Why Is Instagram the best Social Media Platform for Business?

Why Is Instagram the best Social Media Platform for Business

Last year, when we found out that Instagram had surpassed Twitter and Facebook in the number of active users, Instagram became the hottest topic around the water cooler at marketing companies and agencies. Here in Instazood, We have been watching very closely to observe if this rising star of social media would continue to glow.

So far, there have been no disappointments. Instagram’s attempt to become more user-friendly, along with providing the needs of business, has enabled it to continue to grow in popularity and better serve our customers. Instagram has taken some of the best features of other social media platforms and included them into its app.

Why Is Instagram the best Social Media Platform for Business

The rise of Instagram hashtags

It’s not anything new but is worth mentioning. The follower formation makes it more straightforward to connect and develop and hashtags make it easy for users to find you. I just shared a picture and link to one of my blogs on Instagram using ten hashtags related to online marketing, and I ended up with more engagement from users who aren’t yet following me than existing followers.

Instagram business profiles

If you own a personal Instagram account, you can convert it to a business profile.  I did this with my own Instagram account, and now I have a contact button on my profile, so my followers can reach my phone number, directions to my business, email address, etc.

Another opportunity not to be missed is advertising on Instagram. Still almost new on Instagram, advertising helps access to a fresh audience. Sponsored stories on Instagram ae seen in the home feed and feel and look the same as organic stories from people you follow.

Why Is Instagram the best Social Media Platform for Business

Extended video options

Instagram might hear the complaints from users who just couldn’t show what they wanted to expose in 15 seconds. With minute-long videos now allowed, Instagram adopts a little from YouTube’s power. You can also post more videos by shooting directly from your phone or upload it from your gallery. More features allow you to add video filters, mute sounds and pick a thumbnail picture. Users love the flexibility on Instagram.

Want a fabulous way to capitalize on the new Facebook Live feature and drive it to Instagram? All you need to do after completing your Facebook live video is download it on your phone, edit your preferred 60 secs using Instagram, and then post using proper hashtags. Have this in mind that videos are the new TV commercials.

Highlight it!

Instagram stories let you upload photos and videos to highlight the moment of your day within a slideshow without posting them on your profile.

If you like to cut down on the posts you are uploading to your profile, Instagram has your back. The downsides? Your followers can’t like or comment on your Instagram stories. Also, they are up just for 42 hours. But you can highlight them in a categorized file on your profile to make them prominent.

Instagram is rolling out more new and exciting features every day. So to make sure you are using them correctly, you can take a look upon our other blogs, and don’t forget to check us out again, because we have new articles for you every day.

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