How to use Sheppard software?(Complete software guide)

We all love gaming and having happy moments individually or with our friends. The eagerness to play is more potent in children than adults indeed, but what about learning something as they are playing with physical toys or online games on the internet?

The mentioned demand has been meted with one of the most basic but helpful platforms you can find on the global network, called “Sheppard software.” All your questions about Sheppard software will be answered here, including;

  • What is Shepherd software?
  • How to use Sheppard software?
  • Sheppard software braingames
  • Sheppard software math
  • Sheppard software geography
  • Does Sheppard software work on iPads?

What is Shepherd software?

Sheppard software is a great place to enjoy and learn with some adventurous games simultaneously. Despite its technological title, Sheppard software is mainly an online “website” rather than a specific application, which provides online and free games for kids at any level with the advantage of in-built learning processes.

If you think Sheppard software is just one of those nouveau riche communities in the late 80s, I have to declare that more than 20 million kids and adults visited the website just in 2021!!! You can also get some more info from

When we come to the world of games these days, parents usually ask about the cost they have to pay for their children’s fun moments, thanks to expensive PS5 and Xbox One video games. Well, the website is generally free for the public unless you want to not become face-to-face with ads on the screen, which costs $36 per year for you. However, as kids are curious enough to see what is waiting for them in the next level, you have to obey the payment methods if your kid is ready to stand in the premium state;

  • The school plan ($300 per year): the payment will allow unlimited log-ins in all classrooms and school labs with no error.
  • Classroom plan ($70 per year): by paying this amount, your students in the classroom are free to have unlimited log-ins.
  • Family plan ($36 per year): the member of a household is ready to get unlimited log-ins from the Sheppard software fraction.

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Who created Sheppard Software?

Sheppard software was created by Brad Sheppard in 1982. According to this man’s opinion, the purpose of creating Sheppard software was to engage kindergarten and pre-school kids with the games they think are enjoyable to play, and we, the adults, think they are efficient enough to teach something.

How to use Sheppard software?

As you enter the official main page of Sheppard software, you may think it is an overwhelming area with lots of buttons and switches to struggle with. Well, the answer is negative.

In the main webpage, you will see a toolbar at the top which can link you to the main categories (USA, world, animals, language arts, health, science, math, preschool, and brain). More after, the new games list and popular games lists are available on the left side and right side panels, respectively.

As you scroll down the page, you can see a chart of possibly appropriate games for each specific education level, from kindergarten and preschool to college and even for adults (the last section maybe has the lowest visitors, by the way!!!).

After you scroll the page down to the end, you can see another toolbar at the bottom which provides some practical tools for the visitors;

  • Links: Since over half a thousand games and entertainment items are on the website, this option will help you (as a parent or a teacher, whatever) or your kid access top categories with just a few clicks. 
  • Free for teachers: elementary and kindergarten teachers are also involved in the Sheppard software campaign so they can get what they actually want for their baby and young students by paying only $14.99 for the first 10 programs available on the website, followed by $19.99 for the following 9 programs.

For some unique options, such as SAT/GRE crash course, Presidents Mania, and College Admissions Predictor, you need to download the particular version of the Sheppard software application, which only occupies less than a simple video game on your memory and the related links are accessible on the webpage.

The next question is: Why should our kids use Sheppard software, and why not?


  1. It is free to use its basic features.
  2. An excellent engagement for your kids, for both enjoying and learning in a game fashion.
  3. Lots of subjects and games are covered in the Sheppard software fraction.


  1. The graphics are still stuck in the 80s era, which may be a disappointment for kids.
  2. So many games in an unarranged situation, so younger kids may lose their direction on the website.
  3. Sheppard software is primarily designed for kindergarten and pre-school children so it may be a turnoff for older teenagers.
Sheppard software

What are the options for the Sheppard software?

Sheppard software has more than 30 years of experience in converting simple school lessons to exciting games, so never underestimate the number of games waiting for you on the website. If you are obsessed with sinking into an ocean of options once you pay for a service, Sheppard software is the right place for your dream. Here we have more than fifty types of games on the Sheppard software fraction:

  • Sheppard software geography
  • Sheppard software math
  • Clock splat
  • Sheppard software braingames
  • Easy Spanish
  • Bubble fun games
  • Matching addition
  • Greater lesser equal games
  • Forest found + count
  • Digestion tutorials
  • Grammar games
  • Season paint and make
  • Shapes splat
  • Fruits splat
  • Paint cats and dogs
  • Make an animal forest
  • All paint activities
  • Geometry–line games
  • Number words
  • Animal puzzles
  • Animal kids’ corner
  • Scooter quest
  • Penguin party addition games
  • PreK & K Animal Games
  • Early map
  • Geography map games
  • Geography of Europe & Africa
  • World continents
  • Create zone
  • Government games
  • Science
  • Earth tips
  • Food chain
  • Cell games
  • Dinosaurs
  • Multiplication mayhem
  • Health games

Each game has its own instructions and guidelines, so just spend some time on the Sheppard software and learn what to do with them. Let’s explain some of the most popular Sheppard software categories a little more;

sheppard software

Sheppard software math

I remember when I was a little kid, I loved mathematics too. This environment can be a great workplace for those children like my childhood to boost their logical and calculating abilities to move straight through to higher level math, like algebra, probabilities, and ratios.

Sheppard software braingames

Classic games such as solitaire and Battleship are always a part of the Sheppard software braingames category, but still, you can find some more funny games Fruit Splat, Mouse Trap, and Magical capitals.

Sheppard software preschool and kindergarten

As an environment for preschoolers and kindergarteners that is fun without being too busy and overstimulating, this section is full of exciting games and learning activities.

Sheppard software geography

Most children are actually not fans of geography lessons, but I am sure Sheppard software geography games can change their idea a little bit!!! You find many games related to 50 states of the US, Africa, Europe, and Asia countries with their continents.

How to change scores on Sheppard software?

Some Sheppard software games have score-based systems so that you are able to change the currency of scoring manually. The method of changing scores on this platform is mainly related to mathematical games, so you can change the type of scoring from like fractions to decimals or other conversions.

To change scores on Sheppard software, you can use the inbound settings on each game exclusively or use some tricky hacking tools, like Cheat Engine.

Does Sheppard software work on iPads?

The answer is definitely affirmative. Since the primary goal of Sheppard software managers is to cover any kid with any available electronic tool on the planet, the Sheppard software platform is entirely compatible with Windows, Android, or iOS-based devices, including iPads.

What is Sheppard software compatible with tablets?

Since this is an online platform hosted by global servers, it doesn’t necessarily care which type of electronic devices you are using to enter Sheppard software. Well, of course, I have to admit that after Adobe Flash ceased to bring new updates in 2021, some of the Sheppard software games are relatively difficult to be loaded due to their Flash-based background. Still, this problem can also be resolved with some instructions designed for Flash game users on the internet.


That is it. I hope all children and cute kids will enjoy these Sheppard software games and the funny environment accompanied by them, except for those guys who prefer to go out for some shooting group games and PS5 or Xbox One fans!!!

All essential information about the popular games, including Sheppard software geography, Sheppard software braingames, and Sheppard software math, are discussed in this post. However, you can get more details by opening your own web browser and heading to 

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