“Nametag” The New Way to Find your Friends on Instagram

“Nametag” The New Way to Find your Friends on Instagram

Instagram has rolled out a new feature which helps you follow people you’ve met in real life more quickly. Called Nametag, the feature works by displaying your username on your phone in a format that can be scanned by your friend or your soon-to-be follower. Your nametag can also be customized with further designs, colors, and stickers.

What is the nametag feature?

As of today, all of Instagram’s 1 billion users can say farewell to the trouble and awkwardness of manually trying to add a new friend by his or her username or having to repeat your username over and over again at a noisy party or in a full classroom.

The point is, no one likes these interactions, which is why Instagram is taking a sheet from Snapchat’s workbook with its latest feature. Similar in function to Snapchat’s Snapcodes, Instagram’s nametag allows you to follow other users by just scanning their QR code.

How can I find my Nametag

To find and use your nametag:

  • Go to your profile
  • Tap the three lines on the top right-hand corner
  • Select “Nametag” (the first entry on the list)
  • Now you can personalize your QR code by tapping the screen.

Note! If you are feeling a little indecisive, you can choose the button at the top; then you’ll be taken to a carousel of various colors, pictures, and emojis to make your nametag as personal as you want.

How can I scan a Nametag?

Now, let’s say you’re in one of those social situations where you are meeting new persons and trying to find and follow each other on Instagram with the least weirdness possible.

Don’t worry, all you have to do is right-swipe on your screen to the camera section, where you can then find the “Nametag” button. After that, you can tap your screen, then choose to follow the user or visit their profile.


I usually make new friend everywhere I go, so imagine how excited I am right now to start using this awesome feature. It’s excellent for anyone going back to school, too, because the number of people you are forced to meet IRL on school is overwhelming.

“Nametag” The New Way to Find your Friends on Instagram

By using the nametags, you can quickly scan for your new friends on Instagram without scrolling through a continuous list of usernames. The process is easy and totally worth trying out. Although I kind of wish Instagram had this feature when I was in university, I’m sure I can put it to better use now.

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