SEO Related Issues Thwart the Growth of Your Website

As we all know that successful SEO executives require a comprehensive approach. Let us get a detailed analysis of this approach from the SMX report.

The yearly SMX report for this year provided an overview of the SEO issues that prevent us from achieving our desired goals. A comprehensive look at the resources around SEO is often the reason for the hindrance of the progress of SEO.

We all are a part of the fast forward and are always in search of faster alternatives that might help us rank it higher in the Google search result. All these quick fixes do exist, but the interrelation of a digital marketing company to the potential client and of the website to the users is where there is most uninterrupted value.

SEO Related Issues Thwart the Growth of Your Website

Is the company ready?

By working with diverse clients, diverse problems help in developing insights into different companies and their SEO management. Three key factors for the clients are- ample resources for implementation, SEO value acceptance by various stakeholding teams, openness to test and fail. 

Technical SEO recommendations can impact various teams, from developers to content creators in your organization. Having teams that work against your SEO priorities will make things worse. 

SEO Site Issues

Categorization of most of the issues of SEO is mainly as follows: –

  • Links

Links are elements or votes from other websites on your website. Links are like discovery mechanisms for search engines that help search both good and bad URLs. SEO executives help in reaching good URLs.  Bad URLs are those URL that has no content or a page meant for only logged-in users. Bad URL is the URLs that users do not want to view. 

XML sitemaps help search engines in finding the content you want them to show their users. An XML sitemap should list all URLs you want to find on your website and nothing else. 

An updated dynamic XML sitemap helps in searching the good URLs. 

If your XML sitemap is all good URLs, this is a good place to see why other URLs are being indexed. A tool called Coverage Report in

used by site owners by Google helps in showing you the indexed URLs. This will also show URLs submitted in your sitemap. You can also use Google Analytics for this purpose. 

  • Content

Content is the most wrongly used word in SEO. Content is a broad noun used by Google and other SEO executives. Content is mainly about designing an experience that helps users learn. 

  • Parameters

Parameters help track content across a website by many companies and track URLs representing the same page in the reporting tools. To resolve the issue of landing on two separate versions of the same webpage. To resolve situations like these, Google Analytics is of great use. Unnecessary parameters can resolve by updating the internal links of the webpage. Remember, canonical links are a hint that the URL version is correct. 

  • Feedback

Feedback serves as a two-way mechanism. It helps in reporting back to the analytics tools.  By using a feedback mechanism, one can sort pages with different issues like outdated content, the wrong page linked to the navigation, etc.

  • Custom Metrics 

Consider using custom metrics like reading time, persona, jobs-to-be-done, logged-in vs. logged-out content to enhance how you report on your pages in analytics tools:

  • Site Search

Use site search for tracking site search queries in the analytic tools. Site search helps in diagnosing the important pages that should be in the navigation, content you should be covering but are not able to, seasonal trends, or outlier issues.

  • Cannibalistic Content

This piece of content is problematic because you can lose control of the designed experience for users, and search engines can also get confused and rotate through the URLs they show to users for specific search terms. Combining similar pages is a great strategy for users and search engines.

If you click on the single query in Search Console, Google will take you to all the pages that have completed the particular query for that site. This can be confusing at times as google might display site links in the search results, causing multiple URLs to display in search results for queries.

Screaming Frog has content duplicates that help in reviewing the duplicates easily.  Giving SEM teams a path location to place paid landing pages to ensure disparate teams are creating cannibalistic content.

  • Experience

User experience is something that affects both visibility as well as the revenue of the website. Various factors make user experience wholesome that are as follows: –

  • Page Speed

Page speed is one such factor that helps in aligning revenue loss or position. 

  • Microsoft Clarity

Microsoft clarity helps in providing rich experience metrics as well as individual session recordings. There is no better way to understand user experience than reviewing session recordings. By help in keeping a check in the way of anything, you want the users to do. 

  • Understanding Intent

Information access on the second page, i.e., the landing and exit pages, keeps users engaged.

  • Hidden Issues

Checking the Developer Console Tools in chrome while surfing web pages can help in spotting hidden errors. These hidden errors can lead to incomplete information tracking, missing content, insecure pages, poor page performance, etc.


Relevance refers to the alignment of the webpage and the information that the user was looking for. In Google Data Studio, user searches are quickly searched with the help of clicks. 

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Wrapping Things Up

A detailed and comprehensive approach is necessary for successful SEO executives. Companies should provide great teams and high tech resources for the success of SEO executives. Teams should be communicating and know the concept of prioritization and the metrics followed. The key areas in SEO strategy is Linking, Content, Experience, and Relevance. Do follow search algorithms provided by SEO executives. Lastly, nothing can beat hard work, so work on your pages and solve the issues by coming up with the right solutions.

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