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How to Use the Instagram Stories Quiz Sticker?

Instagram Stories Quiz Sticker

What is the new Instagram Quiz sticker?

The quiz sticker on Instagram is an interactive sticker, which is a combination of the question and poll stickers. You can make multiple choice quizzes and ask your Instagram followers for their answer. You can add 2 to 4 responds as the choices or your sticker. Once your followers choose the answer, they’ll know if they have passed the quiz or failed it.

You can choose to quiz your followers with this sticker about any subject such as your interests to see which of your friends know you more. This feature can be used in a very creative and fun way.

Instagram quiz sticker release
<strong>The photo is taken from google The Instagram quiz sticker was released on the 23th of April 2019 and became a trendy sticker in this short time It Is a very fun yet interactive sticker <strong>

How Does the Quiz Sticker Differ from Poll and Question stickers?

As I mentioned earlier above, the Instagram Quiz sticker is somehow the combination of question and poll sticker, but it surely differs from them in some ways. Below are the differences of these 3 stickers with each other:

  • Quiz Vs. Poll sticker

The significant difference between Instagram quiz sticker and poll sticker is that there are 4 answers to choose from when the sticker is chosen as Quiz, and there are only 2 answers on a Poll sticker. You need to know the answer to the Quiz you make, but on the poll, you decide the answer on the majority of votes your followers have chosen.

The poll sticker is used to know your follower’s opinion on something or to know the answer of a question you are doubtful about. For example, you want to dye your hair and you are stuck between a light brown or chocolate brown color to go with, and you can not choose between them. Here, you can make a poll sticker and ask your followers which color would best go with your style.

Instagram poll sticker
<strong>Instagram poll sticker is one of Instagrams interactive stickers which contain 2 answers that users can choose from <strong>
  • Quiz Vs. Question sticker

There is a huge difference between these two stickers, and that is the answer choices which does not exist when using a Question sticker. The Question sticker does not have any options to choose from on an Instagram story. You can use the question sticker in two ways.

The first way is to ask your followers the answer to something so that they can write their answers on the message bar below your question as a text and there are no prepared choices for them to choose from.

The second way to use this sticker is to answer your followers’ question on anything or on a specific subject you set. For example, you writhe the caption of the question sticker “Ask me anything,” which is also a general question Instagrammers share on their stories, and your followers would ask any question they like to know about you, and then you have to answer them.

Instagram question sticker
<strong>Another interactive sticker that can be used on your stories is the question sticker which allows you to ask a question and await its answers from your followers or you can enable them to ask you questions <strong>

How to use the Instagram stories Quiz sticker?

Making a quiz for your stories is as easy as using all other stickers on Instagram stories. Just head to your story creator page and take a picture/videos or upload one from your gallery to get started.

After you uploaded your file to your story, just swipe up on the screen to see the stickers tray. There, between all other stickers, you will see the Quiz sticker. Just tap on it to see a blanks quiz sticker you have to provide a question and choices for.

  • Write your Quiz question

Once you tap on the sticker, a blank sticker for your Quiz would appear. You’ll see a typing symbol on its caption section, and you have to start tying your Question there.

Adding Instagram quiz sticker
<strong>The steps to add a quiz sticker is just as easy as adding other stickers On your story creation page just swipe up to see your stickers and choose the quiz sticker then you can customize your question text<strong>
  • Add your multiple choices

The first step in making the Quiz is to add 2 to 4 answers which are somehow related to the question you have asked. By default, you will only see spaces for two answers, after you fill the two answer spaces, the third one will appear, and this will happen until you complete the 4 answers, which is the maximum answers you can add.

quiz sticker multiple choices
<strong>After you chose your question you have to add your choices that are by default 2 and can be extended to the maximum of 4 <strong>
  • Choose the right answer

Now it’s the time to set which of the answers is the correct one. You should know the right answer to the question you have asked, yourself. To designate the right answer, you should tap on the A, B, C, D option present on the left side of the answer. As you select the correct answer, it will turn to green.

  • Select the color you want for the Quiz sticker box

Similar to the other Instagram stickers, you can change the color of your Instagram Quiz sticker as well. For doing so, tap on the color palette icon at the top to cycle between the various color.

quiz sticker box color
<strong>The final step on making a quiz sticker which is optional is that you can change the color of your sticker box and customize its color as you like <strong>

What is the benefit of using Quiz stickers on Instagram?

  • It Increases Engagement

Engagement matters a lot on Instagram, and it’s the most critical thing we all want from the platform, and an organic engagement can happen by using some of these fun interactive stickers on stories which users love to engage with.

When users interact with your stories, for example, they answer your questions or slide your emoji slider and choose an option from your Quiz sticker, a signal will be sent to Instagram algorithm showing that people are actually engaging with that story., This way your profile rank would go up and in the future this would help your stories to be shown at the top stories on the user’s story carousel.

  • You can get ideas and insights

This feature can be handy for business and brand owners. You can get to know what your followers and audiences love to see more about you or what is their preference when it comes to your products and services. The quiz sticker allows you to ask targeted questions to gather valuable information about users’ expectations of your business. You give them an opportunity to share their opinions. For example, if you are a food taster, you can create a Quiz asking your followers. How do they like you to report reviews of different restaurant and various food? With multiple choices like Live, story, post, or IGTV.

  • Educate your followers about your content

Another way to use this new feature is to make your audience know more about your content and business. If you keep asking questions related to your content, you can quickly educate your followers after they get to know the right answer of the question and this can also help you see who knows your more and is a fan of your account.

Take the example of a food court asking “What’s our customers’ favorite meal?” with answers like:

  1. Pasta
  2. Pizza
  3. Burger

This way, you’re letting your customers, and potential customers know that, for example, your Pizza is a real hit and is what your food court is more known for. This can be a smart indirect way of advertising as well.


Each of the features on Instagram can be used in a beneficial way to drive more engagement to your Instagram account; you just need to be a little creative on using them. It is proved that interactive stickers are loved by Instagramers and makes them want to interact with your stories, so keep using them to maintain a consistent engagement for your account.

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