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Does FTM have a future?

In this article, we will discuss the FTM coin and will explain what Fantom is and how it works. Then, we can better understand FTM and will talk about FTM price. We are mainly going to discuss FTM price and FTM price prediction. Then, read this article to learn about FTM and FTM price in the near future. 

Before we discuss FTM price, we should understand the FTM token in the first place. Then, we can decide if the FTM token has any value and if it’s good for investment. Reading Fantom price prediction can help you choose to invest in FTM or not. Then, keep reading this article to learn what there is to learn about the FTM coin and FTM price.

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What is Fantom (FTM)?

In this section, we will discuss what fantom network is and what FTM token is. In the next sections, we will discuss FTM price and will also offer Fantom price prediction. Then, read this section before jumping to the FTM crypto price and FTM coin price prediction.

In the crypto community, they refer to Fantom as the Ethereum killer. While the FTM price is much lower than ETH, they have a good reason for that. This is because Fantom aims to solve the crypto dilemma. Therefore, it strives to be fast, secure, and cheap simultaneously.

For example, Ethereum is secure but neither fast nor cheap. Fantom takes a chance to solve the crypto trilemma and beat Ethereum to it. It is basically a layer one distributed blockchain that uses DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) to allow the deployment of smart contracts. 

Is FTM crypto a good investment? 

In this section of the article we want to discuss if FTM is a good investment for you. Then, we will discuss whether the FTM price will increase in the future. 

Fundamentally, FTM is a great project with a unique mechanism that catches investors’ attention. In 2018, Fantom raised $40 million, which is a big number. Also, the FTM team seems to be working on the project, and the FTM price shows potential. 

Above, we discussed the FTM price and FTM price prediction fundamentally. You should know FTM before you can decide if FTM price will increase in the future or not. Then, in the next sections, we will offer FTM price prediction and FTM coin price, but not fundamentally. 

How much is the FTM coin price?

In this section of the article, we want to check out the FTM coin price. To find the FTM price, we will visit CoinMarketCap. In CoinMarketCap, look up FTM to find the coin info and FTM coin price. 

ftm price

In CoinMarketCap, you can see FTM price and other useful information about the FTM project. Aside from FTM coin price, you can also find FTM market cap and total token count, and circulating tokens. Now, scroll down, and you can find the FTM crypto price chart.

ftm price

This is the FTM price chart, and you can see the FTM crypto price chart in the last 24 hours. You can also change it to see the FTM crypto price in different time frames. You can find all kinds of various information about FTM aside from FTM crypto price.

Now that we discussed how to find FTM price, let’s get to our Fantom price prediction.

Fantom price prediction

In this article section, we will offer you FTM price prediction. Although, you should know that price prediction are sometimes not correct. Therefore, don’t base your whole analysis on a single FTM price prediction. Then, do your own research before you invest and analyze the FTM price. 

Now that we talked about all the basics let’s get to our FTM price prediction. 

How much will Fantom be worth?

As we also mentioned earlier in this article, FTM is a project worth investing in, and FTM price will increase. Then, we want to determine exactly how much the FTM crypto price will increase. Or, in other words, how much the FTM crypto price will be in the future.

Let’s begin our Fantom price prediction by discussing FTM price in 2030. Some analysts believe that the FTM price will increase to between $14 and $16. They believe that the FTM coin price can reach that high in only eight years. Of course, this Fantom price prediction can also be correct, but the FTM price can also reach higher by then.

To the point that some analysts believe that the FTM price can reach $100 in the next few years. That is another possibility, and the FTM price really has the potential to reach $100 in the coming years. Other Fantom price prediction aren’t that optimistic about the FTM price, though.

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