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What does NGMI mean?

There are phrases and words in the crypto world that newcomers should spend time and learn about. If they don’t understand those phrases, they can’t understand the topic and the subject. Therefore, to understand the news, analysis, and articles, they need to learn them. Then, in this article, we will discuss a phrase you might have seen before, NGMI.

First, we will discuss what the NGMI means and what it stands for. Then, we will discuss how you should use the NGMI word in the crypto community. After that, we will discuss what WAGMI stands for and what they mean by this phrase. 

Then, we will discuss how you can use WAGMI in the crypto world. Now, let’s get to our article to learn about NGMI and WAGMI crypto meaning. 

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What does NGMI mean?

NGMI is a word that is short for the phrase “Not Going to Make It.” They use the NGMI meaning to describe instances in the crypto community. They mostly use NGMI to describe a situation when someone has made a bad decision. For example, you can use NGMI, meaning when they sell an asset, it will increase in price.


You should be careful when you are using the NGMI meaning. This is because when you label someone NGMI, you are basically calling them losers. Therefore, you should use the NGMI phrase carefully. 

If you use the NGMI meaning in the crypto community, you will probably insult the person. You may use NGMI to label someone who believes that Bitcoin is not a good investment for you. Then, you need to be careful who you are calling the NGMI phrase. 

How to use NGMI?

The NGMI acronym says “Not Going to Make It.” They use NGMI as a word to discourage and insult someone who doesn’t believe in crypto. Therefore, you should know how people usually use NGMI.

When they use NGMI meaning, they want to refer to someone who doesn’t believe in crypto. In other words, the NGMI meaning is to call someone who doesn’t believe in crypto and NFT. 

Then, they use NGMI to label someone who doesn’t believe in crypto or NFT. Therefore, the NGMI meaning is to label someone a loser or a future loser. 

NGMI meme coin 

Crypto users use the NGMI acronym quite often on social platforms nowadays. To the point that they have created a token after the NGMI, meaning crypto. 

A bodybuilder YouTuber first used and defined NGMI, meaning crypto. He used the NGMI acronym to label a thing in his inspirational video. Then, the NGMI became famous and used NGMI, meaning crypto, in the community. 

After the crypto community adopted the NGMI acronym, a team developed an NGMI meme coin. Now there is a crypto token named after the NGMI phrase. This refers to the NGMI acronym that they use. There is a total of a billion NGMI tokens in the market.

What is WAGMI slang?

There is another slang in the community that is quite like NGMI, it’s WAGMI. The Crypto community uses the WAGMI phrase a lot, and you probably have seen it before.

In opposition to NGMI, they use WAGMI to build confidence in the community. 

What does WAGMI Stand for?

If you use Twitter and other crypto communities, you probably have already seen WAGMI. if you wonder what WAGMI crypto is, read this section to know the WAGMI crypto meaning. 

WAGMI is a word short for the phrase “We are All Going to Make It.” Then, they use the WAGMI word to build confidence amongst community members. Now, let’s discuss how to use the WAGMI crypto. 

How to use WAGMI

Like NGMI, we should also learn to use the WAGMI phrase. Then, you can know exactly how the users use WAGMI in communities like Twitter.

First, let’s discuss how the WAGMI phrase is opposite to the NGMI word. They use the NGMI phrase to discourage someone because they don’t believe in investing in crypto. But the WAGMI crypto users.

WAGMI crypto meaning is to say that We are All Going to Make It. Then, you will use WAGMI crypto to tell someone or a group of people that we all will succeed. Therefore, the WAGMI crypto meaning is in opposition to the NGMI phrase. 

The difference between NGMI and WAGMI 

It’s true that NGMI and WAGMI look like each other, but they do not mean the same thing. Let’s discuss the differences between NGMI and WAGMI crypto.

When you use the WAGMI word, you are trying to build confidence in someone. You are telling them that we are all going to make it. Therefore, you use the WAGMI phrase to tell someone that we will be successful. 

On the other hand, the NGMI has a different meaning. They use NGMI to label someone or some people as losers or who will become losers. This is because they use NGMI to label people who don’t think investing in crypto is a good financial decision. Then, the NGMI phrase is more of an insult and is different from WAGMI.

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