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Send Auto Direct Messages

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With Instazood Auto DM Service, you can send messages to different target audiences, and check the statistics. Just enough to activate the Social Bridge app on your device, and create the campaigns.

In this tutorial, we’ll guide you step by step on using Instazood Auto Direct Message Service.

Step 1


Head to your Instazood dashboard. Click on the Direct tab; ensure that the service has days.


Step 2


To start creating a campaign message, click on New Message.


Step 3


In the opened window, enter your text with pattern*, and attach an image, whether by uploading a file or selecting one of your Instagram posts.


Step 4


Choose a destination.


1. It sends messages to those who just started following you.

Note: Remember, you can have only one active Welcome Message campaign.

2. The message will be sent to the custom users you enter in the field.

Note: Enter the username of each account you want to send a message with “@” and place each username on a new line. “Example:




Hint: By checking the box “Ignore the users who already have a communication”, the bot will not send a message to whoever is in your Instagram DM list; it will send messages to whom you have had no chat with them before.

Step 5


By checking the box Use Custom Filter, you can customize the settings to define who receives the message in all sections.



1. Send messages to the selected gender or both” Any”.

2. Send messages to the accounts that have the maximum following of the defined number.

3. Send messages to the accounts that have the maximum followers of the defined number.

4. Send messages to the accounts that have the minimum number of defined posts.

5. Send messages to the accounts who have uploaded a post within the last specified time.

6. Send messages to the accounts that their bio and post captions are as same as the language you have set.

Note: This option is not active for the Custom List Destination.

Step 6


Click on Create.

Here is the created DM campaign:

You can check the All Campaigns (1), Active (2), Stopped (3), and Completed (4) ones in different tabs.

* Instazood Auto DM Message pattern:


It is important to consider that using the correct pattern is really important to prevent your account from getting blocked by Instagram.

You need to use the {##|##|##} pattern for every possible word in your text. When you use this format, our system randomly uses one of the words you’ve written between square brackets; it converts your message into multiple messages.


You want to send the message below to a custom user-list:

“Hi, @username. 😊 Hope you had a great week.

Following up here in regard to the issue we discussed.

Thank you”


The pattern you should use for this text can be like:

{Hi there|Hey there|Hi|Hello}, @username {😍|☺️|😊|🙂|😗|😚}

{Hope|I hope} you {have|had} a (good|great|fantastic} {week|day|time}.

{Following up|Sending Dm|Messaging you} here {in regard to|regarding|in respect of|about} the {topic|issue} we {discussed|negotiated|talked about}.

{Thank you|Thanks|Regards|Sincerely},



1. To activate the Auto DM service and let the bot start sending messages, you need to run the Social Bridge app. If you don’t have an Android app, please check the BlueStack link.

2. Separating brackets (|): “Alt+124” or “Shift + \”

3. Your text characters should not be more than 500.

4. Be sure to use emojis in your text.

5. It is essential to use the pattern word by word as possible.

6. Use at least 3 words between the brackets.

7. Change your campaign texts once or twice a week. (It depends on your target audiences, to prevent the bot from sending repetitive messages.)

8. To have a clickable link in your text, be sure to use http or https.

9. If you have an Instagram post attached to your campaign and at the same time use a link with http or https, the link will not be clickable.

10. Instazood Auto DM randomly sends between 80 to 100 messages daily depends on your account and campaigns.