The Relationship between Instagram & Facebook

The Relationship between Instagram & Facebook

Between all of the social media platforms the world has to offer, the most important ones are Instagram and Facebook. Many people wonder what the differences are between Facebook and Instagram while they look so similar.

Instagram is a photo sharing platform, and as Facebook also share this feature, it’s a platform mainly used for connecting with friends and loved ones. The relationship between Instagram and Facebook is very similar, but they have different benefits and drawbacks of their own.

What are the differences between Instagram and facebook?

  • Reach

As Facebook has over 2.27 billion and Instagram with nearly 1 billion users, it’s not hard to believe that these social media platforms have hundreds of millions of active users each day. These enormous amounts of daily users give brands the opportunity to improve their visibility through their Instagram and Facebook posts, or advertisements on either platform.

  • Engagement

When it comes to engagement, Instagram wins hands down. Instagram only allows short videos and photos; because of this, users tend to view more than they would on Facebook. This platform makes it easy for their users to view more than other people would on another social media platform because Instagram is a strictly visual platform.

Facebook is a fabulous site for posting quality content, but because people seem to prefer original, authentic content, Instagram beats Facebook when it comes to engagement rate.

  • Sharing Information

As far as distributing links, blog posts, or other informational content, Facebook provides users with the freedom to do so. Other than adding a clickable link to your bio on Instagram, the platform is limited to the sharing of photos. Facebook not only allows their users to create and plan events, but it also gives people the opportunity to have a more in-depth bio including personal, as well as brand information added to their profile.

  • Demographic

Depending on your target audience, either Instagram or Facebook may be a better option than the other for you. Instagram targets a younger audience while Facebook is more useful for adults. Although, Facebook has been rolling out updates to up its appeal to young adult population and the teenagers.

We have explained how the relationship between Instagram and Facebook is quite similar, but the audience of each platform uses differs based on the demographic. Hence, it is essential to define your target audience in its fullest before choosing between using Facebook and Instagram.

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