Is 2D Animation A Good Choice For Making Impactful YouTube Videos?

Yes, 2D animation is an excellent choice for making impactful YouTube videos and spicing up your channel. Some animation makers like Doratoon will let you explore your creativity and add a touch of your personality to your video content.

But what is 2D animation and what do you need to produce mind-blowing animated videos perfect for YouTube? Well, good for you to find some models because we’ll discuss the topic in length and show you the best animation maker. 

Let’s roll up our sleeves and get right into it. 

Understanding 2D Animation

Is 2D Animation A Good Choice For Making Impactful YouTube Videos

2D Animation is a cartoon style that expresses characters and objects in a two-dimensional space with only height and width, not depth. Compared to the traditional manual way, modern animation software streamlines the process by allowing artists to draw and animate characters digitally.

This type of animation is excellent for communicating complicated ideas in an easy-to-understand way, which makes it the best choice for YouTube videos. 2D animation combines graphic design, motion graphics, voiceovers, and sometimes character animation to create visually-appealing videos that tell a story and visualize complex topics. 

Applicable Scenarios To Use 2D Animations For YouTube

The coolest thing about 2D animations is their versatility as you can use them for different purposes. Below are examples of when and how to use them on YouTube:

  • Making YouTube intros and outros: These are excellent visuals that like the names suggest, mark the beginning and closing of your YouTube videos.  
  • Creating a unique YouTube channel: This is for those not into humanized content as they can create explainer videos, whiteboards, etc., using anime.  
  • Producing display ads: These are animated clips that serve as ads to appeal to a wider demographic and help you reach viewers who matter the most. 
  • Making promotional animated content: These are short videos for YouTubers to weave a story to educate, delight, or inspire customers to take a step forward.  

How To Make Impactful 2D Animation Videos For YouTube

When making 2D animation videos, you need the ideal application for your project. Not all online available software will best serve your purpose. 

Doratoon – The World’s Leading 2D Animator Software

Doratoon is an excellent free animation software popular among beginners for its ability to produce stunning 2D animation videos. On top of its intuitive interface, you can make customized videos using assets from millions of royalty-free animations, stock footage, backgrounds, templates, and props. Also, Doratoon’s affordable price plans make it an attractive option for those who want to create professional-quality 2D animation videos on a budget.

4 Easy Steps To Make 2D Animation Videos

Doratoon offers an easy step-by-step process to make animated videos free and in no time:

Step One

Open Doratoon’s website for animation and sign up for a free Doratoon account with your email ID and a unique password. 

Step Two

On Doratoon’s workbench, click Create and select a method to create new work. If you have already shot a video, import it to the interface. Otherwise, click on Templates to pick a pre-built animation.

Step Three

Using the editing tools, customize your video to suit your YouTube audience. You can import personalized video clips, images, soundtrack, and more to make your animated videos unique. Utilize the props, characters, and an all-inclusive music library.

Step Four

Check the final product using the Preview button, and click Export once satisfied. Now, please enter the Title, Tag, and Description, and pick a Resolution before downloading the video to your device or sharing it directly to YouTube.

Why Choose Doratoon?

Doratoon offers everything you need to create amazing YouTube videos in minutes. Check them out. 

  • Motion Graphics and Advanced Animation Effects 

Doratoon offers an extensive library of prebuilt motion graphics and animation effects for every scenario you can add to your characters with just a few clicks.

  • AI Intelligent Drawing

Perfect your lousy drawing skills when using Doratoon with its integrated AI leaving behind a more professional-looking sketch that you can use in your videos.

  • Pre-made 2D Cartoon Characters

This cartoon maker provides access to an extensive library of animated characters and dynamic controls to alter their movement and add to your video for free. 

  • Path Animation 

You can subject characters to move along a predetermined path or an abstract line for realistic and dynamic video scenes to capture a sense of motion.

  • Text-to-Speech Conversion

Doratoon comes with integrated text-to-speech conversion. That means you only need to type out your script, and the AI will do the voiceover for you at no extra cost.


With that said, I hope you found this content helpful and that you have learned the benefits of 2D animated videos for YouTube. Your channel will not only stand out but it will also look more professional. 

Furthermore, we have introduced you to Doratoon, a straightforward 2D animated video maker. So, why wait? Check it out today to enjoy its extensive features and assets to create impactful YouTube videos hassle-free. 

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