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How to Get More real and engaged followers on Instagram?

Here is a complete guide to get more real, engaged, and active followers. Follow the steps and look at the examples carefully.

Are you dreaming about promoting your business by getting more followers on Instagram? The bad news is, you have over 25 million competitors. But the good news is, there are more than one billion active monthly users on Instagram, Instagram Likeswhich 90% of them follow at least one business account.

In this article, we are going to introduce the top 7 most effective ways to get Instagram followers based on our experiences. if you want to expose your page to all the potential followers, you should do your best by taking care of all aspects of the business. So, here are our suggested ways to get real Instagram followers fast.    

How to get more followers and likes on Instagram?

Instagram bot and automation is not the only way to get more Instagram followers. Here I would mention a summary of different methods to get more followers on Instagram first. Then I would expand all to get detailed information.

To get more real and engaged followers on Instagram:

  1. Got for Instagram campaigns or run a contest
  2. Use top Instagram marketing tools
  3. Make connection by the mentioned methods bellow
  4. Connect with Instagram influencers in your niche
  5. Use Instagram bot and Instagram automation
  6. Buy like & followers (for new accounts only to get started)
  7. Optimize Instagram content to reach more users
  8. Use hashtag generator
  9.  Schedule posts to keep consistency

How many times have you heard this well-turned phrase by Bill Gates that “Content is King” in the virtual marketing world? This phrase is exceptionally exact on Instagram, where visual content is the primary way of reaching out to the audience.  

Engaging content acts as an excellent infrastructure for your Instagram page. If you take the necessary efforts to offer high-quality content, your overall chance of getting followers on Instagram will increase considerably. 

Based on your type of business, the idea of engaging content might be different. For example, for a standup comedian, a simple video without any filter might do the work. But for someone who runs a fashion page, high-quality photos with persuasive captions should be an integral asset of the posts. The important thing is, paying attention to every little detail might make a big difference. 

The level of engagement that you get from these methods can directly affect the chance of attracting real Instagram followers. Here are the best things to do for creating engaging content that leads to more Instagram followers.

#1 Run Instagram campaigns or a contest

Running contest to invite Instagram followers tagging their friends, support the tagged Instagram account, or get price for likes or comments is of great help to increase the profile visits, and get more fans and followers. However, some of the followers may left the page after contest ends, but it is still alright. Many of them will remain in the profile and become the potential customers.

I highly recommend you run the contest yourself (with at least 1000 followers) or ask any accounts with more followers to do it for you. What they do is tagging your name in the past, and ask followers to follow you and win a price.

#2 Use top Instagram marketing tools

There are lots of available tools you can use to speed getting followers, like hashtag generators, influencer finders, comment management tools, posts managements, analytics, monitoring tools, and scheduling posts.

You can top Instagram marketing tools for free and boost your account using these tools. they are must to have tools if you are managing your accounts in larger scale.

#3 Make Instagram connections to get more followers

Follow for following back (keep the limits)

It is true that Instagram has limited the action on the app, but still you can get followers just by following their page, like their posts, comment under their posts. They would come back to your profile if they are active users, and if they like the content they follow you back.

However, make sure you are aware of Instagram rules and restrictions, not to get action blocked.

Insert comment on or relevant Instagram accounts

If you go to some the top pages, and keep track of their posts you can engage and insert comment there too. This will show your username to millions of people reading comments, or reaching the posts. If they like your comment they engage too. They reply, visit your profile, like your comments.

The secret to get more Instagram followers if you feel your account is not that famous is reaching to more users.

Use Instagram comment management

To make your Instagram account a positive environment for your visitors, you can get help from Instagram comment manager on the app itself. If you tap on the comment you can restrict some of the negative comments. You can also restrict certain words, to get more meaningful and positive feedback under your posts.

Connect Instagram to a Facebook to get referrals

If you share the Instagram profile URL on other social media, you can get more reach. Copy the URL right from your Instagram profile, tap on three dot icon on top right to copy the link.

#4 Use Ads to Get More Followers on Instagram

Although creating engaging content is an excellent strategy to start gaining more Instagram followers, but sadly, it is not enough. If you want to get more followers on Instagram instantly, you should consider using ads. Imagine having a killer feed, with the most amazing photos and captions, but no one would ever know that it existed. That’s why you need advertisements as one of the most effective and guaranteed ways to promote the brand. Remember, ads are not expenses; they are investments.

There are mainly two ways to run an advertising campaign on Instagram: using influencers and Instagram ads. 

Partner with an Influencer to Get More Instagram Followers

If you are running a business account, reaching out to influencers is a must to gain new Instagram followers. The beauty of working with influencers is that these people love their fans, and when they decide to promote a brand, they put their best into the ad. 

The followers of these people are loyal to them, and when the influencers recommend a product, service, or even Instagram account, they tend to trust the brand. That’s why in 2020, 6.12 million business accounts sponsored influencer posts on Instagram, and the features are surging by seconds, as stated on the Statista website. 

You may be thinking that partnering with an influencer costs you an arm and a leg. But don’t worry, there are all sorts of influencers out there, from seven figures mega-influencer (+1m followers) such as Selena Gomez to more affordable nano-influencers (1k-10k) and micro-influencers (10k-50k followers). 

The good news is that the engagement rate of nano-influencers and sometimes micro-influencer are higher than the other groups like macro-influencers (500K-1m followers), as they know their followers and have a close-knit community.

While macro-influencers such as @josefinehj receives an average of $10,000 per Instagram post, a micro-influencer only costs something between $50 to several hundred dollars per post. Well, that is a big difference to consider!

If money is not an issue, you can pay $750,000 for a post on a mega-influencer such as Chris Ronaldo, who has more than 140 million followers!

Instagram Ads

You have surely seen the word “sponsored” or “paid partnership with” on some of the posts on Instagram. All these accounts used Instagram ads. In this vast virtual community, it seemed any ads about anything might fit. Still, it’s smarter to know what demographic groups are using Instagram so that you can reach the bet targeted group. 

According to stats, in 2020, the biggest age group on Instagram is 25-34, holding about 35% of all Instagrammers. Also, most of the popular pages on Instagram belong to women. If you want to reach more potential Instagram followers, it’s a good idea to examine your insights to gain a better understanding of what type of Instagrammers are most interested in your brand.

Instagrammers can use the Instagram ads within the app, by ad manager, or Instagram partners in all possible formats such as story, photos, even the best videos. Instagram ads use the Cost per Click (CPC) method to determine the cost of advertising on its platform.

In 2020, the average Instagram ads cost around $0.50 to $1.00. But this number can reach to $3.00 CPC based on the competitiveness of the promoting industry. As Instagram has a higher engagement rate compared to all the other social media (10 times more than its parent site, Facebook), with the smallest possible daily budget of $5, you get the highest ROI (return of investment) in the virtual world. No harm in giving it a try!

#5 Use The Best Instagram Bot to Get More Followers on Instagram  

Although they don’t have the same magical effect of ads, Instagram bots can make a massive difference in the number of your audience by continually attracting more Instagram followers. As there are different types of bots, and unfortunately, some of them are more destructive rather than constructive, you only should use the best and safe Instagram automation tools.

Luckily, Instazood Instagram Bot can offer all the necessary things that a user wants from an automation tool. It is one of the best Instagram bots, and with a negligible amount of money, you practically buy cheap Instagram followers. Instazood can attract a sweet 10% of the targeted followers. That’s not a rate you can easily ignore, especially when it takes practically nothing to do on your behalf. Let’s go through some of the things that you can do with the Instazood Instagram bot.

Instagram follow bot 

On Instagram, the most critical rule applied is Instagram follow for follow. Using the Instagram follower bot, Instazood regularly exposes the Instagram page to the potential and real new followers by automatic follow. Using Instagram follower bots is the primary method used by Instagrammers to gain more followers based on follow for follow, but due to the Instagram daily and even hourly follow limitation, it might be annoying to handle it manually. Instazood smart follow bot will start working based on the Instagram algorithm, which eliminated any threat of being blocked.

Moreover, Instagram unfollow bot automatically unfollows the targeted accounts after a certain period, so that the account won’t reach the overall Instagram follow limit of 7,500.

When the Instagram bot followers only follows the targeted accounts based on the data that you entered, such as hashtags, location, and popular accounts, the chance of getting real and loyal new Instagram followers will be manifold. It’s like you buy real Instagram followers only by using a simple Instagram follow bot.

Bonus: Get your free packages of automatic followers instantly using the free Instagram followers bot trial on Instazood.

Instagram like bot

Just like the auto-follow bot, Instagram like bot is designed to attract new Instagram followers based on the unwritten rule of “Like for Like.” Instazood likes bot will search hundreds of dormant accounts and put that little happy heart on the posts. People will get curious, and likely, they visit your page. If the page is attractive enough, they hit the follow, and it’s done! This liker bot can also bring many likes to your posts.

Instagram comment bot

Instazood Instagram comment bot can generate different versions of comments and automatically send it to the targeted Instagram to-be-followers. Admittedly, seeing an account with similar interests that leaves a comment on their post can be attractive. So, make sure you make the most of this insta comment app.

#6 Buy Cheap Instagram Likes & Views to Get More Instagram Followers

Another shortcut to get more Instagram followers is to buy Instagram likes and video views. Instazood can deliver these types of packages in the fastest and safest way.

Instazood like Packages 

Many new Instagrammers struggle to gain more likes on Instagram. With Instazood like packages, you can show off your popularity to those who visit your posts and gain more Instagram followers.

Don’t worry about Instagram hiding the number of likes, users can still benefit from this method, as the number of likes is one of the essential factors of determining engagement rate by the Instagram algorithm. Even with the likes being hidden, buying likes can help you to reach the Instagram explore page.  

Instazood Video View Packages 

Dreaming about going viral on Instagram? Get some help from Instazood and buy video view packages to make your videos and page popular in a safe way. When the videos have more views, the chances of getting more followers are high too.

#7 Optimize the Instagram Account to Get Followers on Instagram

You may only focus on the quality of the photos and the videos that you share on your feed. Or you try to use the coolest photo for your profile. But other parts of an Instagram account should be optimized if you are planning to get more Instagram followers. Here is our suggestion:  

Write a Better Bio

Did you know that two in three business profiles are from non-followers? If you want to make the visitors hit that follow button, you need an engaging bio. The bio of the Instagram account works like a welcoming desk for your brand. Having a well-craft bio can significantly help you to attract your ideal Instagram followers for free! 

Users can use up to 150 characters to explain their business directly to visitors. Make the most of this number and be as creative as you can. Be bold and mention the most important things about the company concisely. 

You can even mention a cooperative account in the bio to boost engagement. Also, as your username is different from the name that displays on the bio, you can use other keywords on your niche in this part so that people find you easily. To learn more tips that can help you to get more Instagram, followers read “Instagram bio ideas: tips you need to know.” 

Instagram bio is essential for another critical reason: it is the only place on your Instagram that you can put a clickable link on. Need more help with your Bio? Read How to write a killer Instagram bio to get some great ideas to write a unique bio.

A caption is a must 

Instagram has a limitation of 2200 characters for captions; it is something around 300 words! But you don’t have to use all the characters to convey a message to the possible followers. If only uploading an image or video says it all, don’t ramble on in the caption; it just makes the readers skip this part. Instead, use the call to actions such as asking for comment, like, tag friends, or even mentioning relevant accounts.

And don’t forget to use emoji! On the other hand, for some posts, it is a good idea to explain the purpose in more detail. Try to write something that grabs the readers’ interest, especially in the opening line, where you should place your hook. Remember, you are writing for your followers, not just for the sake of selling the product or service. Here is an example of a relatively long, but exciting caption by @joannehawker  

Use More Videos and IGTV

Within only 24 hours of introduction of the ability to publish videos on Instagram, five million videos were posted. The figures surged drastically ever since, and videos became one of the main factors of determining the Instagram engagement rate. With a variety of ways of uploading videos on Instagram, such as feed, story, live, and IGTV, many businesses took advantage by creating Ads, DIY, and How-To-Do videos. Here’s how @hudabeauty does it:

Moreover, as videos are more engaging than photos, about 25% of Instagram Ads come in the format of single videos. Many influencers keep a daily video journal to stay connected with their fans. Even use it as a way of brand promoting to get more Instagram followers organically.

Believe in the Power of Stories

The story might be the best thing that Instagram introduced by far. By offering tools such as emoji slider, question, poll, location, mention, and quiz, stories are highly interactive, creative, and fun to work with. Moreover, as they only last for 24 hours, many businesses use stories to show behind the scene moments which followers find interesting to watch. 

Big brands realize the importance of this tool in their Instagram marketing. That’s why they publish almost 33% more stories than the average brands. Creating engaging stories that audiences tend to share with others is a great way to get more Instagram followers.    

Use Selfies

Believe it or not, studies showed that having a human face in the photo increases the likelihood of getting more likes on Instagram by 40%. After all, Instagram is a social media and a virtual place to socialize, right? It seems face-to-face communication, especially by video, is attracting more attention than other methods. So, why not share smiley selfies when it can help to get more followers on Instagram? 

Add Some Filters

Make the most of the in-build filter tools of Instagram by applying them to the photos and videos of your feed and stories. A study by Canva, the popular platform of creating graphic designs for Instagram, showed that filters increase Instagram likes. That’s why more and more Instagrammers tend to use a filter to their posts. 

Instagram’s Automated Reality (AR) filters are another set of in-built tools that can bring some fun to the followers. To hold the attention of potential Instagram followers, use some Instagram themes offered by professionals like Preview, which make your feed eye-catching.    

Publish User-Generated Content

Not only publishing the User-Generated Content (UGC) will increase the level of followers’ loyalty, but it also helps to get new Instagram followers free and fast. When an Instagram page uses UGC, it tells the followers that they are essential. 

This method especially comes handy when you sell a product and services, and the majority of your audiences are from younger age groups. They share the UGC with their followers too, which can be great for you. Just introduce a unique hashtag or run a photo contest to see the incredible power of UGC. Here is an example of a UGC campaign by @starbucks

#8 Use Hashtags to Get More Followers on Instagram

When Chris Messina suggested using hashtags for the first time in 2007, no one thought soon; it will be a worldwide phenomenon. Hashtags help Instagrammers to run contests, categorize the content, and, more importantly, quickly find what they are looking for. Almost every business account uses hashtags, and on the explore page, users can search for their hashtags to see the results. That’s why everyone should consider using hashtags.

Use Relevant Hashtags and Geo Tags

When posting on Instagram, users are allowed to use up to 30 tags. There is no magical formula to tell us how many and what type of hashtags we should use in a post, but it seems the best way strategies to find out is trial and error. 

For example, if you are running a fashion page and you shared a post of a model putting on your dress; it’s a good idea to use these numbers:

  • About 10-15 general hashtags in your niche: #Fashion #OOTD #Style #InstaFashion #Vintage #FashionBlogger
  • About 5-7 Specific Clothing and Accessories Hashtags: #Jewelry #Bling #coat #swimsuit #bikini #reddress #comfypants #floralmaxi
  • About 5-7 niche hashtags: #loveyourcurves #size12 #petiteblogger #petitefashionblogger #skinnyblogger
  • And last but not least, add about 4-5 geotags to help the customers find you: #paris #nyc #downtowntoronto

Find by Tags and Repost One of the effective techniques to get new Instagram followers is to repost one of the other user’s best posts in the niche. Use the Instazood Instagram search tool to find the most popular content among millions of posts on Instagram and then simply repost it. Some of the well-known companies, such as Hilton Hotels, use branded hashtags and repost UGC to promote their brand. 

Follow the trends

Another great thing that you can do using the powerful Instazood search tool is finding the latest trends in your niche. You can also find comprehensive information about each hashtag, such as how many users using it. You can even see exactly which profile using the hashtag. This can come handy to find suitable influencers. If they are already interested in your niche, why not reach out to them?

Instazood search tool can even find the top posts by location. Easily find the bests competitors in your area and target their audience. Soon, you will be surprised how much more Instagram followers start becoming a fan of you! 

#9 Schedule Posts to Get More Followers on Instagram 

Studies show that the level of engagement on social media can dramatically change based on the time of publishing posts. Later, a social media platform analyzed the publishing time of 12 million Instagram posts and found that in general, the best time to post on Instagram is between 9 am-11 am EST. 

Luckily there are Instagram scheduler tools like Instazood scheduler that can make things easier for Instagrammers. Using the Instazood scheduler has several advantages over other similar tools. With Instazood, users can even schedule to delete posts, put a watermark on your posts, and put the rest of the caption in the first comment.    

Others Tips on Getting More Instagram Followers

Follow the seven mentioned method to promote your Instagram in the most effective way, but if you want even more tips on getting more followers on Instagram, check the following tips: 

Promote Instagram on other platforms

The followers on different platforms might prefer Instagram over other social media but don’t even know your brand is active on IG. There is no harm to promoting an Instagram account on other social media such as Facebook, Tweeter, and even TikTok. 

Use Instagram Nametag

Although it is an offline promoting method, Instagram nametag can attract real followers, especially on events and conferences. It is a scannable code that enables the followers to follow you instantly. Find this feature by tapping on the three lines on the Instagram profile. 

Run Instagram Contest

As mentioned before, running a UGC contest can significantly increase Instagram engagement. But there are other types of Instagram contests that can be truly helpful. For example, like or comment to wins and mention others for giveaways are some of the most popular types. 

This article shows you how to quickly increase the number of users who follow you on Instagram. The safest method to do this is by using organic engagement techniques such as liking and commenting on other people’ posts, though you can also buy Instagram followers if you are in a hurry.

Five easy ways to get more followers on Instagram

1- Invite Your Friends

You should inform people that you are on Instagram, so get the news out! At first, when you sign up, you will be given the option to share your new account with your Facebook friends and phone contacts. You should also promote your Instagram account on your other social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Add an Instagram Follow Button to your site And let your subscribers know with a quick email blast.

But remember, it’s not just about telling people that you’re on Instagram, it’s about giving them a strong reason to follow you on Instagram.

2- Define your goals

When creating your Instagram account, you should clearly define your targets to your followers. You should explain who you are and what are your skills. What makes your brand special? Think through who you are targeting with your social media plan on Instagram when creating your account. It’s ok to be funny and creative in your bio, mainly if it makes sense to your target audience.

GoPro’s Instagram account shows off an innovative and informative bio. “We make the World’s Most Versatile Camera. Wear it. Mount it. Love it.” In addition to your description, you can also include one clickable link to your landing page or your website. This is an essential part of creating an Instagram account, so think through where you want your audience to go.

3- Try to be social

Instagram is using hashtags for the search and organization purposes.  Unlike Twitter, you can apply up to 30 hashtags. You should use at least 11 hashtags to get the highest level of engagement. Look for trending hashtags by searching on Instagram, make sure they are related to your business. This helps you attract new followers to your Instagram account.

You should also remember that social media is not a soapbox. Make sure to engage with your audience by liking and commenting on their posts. If someone has posted a picture of your product, reach out, like or comment on that post. Additionally, don’t forget to observe and like brand mentions. The human connection should always be at the center of any social media strategy.

You should be active and consistent on Instagram, and if you don’t have the time to always be present on Instagram, you can use Instagram automation tools like Instagram bots and post schedulers. They would help you look more active and gain more Instagram followers.

4- Collaborate with influencers

Cooperating with Instagram influencers in your industry is a great way to promote your brand. When reaching out to an influencer, you should consider what you have to offer them. You have to answer their question of: “ what is in it for me?” before asking them to do anything for you.

5- Promote your posts

There are many ways of promoting your posts on Instagram to gain exposure for your can purchase Instagram ads, this way you are guaranteeing that users will see your posts and if they like your products and your content, they will follow you for sure.

Also, one of the best things about boosting your posts on Instagram is that you can go after your ideal target audience.

We hope you find this article helpful. Don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know if you have anything to add to this article or you have questions.

Instagram is a great tool which can help you meet new people, follow who inspire you, improve your blog or brand, and stay connected with your friends and family. On the other hand for influencers, it can be intimidating and feel like a battle to have more followers.

#1 Find your target audience

You should promote your content to people who are interested in them. If you put effort on your target audience, you will get a higher engagement rate so; your posts will appear up on your followers’ feeds. You can  do a few things to understand your target audience on Instagram:

  • Get an overview demographic of your follower base. Including their age, location, and gender. Then research more in-depth stats like the right time to post on your Instagram.

  • Get feedback from your existing followers, ask about their interests and create contents based on their interests.
  • You can track your competitors, find their week points and improve yourself to be better than them.
#2 Schedule your content

After finding your target audience, you will know what kind of content works well in your industry. Stick to your brand style and create content based on that style. Make sure everything fits together visually before posting and use a scheduler to plan your posts. This will make a big difference to your overall look and your engagement rate.


#3 Engage with similar accounts

You can like, comment and follow other accounts which are related to your niche to get some exposure. Try taking over someone’s account to gain new organic followers. Look through their followers and interact with them, so that they would get to know your brand and engage with you as well.

You can do these things all by yourself, or you can just hire an Instagram marketing assistant to do these things for you. You can use Instagram bots for this course too, but make sure to use the ones with boundaries, because some of them might be scammy and get shadow-banned your page.


#4 Use the right amount of relevant hashtags

Hashtags are a good way of becoming discoverable. Instagram lets you use maximum 30 hashtags under your posts, but there is no need to use them all. Use fewer and better-researched hashtags on your posts and stories. Between 7 to 10 hashtags are enough. But remember that your content should deliver what these hashtags promise. The more popular your hashtags are, the more competition you are against to get your content found.


#5 Promote your Instagram account on your other channels

use all of your opportunities to mention your Instagram account on the other social media channels you own. You can use a widget on your facebook, or specify your Instagram username on your bio anywhere else. Try to embed your Instagram posts in your blog posts or run a pop-up in your site.


#6 Use locations and tagging as much as you can

The easiest way to gain organic followers is using geolocation tags, mainly if you are posting from a well-known place.




#7 Use Instagram stories feature to keep up to date

Instagram has rolled out great features for stories: stickers, polls, question stickers, live videos, etc. Try to use these features to make your account look more alive. Use Instagram highlights and highlight the stories that you think your followers might find interesting.

Like common questions, educational content related to your brand, behind-the-scenes, etc. get creative with boomerangs or Q&A polls to get more engagement from your followers and attract new ones.


#8 Get some help from influencers

Getting mentioned from another account can be helpful for growing your account. Find an influencer with similar content and ask them to do a shoutout for you or do a feature with you once in a while, or you can create a project together so that you both will have a cause to talk. Just make sure to choose the right person!


#9 Get your account featured on large Instagram accounts

You should consider these factors if you are going to feature yourself with an account:

  • Write down big Instagram accounts with your niche that are available for features.
  • Let them notice you, use their branded hashtags or tag them under your captions.
  • If they have mentioned their contact info in their Instagram bio, contact them and ask them if they are interested or not?




#10 Create UGC (user-generated content)

This means you should use the content created by your followers. These are the posts which you have been tagged on or have your hashtag on their captions.

To get some UGC:

  • Create and promote a branded-hashtag for your Instagram account.
  • Host a giveaway or an Instagram contest and ask your followers to use your hashtags under their posts.


It is not easy to create a winning Instagram growth strategy. You should put a lot of effort into creating an impressive Instagram account and spend a lot of time to manage it. Just focus on organic follower growth or even paid media strategies and you will get what you want.

Social media has become one of the most important parts of our lives these days. We brought most of our daily life to social media and somehow got addicted to them. However, social media has its goods, and we can take advantage of it for doing a lot of daily works like finding out about news and our friend’s breakfast! Buying and selling online, communication seems so much easier now.

One of the most popular social media platforms is Instagram. Instagram is the most used platform for teens and young people. So if you are one of them or you have a business relevant to them, you should start using Instagram and having fun with it. If you are already an Instagram user, you may know that followers play a big role in Instagram popularity.

Tips to get more followers fast on Instagram

So, you may be wondering how to gain more followers for business, becoming popular or having more fun. Some people say that gaining followers is not a big deal, and everyone can handle it, but the truth is, growing followers can be possibly the hardest part of social media communication.

But it’s possible!

We can show you how to gain real followers on Instagram in 7 steps:

#1 Build up a follow-worthy Instagram page

You can start by posting a few posts with a great picture gallery quality. Your page should be interesting to the people will want to get more of what you’re posting.

How can I build up a follow-worthy Instagram page?

It entirely depends on your purpose of using Instagram. Are you running a business page or it’s a personal page for yourself? Here is a summary that can help you with it:

  • Business page:

If you want to promote your business on Instagram or you are starting up an internet marketing page, your page should have these options:

  • You should have content which is Beautiful, Interactive, fresh and relevant with Your Brand. Some ways to be interactive on Instagram is to use Instagram’s new features: Stories, Live video, Bulk upload, IGTV, etc.
  • Make sure you have great picture galleries with a great theme that catches everyone’s
  • You can show images from particular events or campaigns.
  • Let your brand tell a story or have a creative motto for it that you can publish it as a hashtag.
  • Be creative, general and inspiring, be unique.
  • Show your followers the back scene of your business like your office table or…

  • Personal page:

Managing a personal Instagram page is much easier because you can simply be yourself and there will be no one else like you. You can do these tips:

  • Use Instagram new features and let your followers know you better.
  • Get help from stories and post about your personal life (not too much and not too personal!)
  • Post a selfie once in a while and let them notice your appearance updates: haircut, new dress, new smile.
  • Post positive and inspiring quotes between your posts.
  • Create a good caption style for yourself.
  • Be friendly to your followers and try to keep in contact with them.
  • If you have a talent that you can share with them, like arts, designs, tutorials… you can share it.
  • Share a review of your favorite or the latest show, book or
  • Use questions in your stories, captions or posts to get some engagement.

#2 Invite Your Friends

You should let your friends know that you are on Instagram, especially if you have a personal account, it will raise your engagement, and you can find out what’s new with your old friends from Facebook, contacts, twitter, etc.

Remember it’s not just about just informing people that you’re now on Instagram, it’s about giving them a reason to want to follow you on Instagram. You can find your Facebook friends on Instagram or sync your Instagram with your phone contact to find your contacts.

#3 Be Social

You can use up to 30 different hashtags under your posts for better search purposes. You should use at least 11 hashtags to get the highest level of interaction. Look for popular hashtags that you can use under your posts to get the engagement you want. Also, you can post content about trending things daily and join in conversations happening on Instagram. By this, you can catch some new eyes on your Instagram account.

Remember that social media is not a soapbox. You should make sure that you interact with your audience by liking and commenting on other people’s videos and pictures. Did someone post a picture of your product? Reach out—like or comment on that post. Human connection is always at the core of any social media strategy.


#4 Encourages

Gain followers by throwing a new activity or hosting a challenge that encourages followers and engagement like a photo contest. Or people can take a picture using your product and post it with the hashtag you choose. The contest will a hit with a ton of engagement during the campaign.

#5 Co-operate with influencers

Cooperating with other Instagram influencers in your business is a functional way to promote your brand. You don’t always have to pair up with someone relevant to your niche. For example, you can get help from a celebrity or an insta-comedian to gain more Instagram followers for their brand.

#6 Give away some products or gifts

This has always been one of greatest methods to grow engagement. People love gifts. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive. A coupon or something like this will be ok.

#7 Promote your account

You can use Instagram advertisements to promote your account. But it’s kind of expensive and doesn’t do any goods for new startups. You can do it manually by following people who might be interested in your content. Like their new posts or comment on their photos to grab their attention.

You can find targets (people who are interested in your content) by:

  • Searching in popular hashtags relevant to your content.
  • Looking at other people accounts for your niche.
  • Searching for locations.
  • Searching for your keywords.

This process can take a lot of your time and energy. So to prevent wasting your time, you can hire a social media manager to do these things for you. Or you can use Instagram bots or other platforms which automatically do these things for you. You can always use a good platform to promote your account. But make sure you use a good one because they may get you banned from Instagram. You can always google Instagram bot and find out more.





Final Words 

In this article, we talked about the best ways to get more Instagram followers. All of these ways are necessary to be a winner in this crazy world of Instagram. But some of them, like paying attention to the content, advertising, and all the bots on Instagram (such as Instagram followers bots, insta comments app, and automatic like for Instagram) is more important than the others. These are the guaranteed way of attracting Instagram followers. So, make sure you do not overlook them easily.

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