Top 15 Samsung monitor to buy in 2024 (For Any Purpose)

If you want to purchase the best computer monitor, it is unlikely to ignore the Samsung brand. The brand has been in the electronics industry for an extended period, and it has a reputation as one of the best companies for producing high-quality electronics, including monitors.

Samsung smart monitors stand out from their competitors as a result of their universal design, reliable technical specs, high-quality material construction, etc. They are on par with top-shelf LED monitors out there. You can also find the best display in the affordable budget category that offers advanced features that enable you to enjoy your gaming and watching sessions. See for yourselves how it stacks against the best monitors under 200 bucks here or the ones under 500 dollars which are still considered inexpensive.

As such, getting a screen from the giant brand will be a big plus. But, with so many displays under the brand’s name in the market, it is hard to find the best. That is why we list the Top 15 Samsung monitors to buy in 2022 in this article.

Why to choose a Samsung monitor?

The Samsung monitor screen is distinguished by its excellent image quality. With 3840 x 2160 4K resolution, you can expect the most realistic graphics. Additionally, AMD Free Sync, 60Hz refresh rate, and 4ms response time eliminate any ghosting, blurring, and screen tearing. Samsung’s new series of High-Resolution monitors are designed around the rich viewing experience of 4K. These screens’ optimized visual technologies and ergonomic features also increase comfort, particularly helpful for long workdays.

The following 7 features make Samsung monitors a good choice:

1.       Decreased eye fatigue in Samsung smart monitor

2.       Optimized visual experiences in Samsung smart monitor

3.       Eco mode for power savings in Samsung smart monitor

4.       Innovative ergonomics

5.       Optimal workspace

6.       Enhanced colors

7.       Quick input switch

Top 10 Samsung monitors to buy

In the following list you can find the Top 10 Samsung monitors (Samsung smart monitors) to buy:

  • SAMSUNG 32-Inch Odyssey G5 Gaming Monitor

  • SAMSUNG Business S22R350FHN Monitor

  • SAMSUNG LC27F398FWNXZA 27 Inch Curved LED MonitorBest price

  • Samsung 27-Inch CJG56

  • SAMSUNG LC24F396FHNXZA 23.5″ FHD Curved LED-Lit FreeSync Monitor

  • Samsung Business FT452 Series 24 inch 1080p 75Hz IPS Computer Monitor

  • Samsung 32 inch UJ59 4k monitor

  • Samsung Odyssey G3 LF27G35TFWNXZA

  • Samsung Flip 2 WM55R 55 Inch Digital Flipchart for Business 4KBest expensive

  • SAMSUNG T350 Series 22-Inch FHD 1080p Computer MonitorBest overall

1. SAMSUNG 32-Inch Odyssey G5 Gaming Monitor (Samsung smart monitor)

If you desire an unmatched immersive experience while playing your favorite video game, look no further than the Samsung smart monitor: Odyssey Gaming. The curved feature of the monitor matches the human eye’s curvature, wrapping everything around you for a comfortable viewing experience. This Samsung Odyssey 1000R 32-inch screen revolutionizes your gaming sessions by delivering lifelike images. With the WQHD 1440p resolution, the display boasts 1.7 times the pixels in a full HD monitor. Thus, you enjoy pin-sharp pictures and incredible clarity of details. Additionally, experience more than double your frame production with the 144Hz refresh rate by the Odyssey 32-inch monitor. The rapid refresh rate guarantees the smoothest transition of images for a more lifelike experience. If you are an eSports professional, time is of the essence. A mere second could determine whether you win or lose. With the 1 ms response time, you receive all information about the game as fast as possible. The smooth transition is enhanced by the AMD freesync premium that features adaptive sync technology, which reduces stuttering, screen tearing, and input latency. With the HDR10 graphics, you enjoy better contrast between the luminous whites and dark blacks to help you uncover the enemy hiding in the dark corners.


  • An outstanding higher resolution that offers the best image clarity
  • AMD freesync eliminates screen tearing
  • 144Hz refresh rate eliminates image blurs
  • 1 ms response time contributes to smoother transitions


  • The cables may not match the premium monitor

2. SAMSUNG Business S22R350FHN Monitor

If you get the Samsung Business S22R350FHN Monitor, you stand out from everybody else in the office. The monitor features a sleek and elegant ultra-thin bezel design that adds a touch of beauty and class to your desk. Additionally, the tilt-adjustable stand allows you to achieve an ideal and comfortable setup, while the VESA mount enables you to secure it on the wall. The 1920 x 1080 resolution and IPS panel delivers incredible color accuracy and crisp images. You also enjoy wide viewing angles with quality images from a different viewing perspective.

If you have other devices and peripherals that you wish to connect, the Samsung gaming monitor makes it possible with its versatile connectivity options. You can connect the devices using the HDMI and VGA ports to enjoy great eSports performance. The 21.8-inch screen is ideal for working, watching movies, or eSports for long hours. With its flicker-free technology and eye saver mode, your eyes are safe from fatigue, strain, and irritation. Besides the accurate color reproduction, the Samsung computer monitor also helps you enjoy fast action games with no delay. The 75Hz refresh rate ensures a smooth transition of pictures, eliminating blurs and ghosting. Additionally, the AMD Radeon freesync keeps the refresh rate and the monitor’s graphics card in sync. Therefore, you can enjoy watching the games with no interruptions. It also features ideal game settings. The optimal color settings and image contrast help you to see scenes more vividly, and it becomes effortless to see enemies hiding in dark areas.


  • Extensive viewing angles
  • Optimal image contrast delivers vivid graphics
  • AMD free sync ensures smooth transitions of pictures for an immersive gaming performance
  • Versatile connectivity options
  • Extensive viewing angles irrespective of viewing position


  • Could do better with an audio jack and an extra HDMI

3. SAMSUNG LC27F398FWNXZA 27 Inch Curved LED Monitor

The Samsung curved monitors are ideal for professional gamers and beginners due to their easy setup process. Plus, the 1800R curvature offers an immersive gaming experience. The full HD 1080p resolution and wide color gamut result in perfect color reproduction. As such, you end up with accurate pictures with incredible clarity in detail. The 60Hz refresh rate and AMD freesync eliminate blurry pictures for a smooth experience. The 27-inch screen ensures you get a wide variety of viewing perspectives with incredible picture quality from any angle.

This Samsung 27-inch monitor is compatible with Windows 10, and you can connect external speakers using the audio/headphones jack. The ultra-slim design saves your desk space and also makes it look elegant.


  • Brilliant picture quality for a lifelike experience
  • Ultra-slim design makes it elegant
  • AMD free sync and refresh rate eliminates blurry pictures
  • Easy setup process


  • 60Hz refresh rate is a bit low

4.  Samsung 27-Inch CJG56

The Samsung CJG56 is a decent 1440p Curved Gaming Monitor. It has a great refresh rate and outstanding low input lag, great for gaming. The VA panel delivers deep blacks, can get bright enough for most rooms, and reflections are reduced significantly, so there shouldn’t be any issues using it in a bright room. Unfortunately, this monitor doesn’t support any of the variable refresh rate technologies, and the image degrades when viewed at an angle. It also has poor black uniformity and a fixed stand that can make the monitor difficult to place in an ideal viewing position.


  • Power-efficient; saves you from paying high electricity bills
  • Elegant and sleek design
  • Screen split enables multitasking
  • AMD freesync and 1 ms response time deliver clear and crisp graphics


  • Fixed stand with very basic ergonomics·     
  • Image degrades when viewed at an angle

5. SAMSUNG LC24F396FHNXZA 23.5″ FHD Curved LED-Lit FreeSync Monitor

This Samsung gaming monitor features an LCD display technology and a 3000:1 contrast ratio that offers bright whites and deep blacks. With the 1800R curvature design, the curved monitor wraps the content close to you for a more immersive experience. Additionally, the Samsung computer monitor optimizes your viewing comfort by reducing flickers and blue light emissions. Thus, you can use the monitor for an extended period.

The AMD freesync reduces input latency and eliminates display tearing and stuttering, ensuring you enjoy an incredible eSports experience. The 4 ms response time also provides a smooth eSports performance. It also features a black body metallic finish with sleek curves, which makes it a worthy addition to your office or home desk. With the 23.5-inch display, the Samsung computer monitor offers you extensive viewing angles with incredible picture quality.


  • The black metallic finish gives it a sleek and elegant look
  • Extensive viewing angles with incredible picture quality
  • 1800R curvature design brings everything close to your eyes for a more immersive experience
  • AMD free sync reduces input latency


  • No USB port to connect USB devices

6. Samsung Business FT452 Series 24 inch 1080p 75Hz IPS Computer Monitor

This Samsung monitor comes with a 1920 x 1080 resolution, and an IPS panel to offer wide viewing angles and stunning graphics. Due to its flexible stand, you can adjust the height, tilt, swivel, and pivot the stand to achieve your ideal viewing position for comfort. It is VESA compatible, allowing you to secure the Samsung gaming monitors on the wall for security purposes. It also features flexible connectivity options with DisplayPort and HDMI ports. Additionally, it comes with a USB hub with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports to connect your USB peripherals. Plus, the eye saver mode and flicker-free technology protect your eyes from damage. The Samsung screen also boasts of an easy setup process, and ultra-thin bezels for a seamless multi-monitor setup.


  • Sleek and elegant design
  • High-quality graphics
  • Kind on your eyes with the eye saver mode
  • Versatile connectivity, including a USB hub


  • You may experience some backlight leaking

7. Samsung 32 inch UJ59 4k monitor

The Samsung monitor screen stands out for delivering outstanding picture quality. With the 3840 x 2160 4K resolution, you can expect the most realistic graphics. Additionally, the AMD free sync, 60Hz refresh rate, and 4 ms response time eliminate any ghosting, blur, and screen tearing. Therefore, you get to enjoy smooth gaming experiences in the comfort of your home. If you want a monitor that’s capable of multitasking, this model is a perfect pick. It features a screen split feature with a picture-by-picture function that enhances your productivity. It is also safe for your eyes due to the flicker-free feature and eye saver mode that reduces blue light emission. You can also connect multiple devices, and it is compatible with various operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS. The Samsung monitor screen is also compatible with Xbox and PS4, improving your eSports activities.


  • Versatile connectivity
  • 1 billion colors offer lifelike pictures
  • Perfect for multitasking
  • Sleek design


  • It could perform better with a faster refresh rate

8. Samsung Odyssey G3 LF27G35TFWNXZA

This Samsung monitor is a good entry-level gaming monitor. Samsung Odyssey G3 is the only flat monitor from Samsung’s Odyssey lineup, and while it has similar features to the higher-end models, it performs quite differently. It has a 1080p resolution that may be good enough for most gamers, but that means it’s not very versatile for other uses as text looks a bit blurry. It has a 144Hz refresh rate with native FreeSync variable refresh rate (VRR) support for gaming. Sadly, it has a slow response time that makes motion look blurry, and there’s noticeable smearing, which can be distracting. It has a VA panel with a high native contrast ratio to display deep blacks, but that means it has narrow viewing angles as the image looks darker when viewing from the side.


  • ergonomic
  • 144Hz refresh rate and VRR support
  • High N/C ratio


  • Motion blur and smearing

9. Samsung Flip 2 WM55R 55 Inch Digital Flipchart for Business 4K UHD

This model is a versatile, portable Samsung Flip 2 55″ digital flipchart. With features that greatly enhance today’s fast-paced and digital-centric workflow, the Samsung Flip 2 allows teams to hold and recap meetings with incredible ease. It drives greater collaboration, expands presentation capabilities, and is ideal for all types of meetings, training or group brainstorming. Go far beyond paper and markers and further with the Samsung Flip 2. 55” 4K UHD digital flipchart with a smooth and familiar pen-to-paper-like writing experience for making meetings and brainstorms more productive.

Touch-out functionality allows users to sync their personal devices with the Samsung Flip for real-time content sharing and control. Stores your meeting securely, then lets you share all the notes via email, network, thumb drive or even printouts if you want. The slim stand offers increased working space in front of the display and more convenient ways to position and store than previous models.


  • Built-in WiFi
  • Built-in Speakers
  • Seamless switching between landscape and portrait orientations


  • Price is not affordable

10. SAMSUNG T350 Series 22-Inch FHD 1080p Computer Monitor

This model of Samsung smart monitor has s minimalist design with maximum concentration. The 3-sided borderless display brings a clean and modern aesthetic to any working environment. In a multi-monitor setup, the displays line up seamlessly for a virtually gapless view without distractions. AMD Radeon FreeSync keeps your monitor and graphics card refresh rate in sync to reduce image tearing. Watch movies and play games without any interruptions. Even fast scenes look seamless and smooth. The 75Hz refresh rate delivers more fluid scenes. Whether you’re catching up on your favorite TV drama, watching a video, or playing a game, your entertainment has no lag or ghosting effect. Ideal game settings instantly give you the edge. Get optimal color and image contrast to see scenes more vividly and spot enemies hiding in the dark. Game Mode adjusts any game to fill your screen with every detail in view. The advanced eye comfort technology reduces eye strain for less strenuous extended computing. Flicker-Free technology continuously removes tiring and irritating screen flicker, while Eye Saver Mode minimizes emitted blue light.


  • Wide viewing angles.
  • Great ergonomics.
  • Large screen and high resolution


  • The stand does not adjust well

What is a Samsung curved monitor?

Basically, the shape of the screens permits our eyes to take in everything simultaneously, without strain. This comes contrary to level screens, which, contingent upon the size, may cause eye fatigue on the off chance that the screen surpasses a watcher’s normal field of view. The Samsung Odyssey model is the best curved super ultra-wide Samsung smart monitor we’ve tested. It’s a high-end monitor with many features and excellent gaming performance. It has an extremely aggressive 1000R curve, which delivers a far more immersive gaming experience, but it can take some time to get used to.

Because of the geometry engaged with its shape, a curved screen will deplorably be inclined to glare, when seen at specific points. When contrasted with a level screen, which tasks light at a solitary uniform point, bent screens will do as such at innumerable numbers.

In view of that, while it is not difficult to get light sources far from a solitary point, it might turn out to be near unimaginable while managing quite a large number. The most effective way to alleviate this issue is to put the screen away from whatever number light sources as could be expected under the circumstances. Or on the other hand, essentially utilizing your screen with most lights switched off.

Top 3 Samsung curved monitors

Curved monitors are growing in popularity, as some of the top gaming monitors have aggressive curves. One reason is that as monitors have increased in size, it has become difficult to maintain an accurate image across the screen when sitting up close. Curved monitors were one solution that monitor manufacturers came up with: a gentle curve brings the edges of the screen into your field of view, meaning the image remains sharp and uniform even if you’re sitting close to a large screen. There are many types of curves, from subtle to aggressive, and a monitor curve is defined by the radius of the curve if it forms a complete circle.

Below you will find the top 3 Samsung curved monitors:

  • Samsung monitor curved: LC32G75TQSNXZA

  • Samsung monitor curved: Odyssey Neo G9

  • SAMSUNG UR59 Series 32-Inch 4K UHD (3840×2160) Computer Curved Monitor

1. Samsung monitor curved: LC32G75TQSNXZA

This Samsung curved monitor is an amazing gaming monitor overall, with a high 240Hz refresh rate and an outstanding response time that results in clear motion with very little blur. It has incredibly low input lag, and it supports both FreeSync and G-SYNC compatible variable refresh rate (VRR) technology, resulting in a nearly tear-free gaming experience.

The Samsung LC32G75TQSNXZA is available either in a 27 or 32-inch size and performs very well for a wide variety of uses. We tested the 32-inch model, and the 27-inch version should perform the same. It has very good picture quality thanks to its 1440p resolution, with good out-of-the-box color accuracy and an outstanding SDR color gamut. It also feels very well-built, but its aggressive 1000R curve might take you some time to get used to.

Unfortunately, the viewing angles are pretty narrow, so you quickly lose image accuracy when viewing from the side. There are some issues while gaming, like flickering with VRR enabled and VRR not working with the refresh rate set to 60Hz, but these problems depend on the content, so you might not experience it. It has high peak brightness and good reflection handling if you want to place it in a bright room.


  • Outstanding response time
  • Native FreeSync support and its G-SYNC compatible
  • Great contrast ratio
  • Incredibly low input lag


  • Narrow viewing angles
  • Problems with 60Hz VRR

2. Samsung monitor curved: Odyssey Neo G9

This Samsung curved monitor is a high-end monitor with many features and excellent gaming performance. It has an extremely aggressive 1000R curve, which delivers a far more immersive gaming experience, but it can take some time to get used to. The 5120×1440 screen and 32:9 aspect ratio is the equivalent of placing two 27-inch, 1440p monitors next to each other, providing you enough space to multitask or play atmospheric games.

It has a 240Hz refresh rate that you can achieve using a DisplayPort connection. It supports FreeSync natively, and it’s certified by NVIDIA to be G-SYNC compatible. You can also reach 144Hz over HDMI with an HDMI 2.1 source. Input lag is low, especially if you’re playing at its max refresh rate. It has a quick response time, but there’s significant overshoot, which causes some motion artifacts. The stand-out feature of this monitor is the Mini LED backlighting, providing greater control over the full-array local dimming feature and allowing it to get very bright.

Unfortunately, unless you update it to the latest firmware, there are HDR issues when content looks over-brightened.


  • 240Hz refresh rate with FreeSync support and G-SYNC compatibility
  • HDMI 2.1 inputs
  • Great contrast and good Mini LED local dimming for deep blacks
  • Good motion handling


  • Exaggerated screen curve makes it hard to share screen
  • Issues with VRR at 60Hz

3. SAMSUNG UR59 Series 32-Inch 4K UHD (3840×2160) Computer Curved Monitor

This model is a decent 32 inch 4k monitor. It offers decent image quality with very good natural contrast ratio and decent black uniformity. It supports FreeSync VRR and has an excellent response time. Unfortunately, it can’t get too bright to overcome glare in a bright room, and the image is weak when viewed at an angle. It also has a fixed stand that can only be tilted, so you may not be able to position it in an ideal viewing position.


  • outstanding pictures
  • Calibration Accuracy
  • well-made built
  • Effective curvature


  • Frustrating peak splendor
  • Horrible ergonomics

What is a Samsung gaming monitor?

A good monitor is valuable for every user, and for gamers, the importance of a monitor is no less than that of a graphics card. It is not even bad to spend part of the cost of the graphics card to buy a monitor that has minimum gaming features and to reduce the graphic details a little to solve the problem of the speed of running games.

These days, the variety of gaming monitors such as Samsung gaming monitors has increased. Some have a high resolution like 4K, some have a very high-quality IPS panel, and some have a curved panel. All these things can be useful or harmful depending on the taste of the gamer and their goal. For example, if we prioritize a higher resolution, we may not be able to afford a graphics card that is suitable for this resolution.

The size of the screen, which is actually the diameter of the monitor in inches, should not be small. The big monitor makes the gamer feel more immersed in the game. Especially if the monitor is curved and covers more of the person’s viewing angle. Therefore, get a monitor with a relatively large diameter and note that the price of large monitors is higher.

But wait! Even if you don’t have a budget, you shouldn’t buy a huge monitor. For games, you should not use a monitor with a very large diameter such as 42 inches. In fact, this giant monitor is a TV and the gamer must sit at a distance of more than 1 meter and start playing. Naturally, someone sitting at a distance of 1 meter can hardly see the menus, texts, and small icons. In addition, it is not always possible to find the necessary space and a good place to place giant monitors.

The refresh rate of the gaming monitor should be high so that the movements look smoother. Therefore, in recent years, monitors with a refresh rate higher than 60 Hz have increased. The usual refresh rate in the article of the best gaming monitors is 144 Hz, and of course, products with a refresh rate of 200 Hz have also been introduced, which seems too fast!

Top 3 Samsung gaming monitors

Top gaming monitors are not rare in the market and Samsung is among those companies that produce outstanding gaming monitors. In addition to Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 which is the top one, there are 3 other good-for-gaming monitors that are introduced here:

  • SAMSUNG 27″ Odyssey G55A QHD 165Hz 1ms FreeSync Curved Gaming Monitor

  • Samsung CFG73 27″ 144Hz 1ms QLED Curved FreeSync Gaming Monitor (LC27FG73FQNXZA)

  • Samsung 27” Curved 1080p Full HD Ultra Slim Computer Monitor

1. SAMSUNG 27″ Odyssey G55A QHD 165Hz 1ms FreeSync Curved Gaming Monitor

With this model your game world is now strikingly changed. The resolution with a pixel density of 1.7 times that of Full HD displays images with extraordinary and clear details. By using Odyssey G55A a fuller view with more space to perform all actions in ready for you. With the curved shape, you have an effortlessly smooth gameplay. AMD FreeSync Premium features adaptive sync technology which reduces screen tearing, stutter, and input latency; Low framerate compensation ensures every scene flows seamlessly. The Odyssey G55A Gaming Monitor’s ergonomic design looks attractive in any desktop setting.


  • Large screen and high resolution
  • Good ergonomics


  • Limited Adobe RGB coverage
  • Low HDR peak brightness

2. Samsung CFG73 27″ 144Hz 1ms QLED Curved FreeSync Gaming Monitor (LC27FG73FQNXZA)

The Samsung CFG73 and the Samsung CF70 are two very popular gaming monitors. The CFG73 is simply the newer version with a revised foot stand and a software (Purple Artifact) fix. Both are 144Hz monitors with a response time of 1ms (MPRT – not GtG), a Full HD resolution, Freesync with a range of 70-144Hz and a curved Quantum Dot VA panel with solid blacks. This monitor, of course, doesn’t offer an HDR (High-Dynamic-Range) feature. At my Samsung CFG73 Review, the purple artifacts where fixed and even my Samsung CFG70 does not have purple artifacts since the package was already opened. So I assume that I got a unit which was sent back from another customer, probably because of purple artifacts, and fixed by Samsung. Strangely the Samsung CFG70 has less motion blur than the Samsung CFG73.


  • good response time for a VA panel type
  • good ergonomics withan improved foot stand


  • Pixel Inversion 
  • Fixed brightness settings in backlight

3. Samsung 27” Curved 1080p Full HD Ultra Slim Computer Monitor, AMD FreeSync, HDMI, VGA, 4ms, VESA Mountable, NLY HDMI Cable, White

This Samsung gaming monitor is an okay budget monitor with a 27-inch, 1080p VA screen that delivers impressive contrast, as expected. It also has excellent gray uniformity and decent black uniformity. It has no issue with glare, with good peak brightness and good reflection handling. It has an extremely high refresh rate, and it supports a few advanced gaming features, including variable refresh rate (VRR) support. Although mainly advertised as a gaming monitor, it’s not very well-suited for that use, as it has a bad response time, resulting in a significant blur behind fast-moving objects. We also encountered a few issues, including a distracting brightness flicker with some content when VRR is enabled, and the overdrive settings don’t appear to work correctly, as there’s very little difference between them. Unfortunately, it has bad ergonomics, with just a small tilt range, so it might be difficult to place it in an ideal viewing position, and the image degrades at an angle.


  • Good reflection handling
  • Superb color gamut
  • Excellent gray uniformity
  • Superb low input lag at the max refresh rate


  • Terrible response time.
  • Bad ergonomics
  • Some text clarity issues
  • Image degrades at an angle

Giant computer companies are always accompanied by wonderful options and competing prices, so let’s review one of the American manufacturers’ most famous representatives, the Dell XPS 15 touch screen version. This post is going to answer the basic questions about the Dell XPS 15 touch screen.

What we look for in a monitor?

Figuring out how to purchase a Samsung monitor curved for example is perhaps of the main thing you can do as an inventive. Your screen shows your activities from beginning to end, so you’ll need to purchase something that will do your plan or alter work equity. Prior to putting resources into another screen, consider which elements and specs are important to create your best work. Here we will be sharing the five most significant things you ought to consider prior to buying your new showcase. Knowing how to purchase a screen can represent the deciding moment your plan projects, so it pays to recognize:

1. Purpose

There are monitors for professional projects, gaming, and commercial/general use. Pay attention to the features and specifications because each of these monitor types offers something different. The monitor you choose may also depend in part on the device you want to connect it to. For example, we have a guide to the best MacBook Pro monitors.

2. Screen resolution

Screen resolution is the number of pixels a monitor can display. In other words, it’s the number of points you get horizontally and vertically. (For example, 1024 x 768 is 1024 pixels horizontally and 768 pixels vertically.) The higher the resolution, the better the image and the finer the details.

3. Features

Monitors may look similar, but the extra features in some models can set them apart from the competition. For example, you might find it helpful to compare a flat screen to a curved screen. Each offers a different viewing experience, but it mostly comes down to personal preference. The key here is to pay for what you need – not what you don’t.

4. Size

Large screens are ideal for graphic designers, digital illustrators, and photographers. Conventional monitors usually range from 15 inches to 30 inches – monitor size is measured diagonally. Ultra-wide monitors can be as large as 50 inches. In general, creatives will be fine with a monitor between 27 and 32 inches. Unless you’re editing multiple projects at once or doing some other kind of multitasking, anything larger than 32 inches is going to be overkill.

5. Budget

If you typically work with high-resolution images and are constantly switching between Adobe Suite tools, you’re probably looking for the best possible image to maximize color reproduction. But just know that a professional monitor will cost you more than most general/commercial monitors. One of the biggest factors that can affect the price is the size of the monitor itself. Dropping a few inches back can be significant savings. Just make sure you’re not going too small – you still want to be able to work on your creative projects easily and efficiently.

A lot of fashioners, artists, and picture takers utilize double screens for expanded everyday efficiency, particularly on the off chance that they’re working from a PC. Over the long run, the additional work you’ll finish by being more useful will take care of the expense of the additional equipment to say the least. Benefits incorporate the capacity to have numerous applications running all the while without continually limiting documents. For instance, your double screen arrangement could contain an HTML supervisor on one screen and the web program on the other. You could likewise go for the previously mentioned ultra-wide screen for a similar reason on the off chance that you have the space (and financial plan) to oblige it.

How do we test monitors?

When it comes to buying a second-hand Samsung monitor, the testing process is crucial. In order to be able to purchase the best products that the market has to offer, we must carefully test all monitors with care and attention.

Color Accuracy

Color accuracy is one of the most important tests you can do on a monitor. The color accuracy of your panel is critical when it comes to immersion and realism. Good color accuracy ensures that the image you see is not oversaturated or enhanced in any way – true to what the developer actually created.

Color Gamut

Color gamuts can be quite confusing, especially if you’re fairly new to monitor tech. Color gamuts are ranges of color that sit within the complete color spectrum. Samsung Monitor manufacturers use color gamuts to tell the buyer what range of colors the monitor can reproduce. During the calibration process of a monitor, the colorimeter will also record the Gamut volume and coverage of three major color gamuts – sRGB, DCI-P3, and Adobe RGB. It will give us a percentage of each and we can then extrapolate how accurate the monitor is for each of the color gamuts displayed.


Panel uniformity looks at luminance uniformity and color deviation across the face of your monitor. It’s important to test each monitor for panel uniformity as poor uniformity can diminish the viewing experience of certain scenarios – sporting events for example.

Testing panel uniformity utilizes software that splits your display in a grid, allowing you to use the center square as a reference and test the others based on that. After all sections of the monitor have been tested, the software generates a chart that shows us how far each of the individual squares deviates from the reference. In an ideal world, we want all the squares to be green – within the acceptable threshold for color and luminance deviation. Below are examples of good and bad panel uniformity.

Peak Brightness

Using the same colorimeter used for the tests above, we also like to test a monitor’s maximum brightness (brightness). Simply put, we increase the brightness of the monitor to its maximum potential and then record the displayed brightness in candelabra – a type of measurement used to determine how bright your panel is. This test is fairly important and lets us know if that particular Samsung monitor is good for bright room situations. It will be very difficult to use special monitors that cannot provide the right amount of brightness in bright rooms.

Reflections and Panel Coating

Whether you’re in the market for an ultra-wide curved monitor or just a standard 27-inch gaming monitor, panel coating and reflections are two very important factors to consider. The tests we run for this particular category are fairly rudimentary in concept. We simply use the monitor and position it where a strong light source is. Whilst this test isn’t overly scientific, it is a good way of quickly figuring out whether a panel coating is good for mitigating natural light.

Backlight Bleed

Backlighting bleeding can be disastrous on a monitor, especially on a Samsung gaming monitor. Even more so if you’re the type of person who likes to enjoy gaming in the dark and watching a lot of entertainment. Backlight bleed is when the light from the monitor’s backlight bleeds through the edges of your panel. The light that’s supposed to illuminate the pixels in the center is concentrated around the edges of the screen, making blacks appear jagged and uneven.

Viewing Angles

As with reflections, there is no scientific way to analyze whether a monitor’s viewing angle is good or bad. As you know, viewing angles are often determined by the panel technology used – with IPS winning over the alternatives. That said, as far as testing goes, we use a turntable to rotate the monitor and simply watch to see when the colors start to drift. The table provides the corresponding degrees and allows us to determine at what point the colors start to change. This is a great test for people who like to see their monitor from awkward angles, or who like to have multiple people around the same monitor at any given time.

 In conclusion

If you wish to purchase the best monitors like Samsung curved monitor for work, streaming, computer games, or watching movies, use our detailed review to make your choice. Ensure your Samsung monitor of choice offers the features you are looking for, and it should be within your budget.

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