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What are the best Instagram scheduling apps?(2024 Update)

Content for Instagram is like oxygen for humans. Without content, your Instagram journey is over. Sometimes, you are too busy to create content for your Instagram. Plus, you should create content every day. Maybe you’re not in the right mood to create content one day. Who knows?

With Instagram schedule apps, you can create content in advance and publish them in the coming days. This way, you save a lot of time and energy. 

Instagram doesn’t have a scheduling feature, so you should use third-party applications.

In this article, you’re going to know the best Instagram scheduling apps.

What are Instagram scheduling apps?

Instagram scheduling apps are social media management tools that allow users to schedule their posts on Instagram or other social media platforms. All you have to do is create a post and set a specific time (in the future) to publish it later. 

Professional social Media admins need to use these Instagram scheduling apps to save time.

Instagram schedule apps offer users a wide variety of features, such as post preview. Before Publish you can see a preview of your post. You can also manage your hashtags with these apps. Users can also see an in-depth analysis of their overall performance. You can also check out your growth over a certain period.

Why use an Instagram scheduling app?

If you own more than one Instagram account, chances are you are already so busy that you can’t publish a post every day for each account. The smart thing to do is to use an Instagram scheduling app to create your posts in advance and publish them over the coming weeks. 

Automation is optimization! 

Instagram scheduling apps offer a variety of professional features, such as editing photos. So instead of installing multiple apps for a specific intention, install a comprehensive toolbox to hit all the birds with one stone.

The best Instagram scheduling apps also show the best performer posts, so you have a good tool to guide you through the type of post your audience wants when it comes to marketing.

What are the best Instagram scheduling apps?

I can see how excited you are. Now it’s time to jump into the main point of this article.

  • SocialBee

SocialBee is designed for smart admins who want to work less yet be more effective. This platform is the best tool to save you a lot of time in your social media journey. You can schedule your videos, images, and even your stories! Socialbee puts your social media on autopilot. 

With the re-queue feature, you can publish your posts again in the future. You can expire the publish date based on Times a post is published. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you saw a preview of your post before it was published? With this platform, you can see a preview of your post in a grid view mode to see how it looks from the audience’s point of view. 

Do you want more? You can use SocialBee on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter as well!

This platform is also a great tool for big social agencies.

  • Agorapulse

With Agorapulse you can schedule your stories, videos, and images easily. If you want to be more creative, you can also create Carousel posts and schedule them for the future.

Here’s the interesting part. You can tag the other users under your posts to increase engagement with your audience, and they will never know that they were tagged days ago😂.

( you shouldn’t tell them😂)

You can upload and schedule many posts at once (bulk upload) from the computer software. You can create a queue for your posts. For example, you can upload videos on Mondays, images on Wednesdays, and stories on Fridays. You can design a very powerful content strategy with this tool. With this tool, you can have in-depth Analytics of best-performing posts and hashtags. 

  • Sendible

This Instagram scheduling app is slightly different. You can schedule your videos and images to publish automatically, or you can set a reminder to publish a post yourself manually. 

If you want to find the best hashtags, with Sendible’s hashtag selector feature, you can pick the best one and put it in your post description or the first comment.

You can also add a location to your posts. 

With the use of hashtags and location, you can increase your reach. 

Just like Agorapulse, With Sendible you can see a preview of your post before it’s published too.

This platform integrates with canva easily, so you can edit your posts professionally—all in one place. If you don’t like canva you can use the built-in image editor of The Platform. With the subscription fee of $25 a month, The Sendible is cheaper than SocialBee and Agorapulse.

  • Tailwind

This Instagram scheduling app is for you if you want something straightforward. The features are similar to SocialBee and Agorapulse, with minor differences. For example, this platform has a smart schedule feature to find the best hours when your audience is most engaged. It’s an AI that learns over time. 

With Tailwind, you can publish posts in set times or spread them out using intervals. 

Tailwind gives you a simple-looking calendar, so in one glance, you know what’s up ahead. You can also change your calendar with simple drag and drop.

Tailwind is the cheapest Instagram scheduling app on our list ($15 monthly). 

  • Hootsuite

We’ve put Hootsuite last because this platform is more Limited than the previous ones. 

You can schedule single videos and images on your IG business page with this platform. Still, you can only set reminders through the mobile application (and that’s what I don’t really like about this platform). 

Almost All the other features are nearly the same as the previous platforms. This platform costs $29 monthly (which, in my opinion, is not the best choice on our list). 


Instagram scheduling apps allow users to post at a later time automatically. You can also use scheduling apps on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Such platforms save time for admins who manage multiple Instagram accounts. In my opinion, the best Instagram scheduling app is Tailwind because it has all the important features and, at the same time, it is the cheapest. 

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