Top Tips To Create Videos For Your Business That Sell

A good video can play a significant role in your business promotion. Users now watch not only entertaining video content to cheer up, but also educational clips, instructional videos, and other types of videos to find the answer to their questions. 

Therefore, now many companies are actively engaged in video marketing to attract the attention of more visitors, as well as to help people more effectively solve their problems. 

If you operate an online business, you may engage in video production to cover any topic relating to your sector as part of your digital marketing strategy. When developing movies, the most crucial thing for a firm to consider is not just how to make them entertaining, but also how to make them sell. 

Here you can find helpful hints to help you produce visually appealing materials that will sell, regardless of the sort of clip, whether it is a product video, conversation with experts, how-to motion picture, or behind-the-scenes film. 

Tell a story first and sell products later  

Previously, firms had to run commercials on television channels, in newspapers, or on the radio, where they had 30-60 seconds to catch the viewer’s attention and sell the goods. Advertising in the mainstream media is quite expensive, therefore businesses start selling right away. 

Nowadays, you will not draw notice in this manner. You must capture consumers with a compelling tale, and then do everything necessary to arouse their interest in purchasing your goods. In this regard, it is vital to develop an enthralling tale that will be valuable to consumers. 

You have all the time and resources in the world right now. You may share visuals on social media platforms, websites, and blogs. However, people are picky, so if you aggressively sell in a film, it will most likely be skipped. 

If you are shooting a video about your company, try not to focus on showing “Oh, we are so cool, come to us”. Tell your story so that every user understands WHY you are better than all the rest. This way you will get more views and people will be interested in following you. 

Capture attention from the first seconds

The first seconds play a decisive role in whether users will continue to watch it. Thus, you should focus on arousing instant interest. To do this, you can use several tricks: create an attention grabber and an intriguing thumbnail.

First, users pay attention to a beautiful and intriguing cover. This cover can be created for any video, no matter where you publish it. This visual can spark interest among users even before they start watching the clip. The shot must be concise and high quality. You can either choose a frame from the video or show the result of what users learn by watching the clip.

Next, you need to make good use of the first 10 seconds of your clip. The audience should understand what will be discussed next. You can cut video moments about what will happen next and thereby grab attention.

Reach specific audiences on Facebook

Facebook remains the best platform to help target your audience. Here you can quickly distribute content, as well as make sure that it is viewed by your target audiences.  

Few people know that on this social platform you can set up ultra-deep targeting and do it for every post you publish. With this incredible opportunity, you have a great chance to get your video out in front of those who might be interested.  

You can submit details such as age, gender, location, and language preferences. As a result, individuals who fall into this group will be able to see your post. By setting an age range of 20 to 25, for instance, no one under the age of 20 or over the age of 25 will be able to see your material. 

If you have pages on other social platforms, then it is extremely important to measure the satisfaction rate by using social media tracking tools to understand the effectiveness of your posts.  

Make videos easy to watch  

In addition to creating a compelling story, you need to make sure that users enjoy viewing. Thus, take care to ensure that the clip looks spectacular. To do this, you do not need expensive and advanced software, because free video makers provide a huge set of necessary tools.  

You can add effects, make smooth transitions from frame to frame, add enchanting background music, and last but not least, add subtitles so that users can watch clips anywhere and anytime.  

According to Verizon Media, more than 80% of users view motion pictures without the sound, and an even greater number of users watch clips with the sound off on smartphones. Thus, the creation of captions is essential.  

Make sure your video contains a call to action  

If you and your video production team want to create not only engaging but also valuable videos for your business, then you need to make sure to include a call to action. It can be anything from a call to subscribe to a channel to a call to share this video with friends. You have three options for where you can place such a call: at the very beginning, in the middle, and at the end.  

If placed at the beginning, creatives want to make sure that users complete the action, even if they don’t watch the video. By placing it in the middle, the authors try to catch the moment when viewers are most passionate about viewing. Some put them near the conclusion because viewers at that moment are most likely to take action. 

Each of these choices has its own set of drawbacks. If you put it at the very beginning, users might be perplexed as to why they should do something. You can distract people in the middle, and in the end, it may be too late if the majority of viewers finish watching earlier. 

Most creatives choose to place a CTA at the very end. However, according to Wistia, placing it in the middle will have a higher conversion rate.  

Engage in SEO  

Every day, search engines process over 3 billion queries. You should optimize your movies if you want to get more followers and views. You need to come up with a title that not only reflects the substance of the video, but also includes certain keywords if you want to appear in search results more frequently. 

It’s also worth including a summary. You may include keywords and phrases in this section. It’s worth mentioning that you may boost the possibility of a SERP by using diverse keywords in the title and description. 


If you’re making a clip for the first time, the process might be time-consuming and challenging. However, with practice, you will be able to make your clips not only entertaining to watch but also productive and beneficial to your business in no time. 

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