Portfolio Recovery: What is it, and how to win it?

All of us may have experienced a set of moments in which big money is required for our life missions, and we have no choice but to encounter debt collectors one day. The situation narrated here can get even worse when most debt collection companies are not able to prove their case at all, coming with a lawsuit in which “you” have to obey the obligations just written by the company, not the federal law.

portfolio recovery phone number

If you have such an experience throughout your life, we are going to expand on what is already happening inside one of the giants in the debt collection industry in Florida, Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC. The article which you have decided to read has the answers to these questions;

  • What is Portfolio Recovery Associates?
  • Is Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC a Legit Company?
  • How to Win a Portfolio Recovery Associates Debt Lawsuit?
  • How to pay Portfolio Recovery?
  • What are Portfolio Recovery reviews?
  • Portfolio Recovery phone number
  • Why is Portfolio Recovery calling me?

What is Portfolio Recovery Associates, and what does it do?

As one of the biggest debt collection companies in the United States and founded in 1996, Portfolio Recovery is the association that most Floridians know about it. Although it seems like a tattooed bandit on the corner of the street, Portfolio Recovery is likely any other debt collection company you can find in the United States; they purchase debts from banks, creditors, hospitals, and other households.

If you also want to join the people paying to Portfolio Recovery, you have to investigate these items before any action;

  1. The name of the creditor on the letter and the amount of written debt.
  2. Note that the collector will assume the debt is valid unless you, as the consumer, send PRA a Debt Validation Letter within 30 days or less. If you have sent the letter to Portfolio Recovery, make sure they have responded to you by mailing validation of the debt.
  3. Furthermore, they need to mail you the name and address of the original creditor if your Debt Validation Letter has reached their office.

Is Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC a Legit Company?

Well, this is going to be a complex question because the term “legit” can have different meanings for any person.

As you know, data collection companies such as Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC can have an aggressive or even abusive methods to overcome their customers. In some cases, we better say their “preys.” The point here is that some data collection companies trying to threaten you or control your sensations are just professional “scams” designed for fraudulent activities.

However, Portfolio Recovery is a legitimate company with some illegal and ungenerous tactics to get as much as they can from their customers. So is Portfolio Associates LLC a legit company? Yes, it is.

portfolio recovery associates

How to Win a Portfolio Recovery Associates Debt Lawsuit?

Beating a giant company like Portfolio Recovery Associates resembles killing a red dragon in the 14th-century stronghold; a breakneck decision but nostalgic enough to do it. In some cases, you may not have enough time to request debt validation before Portfolio Recovery Associates files a lawsuit against you. If this happens, you have no choice but to “answer” the lawsuit in a tricky and strategic way. But before drawing your plan to beat Portfolio Recovery with your lawyer, take these tips to reach more success rate in the future;

  1. Never take the battle to the last minutes

Remember that you have only 10 to 30 days to file an answer to a lawsuit, depending upon the State in which you are located. As a result, make sure you have enough speed to do your paperwork before D-day at the court.

  1. You should never continue paying when you have a complaint

I have heard some guys are still in the line to pay what Portfolio Recovery has settled legally or not. Since you are the plaintiff, you should stop making payments and write a letter to the debt collector stating the reason why you have to pay “that much.”

  1. Never choose the vagueness in your letter and while at court

Note that your Answer to Portfolio Recovery Associates’ Complaint should be compendious and only contain the necessary points. All you need to do is “admit” or “deny” the facts stated in the Complaint. Opening a narration session in the latter is a pernicious poison for your situation.

  1. Forgetting to demand proof

Some customers only obeyed the current condition and went through the plan to pay the rest of the credit to Portfolio Recovery Associates without even asking for proof of their mentioned request. Since Portfolio Recovery can sometimes be categorized under the “bluffers” title, always demand proof or validation for the money they say you owe.

  1. Answering the debt collector by phone

Calling a debt collector can be an excellent idea when you are at peace with your agency, not now!!! If you want to protect your rights in court, all explanations and responses should be in the written mode.

How to pay portfolio recovery associates?

If you think the function of Portfolio Recovery is much more valuable than paying a penny in your dream, then you can pay Portfolio Recovery Associates by two methods here;

  1. Pay by phone: for those traditional guys like me, calling an Account Representative toll-free at 1-800-772-1413 can be a cozy idea. To increase your success rate, it is better to call Portfolio Recovery through the mentioned hours below;
  • Monday to Friday 8 am – 11 pm EST
  • Saturday 8 am – 8 pm EST
  • Sunday 11 am – 10 pm EST
  1. Pay online: you can also pay Portfolio Recovery online, make a payment, and view your account information from any device at
  2. By mail: the third method and the most time-wasting time is to send your checks and payments to this address;

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC

PO Box 12914

Norfolk, VA 23541

What percentage will Portfolio Recovery settle for?

That is a great question at a great time; for most lenders, the settlement percentage usually stands between 30% and 80%, so customers have to bear what has already been written on the paper in front of them.

In the case of Portfolio Recovery Associates, you have almost always enough time to start a negotiation about the settlement with them before, during, and after the lawsuit. Since Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC purchased your debt for less than 8% of its original value, it could be profitable if you settled to pay a percentage of the cost compared with other agencies.

Portfolio recovery reviews

Portfolio Recovery seems to be a traditional debt collection company, with plenty of cooperators and, of course, “more” than plenty of complaints throughout the country. In general speaking, most of the unhappy customers are complaining about Portfolio Recovery Associates for its aggressive and illegal techniques to get what they want.

As you see, being legitimate doesn’t collaterally mean being “trustful.” As I am already talking to you, more than 1400 complaints have been sent to offices because of Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC’s inappropriate and non-professional behavior. You can see a summarized list of Portfolio Recovery reviews on the internet;

  • “Even when you explain your debt due to financial abuse and give them your lawyer’s info, they continue to call and harass you.”
  • “I don’t know how anyone that works in Portfolio Recovery can sleep peacefully at night knowing that the fires of hell are waiting for them. Portfolio Recovery is definitely pure evil, and nobody would miss it if it were wiped off the face of the earth.”
  • “Make no mistake; these people are fraudsters who try to collect debts that are often not yours illegally.”
  • “Continued the harassment from this company to include incorrect amount reported to credit bureaus and harassing calls.”
  • “Portfolio Recovery illegally reports items to credit reports over 20 years old. The FCRA only allows debt to be reported for seven years. Portfolio Recovery isn’t interested in following the law.”

Portfolio recovery phone number

If you think Portfolio Recovery is still the company of interest despite its negative feedback from the population or just want to locate the headquarters for an excellent plan of headshot, you can use the Portfolio Recovery phone number and main office address here in order to boost the process you decide to launch;


Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC

120 Corporate Boulevard

Norfolk, VA 23502

Phone number:


How do I get rid of Portfolio Recovery?

Getting rid of Portfolio Recovery is always a challenging mission for most of us indeed. The main recommendation I can advise here is to get help from professionals, especially lawyers who have experience working with debt collection cases. More after, you may need to negotiate for a pay-for-delete agreement or make them prove the debt is yours.

Why is Portfolio Recovery calling me?

Portfolio Recovery usually calls the person who is the owner of the debt, at least from their opinion. If you are frustrated by their calls, even at night, you have to review the options you have to stop what is running now;

  1. Under the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) law, Portfolio Recovery cannot auto-dial or computer-dial if you haven’t given permission to PRA to call your mobile phone.
  2. Sending a cease and desist letter to Portfolio Recovery Associates can usually be a practical idea to stop their harassment method.
  3. If Portfolio Recovery is trying to contact you with third-party people like your siblings or spouse, you should use the FDCPA to sue PRA for this type of abuse.


Thank you for reading. Although fighting with Portfolio Recovery looks like a useless and time-wasting project, you have to defend your absolute rights if thinking they have been stolen from you. For getting additional information about the mission to combat Portfolio Recovery Associates, try getting advice from online or local lawyer agencies and explain your complete story to them.

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