The complete list of best Instagram christmas hashtags for 2024


It’s the season for hashtags! If you have been on Instagram lately, you have probably seen a lot of popular hashtags floating around about the holidays. As an influencer or blogger, you may be wondering what Christmas hashtags should you use to gain more exposure.

Using the proper hashtag can get you exposed and grow your followers, especially this time of the year. Here are some of the best hashtags for the holiday season and some tips on how to use them for Instagram marketing.

There are so many things you can post on Instagram. The hashtags listed below will bring some ideas of what is currently popular on Instagram. If you already have a schedule of subjects to post about but have no idea which hashtags increase the engagement of your Instagram posts, use these hashtags and get on top of Instagram Christmas search results.

Best Christmas Hashtags For 2023

Without losing a moment, let’s go through the most popular Christmas hashtags types and the trend ones for each group. So, if you want to make a fabulous “Happy New Year” post this year, do not miss this list.

  • Frequently used Christmas hashtags (Recommended):

#christmas #christmastree #merrychristmas #christmastime #christmaseve #christmasdecor #christmasiscoming #christmaslights #christmasgifts #christmasparty #christmasdecorations #christmasgift #christmas2015 #christmas2017 #christmas2016 #christmas2018 #christmas2019 #christmasspirit #christmasshopping #christmasday #christmasmarket #christmasmood #christmasnails #christmaspresent #christmascookies #christmas2014 #christmasdinner #christmascountdown #christmaspresents #nightmarebeforechristmas

Average-used Christmas hashtags

#christmas🎄 #christmasseason #christmastime🎄 #christmascards #christmasornaments #christmascake #christmas2013 #christmascheer #christmasgiftideas #christmasdecoration #christmaswreath #christmasfun #christmasinjuly #christmasmorning #christmasvacation #christmasmagic #christmasdog #christmasbreak #christmasjumper #christmasmusic #christmasbaking #christmastree🎄 #christmasgiftsideas #christmastrees #christmasholidays #christmasbaby #christmassale #ilovechristmas #christmaslove #christmasmakeup

  • Rarely-used Christmas hashtags:

#christmascandles #christmasisintheair #christmasfeelings #christmasdiy #christmaspup #christmasinnyc #christmasfashion #christmasbows #christmastown #christmashome #christmaspreparations #christmasparties #christmas2015🎄 #christmasevedinner #christmastheme #christmaspresentideas #christmascats #christmassales #christmascakes #christmascalendar #christmasinthecity #christmasspirit🎄 #christmasbreakfast #christmasdo #christmasatmosphere #christmascookie #christmas2019🎄🎅🎁 #christmasstar #christmasmemes #christmaseve2016

  • General Christmas Hashtags:

These hashtags are considered universal. Use them to share your excitement for Christmas with followers; it can be anything that reminds you of holidays or looks Christmassy. They are also excellent if you are already having any holiday celebrations at work or participating in pre-Christmas parties with friends and family.

General Christmas Hashtags
  • Mostly used hashtags for Christmas 2021:

Christmas Hashtags for Pet Owners

How can you resist liking pictures that have dressed up pets on them? Especially if they look Christmassy.

Christmas Hashtags for Pet OwnersThe mostly used Christmas hashtags for per owners are #chrsitmascat, #christmasdog, and #christmaspet

Here are some popular hashtags for DIY lovers, fashion bloggers, food lovers, and bookworms.

  • Christmas hashtags for DIY or Interior Designers:

If DIY is one of your strengths, you like decorating your home or only want to share your Christmas tree; we would recommend taking advantage of these hashtags:

Christmas hashtags for DIY or Interior Designers
  • Christmas hashtags for fashion bloggers or marketers:

Do you own a gift shop? Sell Christmas stuff? Love fashion and shopping? Then these Christmas hashtags will help you. We also recommend running a contest or a giveaway on your Instagram to boost your following and engagement.

Christmas hashtags for fashion bloggers or marketers
  • Christmas hashtags for food lovers:

Now is the best time to bake and make all kinds of yummy Christmas themed cookies and cakes. If you are one of the food bloggers, remember to post your yum-yum pictures with these hashtags. We will also be delighted to stop by for a testing session, LOL!

 Christmas hashtags for food lovers
  • Christmas hashtags for bookworms:

Books are great for a Christmas gift. So if you like reading and want to share your favorite book, you can make use of these hashtags!

Christmas hashtags for bookworms
  • Trending Christmas Hashtags 2023:

If you are a fan of Instagram and like to post your 2024 Christmas photos in front of millions of users, you should find a trend christmas hashtag related to your post. So, while the below list includes some of these popular options, you should be careful that if it is proper for you or not.








  • Christmas hashtags for gifts & celebration:

Have you received a surprising Christmas gift this year? Are you interested in sharing its photos with your friends on Instagram? If so, you might like to choose the right hashtag that helps you grow your post and more people to see it. If so, check the below list:











  • Hashtag for christmas party:

And finally, nothing would be more interesting than looking at other people’s Christmas party photos. So, this can be a good opportunity to grow your Instagram page, if you choose a great christmas hashtag.











How can you use christmas hashtag?

Now that you read the complete list of Christmas hashtags, if it is still hard for you to choose the best option, I suggest you read this paragraph. Here, I will explain the general rules of finding and using the best christmas hashtag.

  1. Analyze other competitors’ Instagram pages and find successful hashtags.
  2. Be careful about your post content because nothing is worse than a not relevant hashtag.
  3. Avoid very popular and also generic hashtags.
  4. Also, you can create your own hashtag and an exclusive community around it like what I will explain below.

How to create your own Christmas campaign hashtag

The same as what I have mentioned in the previous paragraph, if you are thinking about creating your own Christmas campaign hashtag, do not forget the below points, such as:

  • Choose an easy-to-remember one.
  • Make spelling easy.
  • Pick the relevant to the occasion options (such as a competition).
  • Select an attractive one that invites more people to join.
  • Avoid using extra symbols or emoji.
  • Never use too many hashtags at once.

What are the best christmas hashtag generators

You might have heard about some online tools called, hashtag generator, which helps you find the best Christmas hashtags for your 2024 posts. If you did not previously try it or forgot which one is the best, you can try one of the below-mentioned items, as the most popular hashtag generators:

  •  Influencer Marketing Hub Instagram Hashtag Generator:

Simply find a selection of relevant hashtags only by posting a photo on Influencer Marketing Hub. Also, this platform helps you find the best keywords for your photo and show the popularity of each keyword.

  • All Hashtag:

Back in 2015, in the early days when the All Hashtag tool was launched, it was a simple generator. But now it is one of the most famous websites that cover all your need to know about hashtags.

  • Ritetag:

To find the best instant christmas hashtag suggestions, you can use Ritetag. The best point about this tool is that if you are a windows user, you can install its Chrome extension and find your favorite hashtag only by right-clicking on any picture.


We tried to provide you with a comprehensive list of Christmas hashtags for the 2020 holidays. As near to complete the list is, you must never cease to discover newer hashtags for yourself. Instagram is a dynamic space and it is mostly possible that new hashtags are going to be invented after we composed this blog.

Search and research and if you are comfortable, we would be really grateful to read your updated list of 2020 Christmas hashtags in the comments below.

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