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Instagram Statistics you Need to Know for Success

Instagram Statistics you Need to Know for Success on 2019

Are you using Instagram to promote your brand? And If not, should you? Ok, that’s a loaded question. Statistically speaking, it makes dollars and sense! Take a look upon these Instagram stats that show its depth worldwide, then use them to craft your Instagram marketing strategy.

Instagram user statistics

Who is using Instagram? Well over an 8 of 7.6 billion people on the earth. Scan these Instagram user stats to keep close to your marketing goals:

1 billion people use Instagram

Of social network platforms, only YouTube and Facebook have more users logging in. With 500 million of them using Instagram every day. Want them to like your brand? Here’s how.

80% of users are outside the U.S

That’s a whole lot of global ad income for your services and products. With estimates of nearly $7 billion in mobile ad revenue in 2018. Are you interested in doing business in Indonesia, India, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, and Japan? Go for it. Tens of millions of active Instagram users for your global products.

30% men, 39% women, for U.S Instagrammers

Instagram Statistics you Need to Know for Success on 2019Women use Instagram more than men. But the gap has reduced the past couple of years slowly.

73% of teenagers use Instagram every day

65 percent of 13 to 17-year-old teens use Instagram daily, compared to 54 percent for snapchat. Fewer users, more engagement on Instagram. All there for you to influence these young people with your bracelets, T-shirts, songs, videos, or whatever they prefer these days.

Instagram Statistics you Need to Know for Success on 2019

95% of U.S Instagram users, use YouTube too

Tell a clear story for your brand across these platforms. A lovely bundle is waiting to hear from you.

Instagram Statistics you Need to Know for Success on 2019

35% of online adults use Instagram

And they are willing to shop online too. So the right product for the right revenue earners. For those adult users:

30% earn more than $30k per year

32% earn $50k – $75 per year

42% earn $30k – $50k per year

42% earn more than $75k per year

Instagram Statistics you Need to Know for Success on 2019

  • 35% of Instagram users are millennials
  • 22% of Instagram users log in at least once a day
  • 38% of Instagram users check the platform multiple times a day
  • 25% of smartphone owners use Instagram

Instagram Statistics you Need to Know for Success on 2019

Instagram usage stats

Under 25-year-olds use Instagram 31 minutes a day

Compared to 25 minutes per day for the older users, this is more than before. And that’s because of the stories. Instagram stories have made it easier to add a creative flair to any picture or video; you can use them for your business.

Instagram users “like” 4.2 billion posts per day

This is what makes Instagram the happiest place on the internet. Is your brand feeling lonely on the internet? Get on Instagram to make new business friends.

95 million Instagram per day

Sure, a big part of that action is open to your services and products. What are you waiting for then?

400 million stories per day

Most companies are telling their brand stories with Instagram stories. Over 50% one month in 2017. With a third of the most viewed stories created by brands. It’s pretty clear stories work for businesses unless they aren’t telling any.

80% increase for videos, year-by-year

When Instagram launched video in 2013, 5 million videos were uploaded in the first 24 video posts, right from the start. When they launched in 2013, 5 million videos were uploaded in the first 24 hours. Create and run an Instagram campaign to feed these video-carnivores.

Quick view stats

73% of users purchased a product they saw on Instagram

Facebook bought Instagram for $715 million

People spend on average 53 minutes a day on the Instagram app.

Instagram Statistics you Need to Know for Success on 2019

Instagram for business stats

Why should you use Instagram for business? Because it’s proven to be very business-friendly. Whether for your mom-pop business or the global enterprise.

71% of U.S, companies use Instagram

Things are still on Instagram and will continue to heat up for this individual and business platform.

25 million business profiles on Instagram

Over 200 million users are visiting at least one business account every day. Including fashion and clothing brands, 96% of them are on Instagram. Do you have something to sell on Instagram? The platform has enough people to target.

2 million monthly advertisers on Instagram

This is an excellent opportunity for brands to connect with their target audience, whether on the go or in the moment.

Instagram has 2.3% interaction rate

Passing out the other networks, including Facebook with 0.22% rate, Instagram is now the king of engagement.


With these statistics in mind, it’s time to put a successful Instagram strategy into work. Use Instazood to schedule and publish your Instagram posts, interact with your target audience, and monitor the conversion rate of your actions.

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