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Why do I See “User Not Found” on Instagram (If I’m not blocked)?

Once you click on a username, you might face the error of user not found. At first, you might think that you are blocked, but there are some other reasons that you have seen that error. Here I would explain the possible reasons why you would see this error.

First you should know “user not found” is one of the most reported issues on Instagram which makes lots of users confusing. This issue gets bigger once you are going to boost your account and you face these kinds of never-ending bugs. If you struggling with Instagram bugs, I highly recommend using Instagram bot for like, follow, unfollowing (which is available for Android app) to avoid action blocks or all other Instagram issues.

What is the meaning of “user not found” on Instagram?

Instagram, as one of the most popular social media of the current era, sometimes become confusing and complicated with its errors, that we have no idea from where they appear. Imagine that you have opened your account, surfing the Instagram, and you click on someone’s username, and you face the error “user not found.” At first, you might think that the person has blocked you, but this is not the only case. Here I would explain the possible reason why you would see the error.

user not found’s error on Instagram

#1 username mistyping  

You might find some username, which is tagged or mentioned, or its written in the caption. Clicking on the written username, and suddenly you see the error. You might think that you got blocked, but this is not the only case. So, one possible reason would be the mistyping of the username. You better check the spelling or ask the admin to see if the username is written correctly.

#2 Username is changed  

If you are going to reach some account, but you face the error, changing the username by the account holder might cause this issue. You should contact them (if possible) to ask about the new username. However, some of Instagram profile holders would do this action to keep their privacy, and if you have no opportunities to ask about the new username, unfortunately, you can’t reach the account.

# 3 temporary disabled accounts

Someone temporary might disable the Instagram account. In this case, you won’t be able to see the profile on Instagram DM, or in any other place. If you tap on the username, it shows that the username not found.

user not found’s error on Instagaram

#4 Deleted account

If the person deletes the account, you would see the same error over and over. If the account was deleted permanently, you should no longer be able to see the profile or the posts.

#5 Banned by Instagram

It might happen that Instagram limit, or disable some of the accounts due to violating their terms and conditions. Some of the Instagram accounts also get reported, and they would limit access to those accounts. If this happens, you are not able to reach the profile until the Instagram remove disabling, or limitation. If the account got permanently deleted by Instagram, you could not see the profile anymore.

disabled account error on Instagram


If you have faced the error user not found, you better check the username typing or check another account to make sure if the account holder blocks you. If you could reach the account by any other devices or account, one of the above issues might have occurred.

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