in the finance industry who provide all-in-one services to clients. 

Best Paying Jobs in Finance

Industry-Specific Skills You Need to Land a Finance Job

Specific Skills You Need to Land a Finance Job are crucial for individuals aspiring to excel in this competitive field. In today’s dynamic financial landscape, employers seek professionals equipped with a diverse skill set that goes beyond traditional finance knowledge.

  • Accounting Skills 

In the first step, you need to invest in your accounting skills, which are essential for every financial expert. 

One of the main hard skills financial jobs employers ask for is accounting, and it consists of different parts and specialties.

For many job positions, you should be able to read and understand accounting documents and have a level of proficiency to deal with them. For instance, the ability to read and understand the following documents is important for you:

  1. Balance sheets
  2. Annual reports
  3. Income statements
  4. Cash flow statements
  • Analytical Thinking Skills

Almost all finance jobs require the applicants to have analytical thinking skills.

Financial experts need to read and review the documents to better understand a company’s productivity and performance.

  • Management Skills

Like most industries, employees who will be working in a finance job should have management skills to manage their workload and time.

This skill doesn’t only apply to senior-level jobs; it’s required for junior-level job positions.

Financial managers, risk analyzers, and general managers should have a good level of management skills. 


There are a lot of best paying jobs in finance that are filled by industry experts. If you want to enter a finance-related job position, it’s better to own a university degree to better propose your skills and knowledge to employers. Many finance job positions require at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field.

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