Top Places To Find Developers 2024

People used to deliver their resumes door to door in their own communities while they were looking for work. But in today’s world, many people in your circle probably live far away and virtually. It’s okay that way.

Where can one, therefore, locate developers? Online! Finding developers online may result in greater skill and choice. If you’re seeking developers, here are some prime locations.

Top Places To Find Developers

Seeking Recommendations

Asking for a recommendation is one technique to locate and employ a developer. You can use your network of professional connections to request a recommendation for a software developer who is searching for work and who possesses a certain set of technical talents. Because dedicated teams frequently switch companies every three to four years in quest of fresh fascinating projects and challenges, your chances are pretty good. If you need to start working on the product right away, you may employ a professional website-building platform to meet your demands in the meantime.


The biggest developer online community is on Github. Developers host and review code there, oversee projects and create software there. The platform, which is used by more than 50M developers, might be a terrific way to find developers for your firm.

As you start your Github search, keep the following three things in mind:

  • Followers. A developer’s following is a wonderful indicator of their knowledge, aptitude, and standing in the open-source community. 2–20 followers are ideal. 21–75 followers are exceptional. It’s amazing to have 75+ followers, but it will definitely be challenging to acquire them.
  • Language. What dialect is the code written in? Does that language fit the demands of your project? Never forget that if your project requires the use of Node.js, there is no use in locating a Ruby on Rails specialist.
  • Location. Where your developer is based is a crucial factor to consider, unless you’re hiring for a remote position.


Toptal is a curated talent-matching freelancing network that links talented independent contractors with illustrious companies and employers. Some of the most gifted and seasoned developers in the business are found at Toptal, which was founded in 2010.

Because Toptal was initially designed exclusively with IT talent in mind, its strict hiring procedures and intense degree of inspection guarantee that only the finest developers are added to the roster. For your mission-critical projects, you may discover developers with a variety of talents and languages, including PHP, React, Python, Swift, and more:

All of the Fortune 500 companies and burgeoning startups rely on Toptal’s engineers.


Another well-known developer marketplace where you may locate qualified programmers for your firm is AngelList. This site is dedicated to additional disciplines helpful to company entrepreneurs in addition to tech professionals.

With more than 100,000 possible candidates, you may recruit programmers, software engineers, data science managers, and product designers to work remotely as remote freelancers or as part of your dedicated in-house team.

AngelList is a social media-like interface that makes it simple for job seekers to find posts. As long as your job descriptions are correct, you’ll attract the most qualified developers to apply.


It is quite affordable to employ on Fiverr, as the website’s name implies. For fixed-price projects, you must pay a charge of $3 (or 3% of the total cost, whichever is larger), or only 3% of the total cost.

You have a good possibility of completing the task fast and effectively if you search for a list of the best Fiverr freelancers to hire. It makes Fiverr a potentially excellent venue for hiring independent developers because of the low rates.

According to user testimonials, Fiverr frequently sides with clients in legal conflicts.

Top Places To Find Developers


Because of this unique quality, Quora, an online community for questions and answers, is highly rated in search results. In order to respond to the inquiries of inquisitive minds, many experts swarm to Quora. As a result, Quora has developers.

Find qualified developers by perusing issues in the area that is most relevant to your project. A feature of Quora called Spaces enables users to create groups around topics they have in common. More than 300 million people use Quora each month. That is comparable to well-known social networking platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Startup and established business owners are being pushed to use alternate employment methods due to the US’s lack of digital skills. These include recommendations, making connections at tech events, and the market for independent software developers.

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