How To Format Instagram Posts

As more users attract to the visual-first experience of Instagram, it’s necessary to stand out. One way to do that is to format your Instagram posts like a professional. Do you have a problem with spacing in your caption on Instagram?? Well don’t worry, in this article i am going to show you how to format your Instagram captions to make them look better.

Use notes to format Instagram posts

It’s more comfortable to write and edit your captions using the Notes app than the Instagram platform itself. Notes let you observe your drafts more clearly. And you can add all of the emojis, lines, and spaces you want.

Once you finished writing your Instagram caption, all you have to do is copy and paste your caption to your Instagram post. Alternatively, you can paste it into an Instagram scheduling tool as I do. (like Instazood schedulers)

How to format Instagram captions?

Here are the three tactics you should follow to create paragraph spacing in your Instagram captions:

1- Don’t write your caption on Instagram

As I said, using the Notes apps is way better than drafting directly in the Instagram app. If you insist on using Instagram for that, write your caption and press “done,” the caption will revert to former zero-spaced formatting.

How To Format Instagram Posts

2- Use a symbol to format bullets

This is the quickest and easiest way to add a line break in your Instagram caption.

I use this method all the time by using dots and dashes. Though, you can use any symbol you want.

How To Format Instagram Posts

3- Don’t insert emojis before or after breakpoints

If you want to add emojis to your Instagram caption, include them within your sentence – not before or after it.

You can also try adding emojis in between your paragraph spacing. To add emojis between paragraphs:

  • Write your caption in your Notes app.
  • Add your paragraph spacing by tapping the “return” button on your keyboard.
  • Add your emojis in between your new paragraphs.
How To Format Instagram Posts

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