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Permanently Banned From TikTok: Why And How to Get It Back?

Have you ever faced being permanently banned from tiktok? If so, you should look for the best way how to get your tiktok account unbanned, and we are here to help you get back your banned tiktok. Keep reading and learn more about the details of tiktok permanently banned accounts and different ways how to get unbanned from tiktok.

permanently banned from tiktok

Why am I permanently banned from tiktok?

If you are one of those TikTok users who put much effort into creating fascinating videos, and even using the best sites to buy TikTok followers to stay on top, you might be so upset facing a tiktok ban. But do not worry because here, I will talk about why some users experience tiktok permanently banned accounts and how to get unbanned on tiktok.

Previously, TikTok was among the apps that did not obey the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, which means even children could own a TikTok account. But, suddenly, they settled with the FTC and started to ban all users under 13. So, these days if you get up and find your tiktok permanently banned account, it might be a result of one of the below items:

  • You are younger than 13 years, and you had set up your account with a fake birth date and did not have anything to verify your age.
  • Also, you might have published offensive content that does not meet the TikTok guidelines; for example when you break the copyright rules, or create and publish a video that shows violence and nudity, and other cases like these.

How to get unbanned from tiktok?

Now that you know about the reasons you might face being permanently banned from tiktok, it is time to go deeper and find out how to get your tiktok account unbanned. So, below here, I have listed the best solutions, you can use to solve your tiktok permanently banned account problem, such as:

How to get unbanned from tiktok by completing an appeal form:

When you are sure that you have violated TikTok terms and face a TikTok permanently banned account, the best way is to find the TikTok appeal form link below the app’s settings page, and fill it with information, such as name, age, gender, and email address.

permanently banned from tiktok

How to contact tiktok about banned account and ask them to get back your banned tiktok:

Also, you can choose to contact the TikTok support team and ask them to help you how to get your tiktok account unbanned. While there is nor phone number to contact this team, you can use one of the below methods:

  1. Contact the TikTok support team through the “” email address and send an email including your full name, age, and country/region of residence, while you describe your situation in the email body.
  2. Send a message to the TikTok support team via their live chat feature on telegram and explain your problem by following the on-screen instructions.

How to get your tiktok account unbanned by creating a new profile with a different username:

While it might seem strange, some TikTok users reported that their tiktok permanently banned account problem was solved by creating a new profile with a different username.

How to get unbanned from tiktok by re-sharing your removed videos by TikTok’s moderators on Facebook:

If the previous items do not work, even when you learned how to contact tiktok about banned account, you can ask one of your friends to reshare your TikTok videos. In this way, you can show TikTok that you do not violate the Terms of Service anymore.

How to get unbanned from tiktok by signing up for a TikTok email newsletter:

The last option I want to introduce is to search TikTok’s official website to sign up for an email newsletter. Then you should verify it through Facebook or Instagram and wait until your email address has been verified. Then you can log out of the website and use that email address to sign up again. And finally, you have to go to your TikTok profile and change your Privacy Settings once, but when you solve your permanently banned from tiktok problem, you can use the previous setting.

permanently banned from tiktok

How long does “permanently banned from tiktok” last?

As its name implies, a permanent ban means your banned tiktok is forever, which is unlike a temporary ban that usually lasts for about two weeks. It is not pleasant, but you might have heard that tiktok permanently banned accounts rarely can get their accounts back. So, I suggest you try the above solutions I have mentioned about how to get unbanned from tiktok as soon as you can and work hard to get back your account because if it is late, you might lose this chance forever.


How to get a tiktok account banned fast?

One of the most important details about tiktok ban is about how you can get somebody’s TikTok account banned, and the best answer is by reporting their page using “Report” icon from the top right side of his profile page. 

Permanently banned from tiktok live

Generally speaking when you face a tiktok ban, it means you have violated one of TikTok guidelines or you have been reported by others for multiple times.

What kind of content does TikTok ban?

You might face banned tiktok, when you post content about criminal or illegal activities, selling drugs and weapons, graphical or violent content, pornographic or explicit posts about scams, frauds, bad marketing schemes, and like this. And to solve any of these issues you should know how to contact tiktok about banned accounts.

How many violations to get banned on tiktok?

Usually, the first time you do some violation against TikTok guidelines, the app will remove the video and notify you of the reason. But if your violation is a zero-tolerance policy, the app will ban you automatically, which is a temporary ban. And the permanent ban will happen when you do these kinds of violations many times.

Why was addison rae permanently banned from tiktok?

One of the hottest news of 2021 was about the temporarily TikTok banned account of Addison Rae. She shared a screenshot on her Twitter that showed her account had been banned. The screenshot showed that Rae’s account was permanently banned because of the multiple violations of Community Guidelines. While no boy knows what guidelines the influencer violated, her account was back online some hours later.


Do you know about TikTok guidelines? Have you ever been banned from TikTok? As you know, being permanently banned from tiktok is a bad experience, but there are some possible resolutions you can use and hope to get your permanently banned tiktok account back, such as contacting the TikTok support team. So, read the above text and learn about the helpful methods you can use in this situation, such as how to contact tiktok about banned accounts.

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