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Top 10 Instagram Stalker Apps (Find your Instastalkers)

If you are an Instagram user and like to use this app to share your photos and videos, you might have heard about instagram stalkers, who stalk your profile while you know nothing about that. If you are wondering how to see who stalks your instagram and would like to know how an instagram stalking app works, I suggest you read this text until the end and learn more about instastalkers, and the best instagram stalker apps.

Who is an instastalker?

Generally speaking, those Instagram users who try to anonymously browse through others’ profiles are called ig stalkers. It means you will not understand who views your Instagram posts and stories if you are facing an instastalker. These people usually watch your Instagram profile profile without your permission and it is hard to detect them. However, if you want to find out how to see who stalks your instagram, do not miss the next paragraph.

instagram stalker app

What is an Instagram stalker app?

An instagram stalker app is a tool that allows someone to track the activities of another person on Instagram. This can include seeing their posts, comments, and even private messages. While some people may use this to simply keep tabs on what their friends are up to, others may use it for more sinister purposes, such as stalking someone they are interested in or monitoring a competitor. There are a number of different apps available, and they vary in terms of features and price.

Top 5 Instagram stalker apps (iPhone)

Previously, we talked about the possible ways of “how to see who stalks your instagram”. There you read that instagram stalker apps are one of the most popular ways. Also, I have mentioned that you can not trust all apps because some of them are fake and might put you in danger. So, here, I have gathered a list of the top five instagram stalking apps for iOS users that can help them find their instagram stalkers.

  • Visitors Pro, the best instagram stalking app for iOS users:

Do you like to find out who is the active ig stalker that views your stories, photos, and profile? If your answer is positive, you need to install the Visitor Pro app. While this app is helpful in calculating your IG profile and sharing data with you, it is not free.

instagram stalker app
  • IG Analyzer, an instagram stalker app for iOS users:

The next option that I want to introduce here is IG analyzer, you can download this app as a helpful tool to find your Insta stalkers and benefit from its extra features, such as finding those who unfollowed you, doing mass unfollowing on Instagram, watching a detailed analysis of your followers growth, complete tracking & analyzing of your followers.

  • SocialView, a free instagram stalking app for iOS users:

You can download SocialView for free from the App Store and use it as a helpful instagram stalking app that calculates all your Instagram activity and get data for each user who recently interacted with your profile.

  • Social Plus, a popular instagram stalker app for iOS users:

Also, you can use Social Plus as one of the most positively reviewed instagram stalker apps for free, which we guess is free because it is new and needs to attract more and more users. So, do not waste time, download it, and see who watches your stories.

  • HypeAuditor provides a detailed report of ig stalkers:

If you are an iOS user and decide to download a professional instagram stalker app and access all the detailed information about your Insta stalkers, like their past Instagram posts, be sure that HypeAuditor is the best option.

Top 5 instagram stalker apps (Android)

If you are an Android user and do not know how to see who stalks your instagram, this paragraph is specially written for you because you will read about the top five Android instagram stalking apps. 

  • Stalker Reports, the best app to check ig stalkers on Android phones:

The first option I want to introduce is Stalker Reports, which will actively show you who sees your profile, blocks you, and unfollows you on Instagram. Also, this app is helpful when you want to instantly download someone else’s profile.

  •  Follower Analyzer for Instagram, a free Instagram Stalker app for Android users:

If you are an Android user and are looking for a free app to see who stalks your Instagram, Follower Analyzer is the best Instagram follower tracker app that also enables you to see who are your top likers and commenters.

  • FindMyStalker, the safe instagram stalking app for all Android users:

Do you like to see who stalks your Instagram? FindMyStalker is another free Android app that helps you find your Instastalkers based on the most reliable and accurate analysis.

instagram stalker app
  • InReports, another great Android Instagram Analyzer app:

This option is more than a simple Instagram Stalker app, which helps you access your Instagram account’s best follower and story analysis. Also, Inreports help you find useful information about your followers, following, posts, likes, comments, videos, and new followers.

  • Profile Plus, the accurate Instagram stalker app for Android users:

The final option I want to introduce to you for freely finding your Instastalkers is Profile Plus. You can use this app to analyze your social media accounts rapidly, such as finding who follows you, who unfollows you, and who does not follow back.

How does an Instagram stalker app work?

Most of the above-mentioned ig stalker apps work by calculating an Instagram user’s interaction with your account and analyzing who might be stalkers or curious about you. What you should do is only download your favorite instagram stalking app, then when you log into your Instagram account, the app begins to track activities on your Instagram page, which means you should not be tech-oriented to use these apps.


Is an Instagram stalker app safe?

Not all of them, but you can find trusted instagram stalking apps that are not usually free to use but safe.

Does an Instagram stalker app really work?

Yes, these apps are usually helpful for those who want to find their instastalkers and analyze their page carefully.


One of the most common questions that are asked these days is “how to see who stalks your instagram”, which is not easy to answer. But there are some tricks find instagram stalkers can use, such as using instagram stalker apps, viewing your stories, watching repeated comments, and so on. If you want to know more about the details of instastalker, I suggest you read the above text again and in detail.

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