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What is Basic Attention Token (BAT)?

Basic Attention Token or BAT was developed by Brendan Eich, the founder of Mozilla and Firefox. The token was expanded to increase security, and justice and optimize digital advertising on the blockchain network. BAT is a native token of the Brave web browser written to Ethereum standards. In 2021, the development of the infrastructure of this project is still going on. However, the beta version of Brave browser is available for download. Since September 2021, more than 36.2 million active users and 12.5 million daily users have been registered for the Brave browser.

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As a digital currency and blockchain technology expands, companies are using new ways to use creative technology to solve problems. One of these challenges is the web-based advertising industry, for which the BAT token appears to be a major problem solver.

What is Basic Attention Token (BAT)?

The BAT token works according to the Ethereum standard and is based on the Brave browser. This token is used as the main cost of the Brave platform and several other reputable services. BAT can be used as transactions between users, advertisers, or advertising platforms. One of the primary purposes of making this token is to develop a unique feature called user attention in the digital advertising industry.

BAT token makers are looking to optimize advertising methods in the digital industry. Current trends are also known as the problems of users, manufacturers, and advertisers. Countless ads and trackers surround these users, and among these ads, there is a high probability of malware.

Older publishers see massive revenue declines and bankruptcies. Due to the growth of other platforms such as Google and Meta, which have taken over the market by reducing advertising prices and making users more targeted, they have suffered a negative trend. In addition, bots and malware can get worse every year, and platforms suffer a lot due to problems. Advertisers have also lost essential targeting methods and information and taken over the proprietary platforms of the entire market.

BAT developers believe they can track user interaction with digital ad content and store information in a distributed system. This option can create a more transparent, more valuable, and more robust platform for advertisers and publishers to reach their goal with the least and the best type of advertising. Publishers also see new sources. Advertisers can also better target based on user preferences and related documents. In this industry, malware scams and distributions are at their lowest ebb.

How Basic Attention Token (BAT) works?

BAT is a native token for the Brave browser. Brave is a secure open-source browser built to remove trackers, invasive cookies, and malware. The browser implements blockchain technology to make it much more confident and decentralized to engage users and their information. Finally, publishers are rewarded with this implementation.

User attention means that their focused interaction with digital content, such as advertising, is recorded in Brave. The creators of BAT ensure that user information security and tracking is stored only on the user’s device and is completely Anonymous.

Digital advertising publishers also receive a BAT token based on user attention. The more optimized and attractive their content gets more attention from the user, the more revenue they earn. At the same time, advertisers also experience a better return on investment. The Brave browser also implements anonymous user attention data to help advertisers better target and prevent scams.

BAT main features

The BAT token controls the entire network process. This coin is related to attention and is calculated based on the time rate and return pixels for each related advertising content. The BAT system will be used to check the quantity and activity of each user based on digital advertising in the future. The Brave browser also works to connect ads to target customers based on machine learning algorithms.

Brave platform users receive a BAT reward for participating in the project. The token can be used in other services in Brave. Publishers also get an individual subscription called the lion’s share, which, of course, it is not clear what features it still has.

Security systems have been developed with cryptographic encryption in the Brave browser and the BAT platform to prevent the creation and dissemination of counterfeit content and malware and maintain client-side integrity and transparency.


The BAT token received more than $ 24 million in an initial public offering, and the token peaked at $ 1.52 in 2021. There are currently 1.49 billion BAT tokens in circulation, up from 1.5 billion tokens.

Most publishers and developers are now turning to the Brave browser and the BAT platform system to attract more targeted users and more effective advertising. This platform has a very bright future in the digital content industry.

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