Problems That People Face While Playing Mobile Games?

If you’re a gamer or fan of mobile games, it is obvious that everyone has experienced issues each time they play games. This can negatively alter the experience of certain games. Let’s look at the problems gamers face the most in playing their games using their mobile devices.

  • Toxic Communities

Gaming has changed through the years, and we have been able to transcend the confines that we play in our homes into the world of online gaming. The advent of the internet meant that more popular games capitalized on the evolving landscape and introduced online multiplayer to games that compete. However, not being able to meet all players face-to-face gave an increase in negative communities. People blame others for their issues, players who make annoying noises and spam through their microphones. These types of players are sometimes difficult to play.

  • The network connection isn’t stable

A faulty network will be a source of worry for any player, particularly when concentrating entirely on the gameplay. Nowadays, mobile games require devices to be connected to the internet at high speed. Playing games can be difficult if your internet connection isn’t working properly, impacting the gaming experience. If you’re the only one who has a problem, you are seen as a bad player by the rest of the players. Get internet with a solid speed like CenturyLink, and you will be able to enjoy your game without any problem.

  • Ruining Favorite Franchise 

Every gamer has experienced an event that brought new meaning to their favorite hobby. There are some game series that last for decades, it is challenging to keep the high level of quality the fans expect, and there will be some failures. Unfortunately, those failures can be a source of discontent for us and our view of the series in general. It’s not easy when the follow-up to one of your most cherished games proves to be anything but a complete catastrophe.

  • The game is awash with too many advertisements

Many different advertisements often accompany mobile games, and that’s why game developers can earn additional earnings from this game. However, too many advertisements cause players to lose focus on their game, and mostly, they are watching advertisements. The amount of advertisements that are shown during games is very diverse. Some are great, but they also have ads that impact gamers. Many ads contain harmful images or words that aren’t appropriate for children, particularly students.

  • Time Management

It’s a matter of time even if we had the money to buy every game we could want. Time is always an issue that we have to face. We need to get our jobs done, attend classes, spend time with family members or take a good night’s sleep. This can be a problem if you’re an avid player. The time you set aside to play your favorite game could be more like scheduling an appointment than enjoying yourself. This can be frustrating for players of all kinds.

  • Calls, messages while playing

When playing games on the phone, you will surely encounter this type of situation. Some unintentional messages or calls can cause your gaming activities to worsen. If we’re excited or in the game and focused, these messages or calls are similar to “death” coming to help us get back to playing from the beginning.

  • Lag

Lag is a major issue for gamers online due to the internet’s slowing speed, whether it is server-side or locally. This causes hiccups during games due to players’ teleporting and moving around and the shots you take not communicating to the opponent. This can render any online game inaccessible.  

  • Dying if you did not keep track of your progression

While autosave and checkpoint systems have been beneficial, there was a time based on the game when saving was entirely manually or away from your control. If you were to die, you must get back to where you saved your last. Sometimes, you are so immersed in your game that lose track of time and do not remember to save the progress. When you pass out, you’re forced to remember your error, and you can be devastated because you have lost the amount of time you’ve played. Sometimes, it’s even an entire day worth remembering to check your saves, particularly before an epic boss battle.

  • Stereotyping

Since gaming has developed and evolved, so has the communities’ culture. Watching films, TV shows, or other communities depicting us in the traditional nerd stereotype can be quite irritating. One of the most offensive and the most popular since gaming communities are diverse; the term “nerd” denotes a group of people who do not adhere to the popular norms. Gaming is rapidly becoming one of the most popular media types; it’s difficult to understand why some are still hesitant to use it.

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We have reviewed the challenges gamers have had to face in and out of games. Hope you can learn and try to eliminate some. 

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