All About Quicken Software (Pricing, Features, Reviews & Alternatives)

Nowadays, many people use different finance and money management software to control their spending, monthly budgets, investments, and more. And there are many of these apps, which you can use on both your laptop and mobile. As you might know, one of these most popular ones is Quicken software which helps you manage all parts of your personal financial life. So, do not waste time, keep reading and learn more about all the details of this software.

quicken software

What is Quicken software?

The most general question to answer about this popular software is this, which can be answered from various sights. And in this paragraph, you can read all you need to know about this, such as:

  • Quicken is a helpful software for business managers who want to easily take control over payment collection and track property value.
  • Also, it can be a good solution to track outstanding payments and send rent receipts to tenants, as well as view tax returns and bank account expenses.

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What are Quicken software features?

Now, let’s go deeper and find more about the key features of the Quicken software that makes it popular among users, such as:

  • Real-time quotes:

This feature is mainly important for those investment clients who subscribe to Quicken Premier or Home & Business because they will receive the latest real-time stock quotes of publicly traded stocks.

  • Crypto support:

The next perfect feature of this software is its Crypto support, which means all users can add and manage cryptocurrency in their portfolio, as the software accurately tracks up to eight decimal places of cryptocurrency positions.

  • Restricted stock unit (RSU) support: 

Are you an RSU holder? This software helps find out how RSUs appear in your net worth or portfolio. For example, you can include the potential value of unvested RSUs or omit them entirely to reflect your actual net worth.

  • Investment partnership support:

Also, it is a helpful tool for those involved in a limited partnership who like to track their activities, like venture capital funds and private equity, fund contributions, and cash or stock returns.

How much does the Quicken program cost?

Another main question about the Quicken software is about its cost to use, which is divided into three plans; starter, deluxe, and premier.

  1. For the starter plan, you should pay about $35.99 per year to use standard accounting features. 
  2. The deluxe plan is offered at about $46.79, and you can use its unique features, like customizing budgets, debt tracking, and savings management for a year.
  3. And the premier plan costs about $70.19 a year, and you can use it to simplify tax calculations, provide super customer support, and free online bill payments.
  4. Also, there is an additional Home & Business plan, which you can buy at about $93.95 and use on your windows to categorize business and personal expenses for a year.  

Best Quicken software alternatives

While Quicken is a great software among its competitors, it does not mean there is no other alternative for this software. To help you more at this point, we have gathered a list of the three best quicken software alternatives, such as:

  • Buildium:
quicken software

The first option I want to introduce here is Buildium, a popular cloud-based property management software. It helps residential and association property managers control every aspect of their business.

  • AppFolio Property Manager:
quicken software

Also, you can use AppFolio to control your portfolio completely on one powerful platform. This software provides all excellent services for residents and owners.

  • Rentec Direct:
quicken software

If you are looking for software that provides high customer service ratings, free online tenant payments, and discounted tenant screening, you can use Rentec Direct. This web-based software offers a full-featured management system for both landlords and property managers.

Quicken software Reviews

Finally, If I want to give a full review of the Quicken software, I should state that based on user rates, this software offers perfect advantages, such as:

  • It is easy to use
  • Offers great customer service, and great value for money
  • And its functionality is perfect, too

 That is while there are some weak points reported by users, such as:

  • “Quicken required user to pay for the new license to update the software to the new version. Since it is regularly updated, the software costs more than a one-time expense.”
  • “I have used Quicken for many years and what I dislike the most is that I can no longer purchase the software outright, without Intuit having their claws into my wallet.”
  • “Quicken blames the banks, but really how can multiple national banks be wrong when Quicken is the company we are paying for this service.”


Can I use Quicken for free?

Unfortunately, no. But like other software packages and apps, you can only use this software with a subscription.

Is Quicken Right for You or Your Business?

Quicken is perfect for those small businesses that don’t have additional employees and need robust expense tracking.

Does Quicken offer cloud storage?

When you back up your data file, the cloud backup will not automatically be created. That is while the subscription release of Quicken includes 5GB of online storage with Dropbox. 

Does Quicken support mobile devices?

Yes. You can use Quicken Budgeting App for iPhone®, iPad®, or Android™ Devices.


In the above text, you read about all details of Quicken software, as one of the best budgeting apps for property managers and small businesses. If you have still any questions not answered, you can check the Quicken Official site or ask below here in the comments and we will try to find the best answer for you.

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