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During the passing years, the crypto industry has been gaining so much attention. The adaptation and attention the crypto world has been gaining has lured a lot of people in. They have come with different objectives in mind. Some came to use this opportunity to make some money or to make a fortune for themselves. Some came to gain popularity or to teach the world what they already know. This article is about Altcoin Daily. Then, keep reading to learn what there is to know about this crypto channel.

No matter what their goal in mind is, they want to teach you about crypto. Some of them are scammers who want you to think that’s their objective though. Therefore, you should always be aware of who you’re taking financial advice. Though they may not be scammers and are just amateurs trying to look like professionals. Therefore, they will destroy your portfolio and assets without even knowing. There are also professionals who help you build up your portfolio and profit in the market. One of these professionals is the Altcoin Daily channel.

This article will explain what Altcoin Daily is and for what purposes it works. But before that, we must find out what an altcoin is. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in. 

What is an altcoin?

What does altcoin mean in Altcoin Daily?

By definition, Altcoin is short for alternative coin. And, that’s a really good name if you think about what it means. In short, an Altcoin is a cryptocurrency that isn’t Bitcoin. In the crypto industry, every token that isn’t Bitcoin is called an altcoin. Then, every token that isn’t Bitcoin is an altcoin. Therefore every coin in the crypto industry is an altcoin, minus one. 

What’s special about altcoins?

Altcoins are cryptocurrency tokens that aren’t bitcoin. Investing in altcoins has a very different destination from investing in bitcoin. Bitcoin usually owns between 40 to 70 percent of the whole crypto industry market cap. It means the bitcoin dominance is usually between 40 to 70 percent. Therefore bitcoin has already gained enough attention in the world. Yes, more and more people are joining the crypto community each day. And most of them buy bitcoin tokens, at least a portion of their portfolio. But other altcoins haven’t gained the attention they deserve. Therefore, altcoins have a lot of potentials and a lot of room to grow. 

What is Altcoin Daily?

Altcoin Daily is a name well known in the crypto industry. It’s very popular and loved as well, aside from being famous. Altcoin Daily is the name of a YouTube channel working as a blockchain influencer. Altcoin Daily also has a Twitter account that fans could follow and stay tuned for. 

Altcoin Daily

The Altcoin Daily was created somewhere in 2018. The Altcoin Daily founder, Aaron and Austin Arnold have started Altcoin Daily as a crypto guru channel working on YouTube. Aaron and Austin Arnold’s goal is to use altcoins to make more money to stack more bitcoins. Therefore their goal is to stack as much bitcoin as they can and help their fans do the same. 

The Altcoin Daily channel helps you find out about the altcoins in the crypto industry. By knowing new altcoins, you are exposed to new ideas and new opportunities. Altcoins haven’t yet gained the attention they desperately deserve. Therefore, there can come a time when altcoins gain more attention and thus, increase in price. Therefore, investing in altcoins can be very more promising and profitable than investing in Bitcoin.

Who is behind Altcoin Daily?

Aaron and Austin Arnold are behind Altcoin Daily creation and constant content creation. They have created Altcoin Daily to help people understand blockchain better. Therefore everyone who is new or a veteran of the crypto industry should follow their channel on YouTube. 


What is altcoin trading?

The word altcoin means any cryptocurrency that isn’t bitcoin. Altcoin trading refers to investing and trading on tokens that aren’t bitcoin tokens. Altcoin trading can be very more profitable than trading bitcoin. It’s because they haven’t yet reached their full potential. 

Is Bitcoin an altcoin?

Altcoin is short for alternative coin. The definition of altcoin is any coin that isn’t Bitcoin. Therefore, No. Bitcoin isn’t and cannot ever be an altcoin, as altcoin means literally any token that isn’t bitcoin. So any other coin in the whole crypto industry can and is an altcoin, but not Bitcoin. 

How do I invest in an altcoin?

Altcoin means coins that are alternatives to bitcoin. To invest in altcoins (or bitcoin for that matter) you must have an exchange account first. Therefore head down to the exchange landing page. Then, create an account and deposit money in your account to begin investing. After depositing money, choose an altcoin to buy and invest in.

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