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Top Social Media Essay Topics for Foreign Students

Social media is all around us, whether we browse our news feeds, look for people to network with, or products to buy. Students are quite fond of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, so it’s no wonder they’re popular as essay topics. Based on published findings, 45% of teachers agree that social media enhances students’ learning experience, with 93% of schools using Facebook for marketing.

Most importantly, social media platforms provide a haven for foreign students to communicate online with their classmates and colleagues. Whether you’re a junior looking for inspiration or a senior about to start their own social media business account, here are the best essay topics to explore. Likewise, what are the benefits of focusing on these topics as a foreign student abroad?

Perks of Writing About Social Media Essay Topics for Foreign Students

Why write about social media in your student essay? After all, there are many other topics you could choose from which are more academic. Social media has undoubtedly become an indispensable tool for students in enhancing their creativity, especially when it comes to paper writing.

You can write social media essay topics from numerous perspectives, compare different platforms, and research their effects on people. As a foreign student, you can also write about the correlation of social media in your home country. Get in touch with a translation services agency to help you translate and rewrite your essay before handing it in. Here’s why social media essay topics are worth your time:

  • Learn more about trending social media platforms through research
  • Write about a trending and engaging topic compared to traditional academic topics
  • Stand out from your classmates by exploring creative new topics no one wrote about before
  • Find out how to best utilize social media platforms and stay safe online while doing so
  • Develop an in-depth interest and pursue a career related to social media

Social Media Topics for Foreign Student Essays to Consider

  1. Social Media through Age of Constant Interconnectivity
  2. Social Media and Making New Friends
  3. Social Media Viewed Through the Role in Finding Work
  4. Social Media and Personal Connections
  5. Cyberbullying on Social Media
  6. Social Media Vs Traditional Communication Channels
  7. Living Without Social Media
  8. Privacy or Lack Thereof through Social Media
  9. Impact of Social Media based on Familial Relations
  10. Fake News via Social Media
  11. Cancel Culture and Social Media
  12. FOMO Marketing on Social Media
  13. Parent Control of Children’s Social Media Activities
  14. Good and Bad of Social Media
  15. Social Media as a Tool for Foreign Students to Bond
  16. How Would the World Without Social Media Look Like?
  17. Facebook Vs TikTok – Which Social Media Platform is Better?
  18. Procrastination and Social Media
  19. Stalking through Social Media
  20. Benefits and Detriments of Social Media for Socialization
  21. Social Media Used as an Essay Research Tool for Students
  22. Social Media as a Tool for Social Cause Promotion
  23. Proper Age of Starting to Use Social Media
  24. Social Media in the Age of Social Distancing
  25. Social Media and Users’ Generational Gaps

These are only some of the topics you can choose from or combine to create your unique spin on the topic. If you get stuck while writing and want some professional help, you can reach out to at any time. Double-check your facts when writing about social media or anything digital-related. Fact-check everything to add credibility to your essay and pass your class with flying colors.

Getting Started on your Social Media Essay Topics

There’s no denying that writing about social media essay topics is captivating for young students who use them daily. Despite that, social media is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to potential essay topics to pursue in the digital sphere. You can write about online learning, cyberbullying, cyber security, and a dozen other niches related to digital technologies. Explore your options on writing about social media, and your teachers will appreciate it.


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