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Snapchat Account Recovery: How to do it 2024?

When you are here, I guess you are a Snapchat user who needs to recover his account. It does not matter why you want to find the Snapchat recovery process of your account, whether you have forgotten your password or it is hacked into your Snapchat, we are here to help you. Keep reading until the end of this text and learn all points and tricks about Snapchat account recovery.

snapchat account recovery

Can we recover a Snapchat account?

First of all, I should state that one of the best Snapchat features is that it allows users to recover their lost accounts, no matter what the reason was. Whether you forgot your username and email, have not used your account for a while, or are hacked, there are different ways of Snapchat recovery, which you can read about in details below here.

How to do a snapchat account recovery?

As you read above, recovering Snapchat accounts is possible for all the users of this app. And here I should say that based on your occasion there are different ways you can use to make a successful Snapchat recovery, for example:

  • Reset the password in case you have forgotten it.
  • Using email address instead of your username when you can not remember your username.
  • Contact the support team if you think your account is stolen.
  • And finally using Snapchat account recovery tools

To know more about the details and process of doing each of these steps, do not miss the below paragraphs.

How to do a snapchat account recovery with no password?

One of the most common cases, in which a user wants to recover Snapchat account is when he or she has forgotten his password. If you are in this group, there is nothing to be worried about because you can simply reset your password by the following steps:

  • Open the snapchat app on your phone and choose “Log in”. 
  • Type your username or email, then select the “Forgot your password?” option.
snapchat account recovery
  • The app provides two options; recovering your account using your phone or email. 
  • If you choose the email option, you should enter your email ID address in an opened browser window, choose “Submit” and receive an email with the link to reset the password, where you should follow the stated instructions and reset the password. 
  • On the other hand, you can choose Snapchat recovery using your phone number. So, you need to enter your phone number, choose between using the message or call option to get the OTP, then enter the new password and simply recover Snapchat.

How to do a snapchat account recovery with no username/email?

In another situation, it might be a while since you have not used your Snapchat account, so now you cannot remember your username and look for a Snapchat account recovery method to help you. Snapchat provides a great feature in this case so that you can use your email address instead of your username. And if you also forget the used email address but still want to recover Snapchat, the only way is to make a list of all your email IDs and try them one by one. But as you know, that is such a time-consuming action, and if you would prefer to use a simpler and easier way, read the below paragraph.

snapchat account recovery

Is there any snapchat account recovery tool?

When your purpose is Snapchat recovery, but you can not remember your email or phone, the easiest way is to choose a recovery tool and solve the problem. Generally speaking, they are effective data recovery programs that help you to get back all your lost emails, messages, or deleted photos, videos, and all kinds of media files. And in the last paragraph, I will introduce some of the best Snapchat account recovery tools.

Best snapchat account recovery tool

And finally, in this paragraph, I want to talk about the top three Snapchat account recovery tools you can use to simply solve your data loss problems, such as:

  1. Snapchat recovery with Recoverit:

If you are looking for a useful tool to recover Snapchat email, password, deleted messages, and files on any device, Recoverit is the first option I want to introduce. This great data recovery app was first launched in 2003 by Wondershare and is not available for Mac and Windows. 

Recoverit features:

  • Easy to use
  • Free version to use
  • Supports more than 1000 file types and formats
  • 2000+ storage devices are supported
  • High recovery file quality and success rate
snapchat account recovery
  1. Snapchat recovery with Minitool:

The next recovery solution for Windows and macOS I want to introduce is Minitool. You can use it as a Snapchat recovery tool to find all types of lost data, such as files and documents, photos, videos, and audio. While this website does not provide many advantages and its user interface is outdated, people choose it because of its main features, such as:

  • Recover up to 1GB for free on Windows
  • Compatible with Windows and macOS
  • Competitive lifetime pricing
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  1. Snapchat recovery with Disk Drill Data Recovery:

If you have lost important data from your device, or need the best method for Snapchat account recovery, you can use Disk Drill Data Recovery as a free data recovery software and get all of it back fast. This option is one of the top alternatives for Recoverit and is also available for both Mac and Windows systems. 

 Disk Drill Data Recovery features:

  • Free data recovery of up to 500 MB
  • Data protection with Recovery Vault
  • Free byte-level backups of your storage media
  • Preview lost files before performing a recovery
  • Easily predict the successful recoverability of your files

By the way, as a snapchat user, the guide: “Best Snapchat Story Viewer” will help you know how to view snapchat stories privately.


How to Recover a Permanently Deleted Snapchat Account

Here, the best idea is to contact the Snapchat Support team, fill out the form and explain in which you need help.

What is the recovery code Snapchat?

This code is a helpful feature when you want to access your Snapchat account but you can not receive texts to the two-factor authentication number.

Tips for staying safe on Snapchat

To secure your Snapchat account and avoid such problems, it would be great to frequently update your email and number, enable two-factor authentication, or generate a recovery code.


In the above text, you read all details of how you can recover your Snapchat account by resetting your password, using the email address, or third-party tools. Also, there I have introduced some of the best tools, such as Recoverit. Now I want to ask you if they were helpful in your case. Also, we will be glad to hear about your successful or unsuccessful experiences with snapchat account recovery in the comments.

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