How to use the Instagram Stories’ Question Stickers to Share Music

Instagram Stories Question Stickers Can now Be Used to Share Music

Instagram is adding some new features to its stories, including a new countdown sticker, and question stickers which can be used in live stream videos and to share song recommendations.

It is best described as “all of the current Instagram Story features remixed into each other,” which seems unavoidable given how many features there are now.

Use the question sticker to share music

The question sticker becomes more useful today, as people can now respond to questions with music. Tapping on a viewer’s answer will play the song, and users can choose to reply with a message or share the song to their own story. Sharing a song opens up the phone camera for the person to take a photo or video as the song plays in the background, and there are also new picture effects that will respond to the background music.

Instagram Stories Question Stickers Can now Be Used to Share Music

Question stickers are also applying to live videos to organize Q&A interactions better. Before, the questions could get lost between the full chat stream, but now with the new update, questions chosen by the user will be shown on-screen, so all visitors and viewers can observe which questions are being answered. Questions can be asked in the live stories before or during the live video, and users can also share videos and photos from their camera roll to their live stream video.

Instagram Stories Question Stickers Can now Be Used to Share Music

Countdown stickers are interactive stickers in Stories which let people countdown to upcoming events that could be as big as New Year’s, or as little as the end of a workday. Creating a countdown sticker will keep it in your sticker platter to reuse until the countdown ends. Your followers can tap the countdown to follow or share it to their own stories, and it will notify them when the countdown ends.

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