Best Amazon Part Time Jobs? (How to get one?)

Are you looking for a part-time job? If so, it might be interesting to know that Amazon offers different kinds of part-time, flexible schedules, freelance, seasonal, and so on, and employs more than 1 million people from all over the world. Now, if you would like to know more about amazon part time jobs, keep reading. Here, I will guide you in details of an amazon part time job from home, and how you can find amazon job near me part time.

Does Amazon have part time jobs?

Yes, Amazon does have part time jobs. Amazon is a huge company with many different departments and functions, so there are always opportunities for part time work. You can search for Amazon part time jobs on their website or on job sites like The hours and days of work will vary depending on the position and the needs of the department, but there are usually plenty of part time jobs available. So if you’re looking for a part time job, Amazon is definitely a great option to consider!

Amazon Part Time Jobs

Best Amazon Part Time Bobs

The good news for those who look for part time amazon jobs is that they can choose their favorite job among a wide range of options. While if you search for amazon part time job work from home, you might find a limited number of options, they are still much more than other companies. Below you can read 20 examples of these jobs:

  1. Locker+ Customer Service Associate
  2. Sortation Center Warehouse Associate
  3. Grocery Warehouse Associate
  4. Locker+ Customer Service Associate
  5. Amazon Fresh Grocery Associate
  6. Fulfillment Center Warehouse Associate
  7. Delivery Station Warehouse Associate
  8. Sortation Center Warehouse Associate
  9. XL Warehouse Associate
  10. Sortation Center Warehouse Associate
  11. Air Associate
  12. Amazon DSP Delivery Associate
  13. Amazon Flex Delivery Partner
  14. Amazon Pharmacy
  15. Amazon Stores
  16. Senior Program Manager
  17. Salesforce Engineer
  18. Software Development Engineer
  19. Software Development Manager
  20. Technical support association

How can I start working with Amazon?

Before anything, you might like to know what the first step is, which is what I want to explain here. First, you have to start by searching among part time amazon jobs and find your favorite one. To make this level easier, you can go to the Amazon job search official page. There, you can choose to search for your favorite amazon part time job by applying filters, such as business categories, job categories, or keywords. After you find your favored amazon part time job work from home, tap on the “Apply Now” button next to the job title, and follow the directions on your screen. 

Amazon Part Time Jobs

How to get amazon part time jobs?

Now you might ask, what should I do when I find an amazon job near me part time? One of the most important points that you have to consider when you want to apply for an amazon part time job is that you do not need a resume. From the moment you click “Apply” to your first day on the job, you’ll need to: 

  • Job Application and Preview: You should complete the Amazon online application with some information about yourself. Then you will receive a 30-minute Virtual Job Preview at your email address.
  • Attend Office Hours: The next step is an in-person 20-minute Office Hours appointment.
  • Your First Day: The final step is when the first day of your job arrives, and you learn more about the important details and safety rules.

Amazon part time jobs salary

Another important point you have to consider when you want to choose your favorite job among the part time amazon jobs is salary. In general and based on information gathered from Amazon employe the calculated total pay for a part-time job at Amazon is $28 per hour. The estimated ground wage is $19/hour and there is an estimated overtime wage of $9/hour. But I must add that this amount will vary based on many options such as your chosen career field, location, your expertise, etc.

Amazon part time jobs for students

If you are a student and like to work in amazon part time jobs while you are studying, you can search for your favorite work position on Amazon Student Programs webpage. Generally speaking, you can find different part time amazon jobs as a student among internship opportunities for students, operations student opportunities, specialized AWS opportunities. Some examples of these jobs are like:

  1. Working Student (Werkstudent) Solutions Architecture
  2. Senior Customer Solutions Manager – Global Telco
  3. Enterprise Technologist, WW Principal Technologists
  4. Senior Partner Solutions Architect, Global Partners, Iberia
  5. Professional Services Intern, Amazon Web Services
  6. Amazon Working Student Accounting – DE
  7. Customer Support Associate with Italian, AbeBooks Customer Support
  8. Executive Assistant
  9. Working Student Amazon Web Services
  10. Marketing & Advertising Sales Manager – Financial Services, Non-Endemics


  • Where to find amazon part time jobs near me?

If you are wondering if I can find an amazon job near me part time, I have to say yes that is easy. Just go to the Amazon site hiring page, and tap on the blue icon “search jobs near you”. Then you have to answer 5 questions about your location, and then the site will automatically suggest the amazon part time job work from home near your location.

  • Is easy to get a job at Amazon?

It is not easy to get a job at Amazon. The company is notoriously selective when it comes to hiring, and the competition for positions is fierce. However, there are a few things that candidates can do to improve their chances of being hired by Amazon. Firstly, they should research the company thoroughly and make sure they are a good fit for the culture and values. Secondly, they should have a strong resume and cover letter that showcases their skills and experience. Finally, they should be prepared for the interview process, which can be extensive and challenging.


If you are a student or an educated person who is looking for a part-time job, the above text might be interesting for you. There, I have introduced the best part time amazon jobs, how you can find amazon part time jobs, and what you need to get an amazon part time job work from home. Also, I have explained the process of finding an amazon job near me part time.

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