Everything about ladder life insurance (Reviews and Policies)

All of us have experienced moments in which we need a great helping hand from someone out of the hole, and sometimes we were deserved to reach it. These modern helpers -I mean, insurance companies- are now tasked to cover almost anything you can find on the planet, from your station car and your pet animals to the giants like oil carriers and luxury ships.

In this text, we are going to introduce a “lifesaver” insurance company and find an answer to these questions;

  • The definition of ladder life insurance
  • Ladder life insurance reviews
  • Ladder life insurance quotes
  • An efficient method to buy ladder life packages

What is ladder life insurance?

Ladder life is a novice insurance corporation founded in 2015 by Jack Dubie, Jamie Hale, Laura Hale, and Jeff Merkel in Palo Alto, California. The best feature of Ladder is its “life insurance,” which contains high-tech software technology to provide life insurance for customers and investors. With more than 38 million people covered and more than $37 billion in coverage, Ladder life insurance has beaten many of its rivals in the competition.

ladder life insurance

Ladder life insurance policies

Ladder life insurance policies are written under Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company, Allianz Life Insurance Company of New York, and Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America. However, you can see the Ladder’s supporting coverage in more than 50 states of the US. Two chapters of Ladder life insurance policies are too important, so we have explained them here;

  1. Term life insurance

Term life insurance is designated by Ladder to provide support for your family after you pass away. In this program, you are free to choose a 10-, 15-, 20-, 25-, or 30-year term and get coverage up to age 70. If you pass away throughout this term, your beneficiaries will receive a death benefit, and you can get up to $3 million in coverage without a medical exam. On the other hand, you will never receive a payout if you die after the policy ends.

  1. Riders

Riders are a kind of add-on option that help you customize your insurance strategy. Many life insurance companies offer riders that allow you to consider additional coverage for your children, educational grants, and waive premiums if you become disabled. Note that if you want to personalize your coverage with riders, Ladder life is not the right choice for your decision.

Ladder life insurance Pros

Ladder life is an insurance company full of good and positive features, which can tickle your appeal to register for their packages. The most significant advantages are;

  1. Up to $8 million in coverage

With ladder life, you are able to support your family from $100,000 as of the lowest margin up to $8 million at the peak.

  1. Almost no medical exam is required

Although there are many no-medical-exam life insurance providers better than ladder life, it comes to the top of the line when we consider the speed of the process as our criteria. Based on Ladder life policies, if you apply for $3 million in coverage or less, you will get a 100% digital process without any medical examination.

  1. Ladder life insurance quotes

Ladder life is one of the most flexible supporting companies when we go to the cashier. More after, you can easily step down your coverage or increase it at any time you want.

Ladder life insurance Cons

Like other companies, ladder life is not representative of Utopia, so we also have to weigh the disadvantages we can experience while applying for coverage. The main cons of Ladder life insurance are listed here;

  1. No riders are available

As previously explained, there are no riders in Ladder life, so you cannot customize your policy or have access to accelerated death benefits with Ladder Life Insurance.

  1. Age limit

Ladder life is sensitive to the age of customers trying to apply for the first time. In this case, you have to be 60 or younger to have permission to enter the related community. Moreover, you cannot choose a term that will run past age 70. If you’re 60 and applying for life insurance from Ladder, you will be limited to a 10-year term.

  1. Expensive term coverage

As I said, Ladder has a flexible payoff plan for its customers and appliers, but these people should also have a flexible money pocket to pay the Ladder life insurance quotes as well. Based on statistics, Ladder’s rates are almost higher than 90% of the other life insurance providers we collected quotes for.

  1. No conversion feature for the coverage term

Since Ladder Life doesn’t offer any permanent life insurance coverage, you have no choice but to convert your term coverage to whole life or universal life insurance policy later.

In the following sections, the Ladder life insurance reviews will be quickly skimmed.

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Ladder life insurance reviews

When we come to Ladder life insurance reviews, it can be like a nice yacht surfing on a blue ocean. Ladder life BBB rating is A+ for its reputation and customer experience. Due to plenty of positive feedback, Ladder life has gained a Trustpilot rating of 9, which is a great gift given by the customers.

Ladder life insurance AM Best Financial Rating is A, in which the company’s trustworthiness and value are appraised. Furthermore, Ladder life has partnered with an A+ rated insurance company, Allianz Life Insurance Corporation of New York, due to which customers see it as a reliable national insurance provider.

Ladder Life insurance coverage types

As you know, when it comes to life insurance, it pays to start as early as you can, like in your 20s. Getting life insurance is less expensive at this age because, generally, young adults are less at risk of bad health conditions. Therefore, premiums are typically higher for older individuals. Some factors are important in life insurance costs, such as Ladder life insurance quotes;

  • Age: the younger you are, the less expensive insurance you will get.
  • Gender: In this case, women have a longer life expectancy than men, so they often pay less for life insurance than men.
  • Health history: your past and present health level will be measured by the life insurance companies, and you will pay less if you are healthier.
  • Coverage amount: obviously, a higher coverage amount costs more for the customers.
  • Term: you have to pay more if you want to be covered for a longer-term.

For example, a $100,000 policy with a 10-year coverage has only to pay $9.55 per month ($1146 for the entire term). On the other side, a $500,000 policy with the same year of coverage is tasked to pay $17.25 per month (only $2070 for the whole term).

Ladder life insurance buying guide

Applying for an insurance plan from Ladder life is too straightforward; all you need is to visit on the internet, sign up if necessary, enter your basic information and family details, and finally choose the Ladder life insurance plan which you think is the best for you. You can see an option named “learn” on the top-right corner of the main screen, which is present to teach you the life insurance guide, as well as the “Laddering” feature and insurance calculating.

The black “Price Me” button will take you through a five-minute survey and get your information for further advice. More after, you can enjoy the “Laddering down” feature, which helps you calculate how much cash you will save by Laddering down once a year. For example, if you apply for a 10-year term with a coverage of $1 million coverage and pay monthly $300 as a premium, you can save a total of more than $8000 during the term. This will increase to more than $64000 for a 30-year, $3 million coverage with the same payoff plan.


Nowadays, having an insurance plan seems more crucial than getting a full-time job for your family. Therefore, according to the market size, many life insurance provider companies are working throughout the country, with various plans and prices.

To summarize what we talked about Ladder life, we can say that this is a great company for those seeking a high coverage term and wealthy enough to handle Ladder life insurance quotes. However, note that due to close national competition, today’s Ladder life position can be taken by any rival in the future.

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