Android App to get more followers on Instagram

Android App to get more followers on Instagram

Having more fans and followers on Instagram is getting hard than before, due to many reasons. There are millions of accounts on Instagram and you should reach to many of them. But the way you do this is important.

In this blog we introduced some of those ways you can get more followers, or fans and specifically an Android App that automatically act on Instagram on your behalf.

Instagram automation and Instagram bot are now an inevitable part of growing Instagram accounts. Instagram growth services can help users to get more real followers, and the best part of this action is that it brings real and engaged followers. The social bridge is an Android app that works as an Instagram bot. Follow the article to know how does it work.

Android App to get Instagram followers

As you might know, Instagram restricted many of activities on its App even for users. day by day, they announce the new guideline that limit actions of Instagram users. it is true that they are going to prevent unusual and suspicious activities on Instagram, but some may get affected. Many of Instagram users do not know how to use Instagram.

Imagine, you have just opened your account on Instagram and you start following others, and like others posts, suddenly you see that you are action blocked. This is happening for many of new or even old Instagram users and it might be headache for users.

Social Bridge App

Social Bridge is an Android App designed to grow Instagram accounts. but before using Social Bridge you should have a barcode. Here is a preview of Social Bridge App on the google play store.

Social Bridge Android App

How to get Social Bridge barcode?

Getting Social Bridge Barcode is easy. All you need is signing up to Instazood dashboard and add your Instagram account there. To get Social Bridge barcode:

  1. Go to instazood and sign up to the dashboard
  2. On instazood dashboard click on the adding account icon
  3. Click on Instagram icon

4. Enter your login info

5. Once your account added, click on the “get code” on top of the dashboard in the promotion section

6. Get the code and back to Social Bridge App

How to use Social Bridge App to get more followers:

once you installed the Social Bridge App, and you could get the code from instazood dashboard, back to the App and by adding account and entering the code connect your Instagram account to Social Bridge.

Social Bridge is the best Android App to get more followers and fans on Instagram. To use Social Bridge, you need a barcode. Connect to the instazood dashboard to receive your code, and enter the code into Social Bridge App. Then start the automatic actions on Social Bridge. Keep in mind that your screen should be on while using Social Bridge. Since, it mimics the human behaviors.

So to use social Bridge:

  1. Open the social bridge app on an android device
  2. Tap on add new account and enter the barcode
  3. Choose the speed of automatic actions (if you have a new Instagram account, it is better to start from the lowest pace).
  4. Keep the screen on until the actions get completed

Keep in mind that social bridge exactly does what a human does on Instagram. so, the screen should be on, while it is working. For your convenience you can use it overnight. All you need is to start the action. That’s it.

Social Bridge have random pauses between the actions, so, it might take few hours until it completed the actions. But the great point of using social bridge is not getting action blocked because it has random pauses, and speed is controllable.

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