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How to Get Sponsored on Instagram: How do sponsorships work?

Do you know how do sponsorships work on Instagram? If yes, you are likely to like it because that is the key success of many Instagram brands and influencers. Does it seem hard to find out how to get sponsored on instagram? Do not worry because we are here to tell you all the details of this point. Go on and learn more about Instagram sponsorship details, the best apps, and so on.

how to get sponsored on instagram

What is an Instagram sponsor?

Generally speaking, Instagram users choose sponsored posts to extend their audience range in two ways. The first way is called “Promoted Posts & Ads” in which an Instagram user creates a post and tries to customize a target audience by paying Instagram. The second way is called “Paid Sponsorships”, and refers to the situation when a brand sponsors an Instagram Influencer and pays him to create a post that identifies the brand in some way. To learn more about the details of these two ways and how to get sponsored on instagram, you need to read the rest of the text.

How to get sponsored on Instagram?

Now that you know what Instagram sponsorship means, you might want to get sponsored and search for the answer to “how to get sponsored on instagram”. It is not a hard process, and I will explain it simply through specific steps.

  1. First of all, it is important to establish your brand to see the best engagement.
  2. Know your audience, so you can accurately determine which brands will benefit the most from choosing you as their sponsor.
  3. Post consistently at least once a day (the best form is three times a day) to increase the number of your following.
  4. Use about nine relevant hashtags per post to make your content more discoverable and engaging.
  5. At this level, you can use tagging brands as a useful way to reach out to them.
  6. Also, you can use your bio to signal to brands that you are interested in attracting them as a sponsor by adding your email or website.

how to get sponsored on instagram

How to get sponsored on instagram? (By Instagram itself)

If you are looking for a way to get sponsored on instagram, you should know that this app is the same as other social media platforms. You can use its native ad management tool and enter some essential data, such as age, sex, location, and interests and pay a specific amount of money, so Instagram will introduce your post in front of users who are in your audience category.

How do sponsorships work?

Now that you know how to get sponsored on instagram, it is simple to explain how do sponsorships work on this platform. It has simple regulations, and each time that an influencer is paid, an intended post and brand will become more and more popular. And from the other side, Instagram sponsorship can cause an influencer to become rich and successful.

What’s the difference between sponsored posts and promoted posts on Instagram?

As you read in the first paragraph, there are two types of Instagram advertising sponsors, and now I want to explain more about each of these types.

Promoted Posts & Ads

The first type of Instagram sponsored posts is the same as other social media platforms, like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, and is possible through Instagram native ad management platform. In this way, you are an advertiser who uses attributes like age, sex, location, and interests to customize a target audience with a specific amount of money with the help of the Instagram tool.

how to get sponsored on instagram

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Paid Sponsorships

But the second type, “Paid sponsorship” will be between a brand and another Instagram user. In this way, you find a famous influencer and charge this client a certain amount, and he will create a post to introduce your product or service.

The main difference between these two types is that in the “Promoted Posts & Ads” method, you just pay Instagram for finding more audience, and you are responsible for creating a post. But when you choose the “Paid Sponsorships” method, the influencer will make a post that introduces your brand.

Instagram sponsorship apps

Also, some agencies work to get significant Instagram sponsorship for your business, and you might have heard their names in the category of Instagram sponsorship apps, such as EasyClout, Rise, Viral Nation, and so on. If you do not know how to get sponsored on instagram, these apps help you in explaining social marketing strategies, finding influencers, managing them, creating content, and also analyzing marketing results.


How many Instagram followers do you need to get sponsored?

To get started, you need at least 1000 real followers who regularly engage with your posts.

How much is an Instagram sponsored post?

The standard price is $10 when the sponsor has 1,000 followers and will change based on the number of likes and more factors.

Do Instagram Sponsorships for Small Accounts Exist?

 If you are a small business wondering how to get sponsored on instagram, do not freak out because no matter how extended your account is, you can be sponsored on this platform.


Have you ever thought about how do sponsorships work on Instagram and why people pay sponsors? The basic rule is that no matter whether you choose Instagram as your sponsor or pay a famous influencer, your purpose is to become a popular brand among users. If you do not know how to get sponsored on instagram, read the above text and find all details you should consider.

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