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Instagram Changes its Disabling Account Policy

Instagram Changes its Disabling Account

Instagram now is one of the most popular social media for all ages, with around 1 million active users per month. Recently, several Instagram users are reporting that their account is deleted for no reason.

They are searching for the way to get their accounts back. Now, it is a new challenge for Instagram lovers to struggle with the issue of Instagram. In this regards, Instagram announced that they made a change to their policies, which is related to the recent problems of Instagrammers.

Instagram disables accounts with violating the content

On 18th July 2019, Instagram announced that they had made a change to their plan, and according to this change, they would detect and disable accounts with a certain number of violating content. They would also remove an Instagram account with a certain amount of material that violated their terms and conditions within a specified period. However, Instagram has given its users to appeal if they believe that they hadn’t violated Instagram terms and conditions.

Instagram also has given another announcement about a new warning and notification to assist individuals in realizing that their entire profile is in danger of being deleted. This warning will also offer the option to erase the content.

Instagram notification about the probability of an account removal
Instagram notification about the probability of an account removal

This warning contains a guideline about the hate speech and symbols, which guide the users not to use this type of posts. Instagram previously had announced that they have a similar warning about the bullying in the comments. According to their announcement, the account holders would be able to limit a persons’ comments, and the comments will be shown to that person only, not other viewers.


Instagram notified the society about the new changes in their policies, but it seems that the impact of this change would be huge. Somehow, people’s reactions would be unpredictable since a lot of new changes is coming. Instagram is going to remove the like and view from the posts, too, and it started the trial on many accounts. It was facebook full of challenges and scandals, and now Instagram, with its ever-changing policies and actions.

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