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Instagram has a new generation for hashtags. You cannot just follow the past rules and reach your target goals. Everything has changed and Instagram is one of them. The problem mostly goes for Instagram followers who don’t know the matter of hashtags on Instagram and how to use Instagram hashtags or where to use them?


Why are hashtags important?

How to hide hashtags on Instagram?

How to use hashtags on Instagram correctly?

How to use Instagram hashtags for your business?

Top Instagram hashtags to get new followers

How do hashtags get popular on Instagram?

How to follow a hashtag on Instagram?

Why can’t I follow a hashtag on Instagram?

Why are hashtags important?

When you can clarify a topic, people can easily understand how to use it. That’s why I’m going to tell you a simple definition of the hashtag. The “pound sign” or “hash” is the name that is known for this sign ”# ” among people.  A hashtag is a metadata tag that people use it in social networks and social media platforms that helps people to find data and messages with specific content. Almost 99% of people don’t know anything about hashtags, but something that makes their caption beautiful.

When you share a post or story on Instagram, people who have followed you can see your content. Users also can search your name to see what you have shared… When you search a word with the use of hashtags, the Instagram search will show you all the content that uses the same hashtag or those hashtags that are related to your searching topic. Hashtags help people to see all the contents, it doesn’t matter where they use them, posts, stories, and IGTVs.

After knowing the matter of Instagram hashtags, you may think of getting a free hashtag generator to create your own hashtags and promote them in your business to be one sign to introduce your business to your audience.

Then you should have enough information about how to use your hashtags on Instagram correctly.

How to hide hashtags on Instagram?

Some people think it’s better to make their hashtags invisible (Hide). If you want to hide your Instagram hashtags, I will give you two secure options. Test them and make your Instagram post view attractive.

1. Hide hashtags with Dots 
After writing your Instagram caption. Create three to five lines break with dots. Separate each line with one dot and type your hashtags. There is one other way to separate your lines without any dots. This tool will potentially separate all your lines.

Note: There is no hashtag hiding option on Instagram, you can hide them unless users click more to see them.

2. Hide hashtags using the first Comment 
The other way that you can use to hide your hashtags is by typing your hashtags in your first comment. In this case, people won’t see your hashtags until they check comments.

How to use hashtags on Instagram correctly?

Using hashtags correctly is more important than choosing a correct hashtag. As you already know, the matter of hashtags, we want to specialize in this topic to the most popular platform for businesspeople with more than 1 billion active users. Instagram is a multipurpose platform that lets you promote every business you want. With the use of Instagram hashtags, you can speed up the time you need to reach your goal. But be aware that you are not allowed to use more than 30 hashtags on your post and 10 hashtags on your story. 

Using hashtags on Instagram is an amazing way to make your publication more popular among those who are interested in your pictures, but it must be used correctly to deliver you the favorite result. Here are four ways you can use the Instagram hashtags powerfully to serve your purposes:

1/ Create your own Hashtags

Using the top hashtags on Instagram may give you thousands of followers and comments but do not fake yourself; this is not what you wanted to promote your business. Every business has its own audience, and Instagram hashtags can drive them to your page. So create your own hashtags to have your own audience.

2/ Use Location Hashtags

Instagram location Hashtags help people to attract the people they wanted and of course the people who they should attract because of their required features in their business. So you are not limited to a specific place, where ever you are, offline or Online with the use of Instagram’s Location Hashtag you can reach your goal.

3/ Reset your hashtags

Be creative and updated; having your own hashtags is one big step in your business, but you should be aware of your related hashtags, refresh hem, and redesign them. Analyze your hashtags to see which one generates more interactions. In this case, you can drive more traffic to your page the ones who are a fan of your product and content.

4/ Share hashtags and content simultaneously

Some people share their content then add their hashtags by editing the post after publications. I should admit that you almost destroy your chance to appear in different searches. So before sharing your content, think about your hashtags and choose each one of them mindfully.

How to use Instagram hashtags for your business?

When you are managing a business on one social media platform, you should act wisely, because each one of your actions has a specific reaction by your customers. Choosing the right hashtags on a platform like Instagram is as important as choosing your business. Because the number of your followers is not the issue anymore, you need customers, the people who should buy your products. You can only separate and attract the kind of people with the use of hashtags. So let’s find out more about different kinds of hashtags on Instagram.

  • Industry hashtags

Industry hashtags are general, and millions of people use them, so it’s better to find one or two relevant industry hashtags and use them in your business, such as #photographer. The advantage of using this hashtag is the people who are not familiar with your brand, and hashtag can find you through these popular ones.

  • Niche hashtags

Niche hashtags are less general than industry hashtags, and it specializes in the industry. It is less competitive than general hashtags so that you can use more than two Niche hashtags in your posts and stories. To be more clear we can use #kidsphotography

  • Brand hashtags

Brand hashtags help you find brands in your industry. With the use of brand hashtags, you can get familiar with your competitors. You may be disappointed at first, but you should be patient; the thing that matters is that you are a part of this big community. When you use brand hashtags, you can find out more about search results to create new connections. As an example, we can point to #OpenMyWorld by @FlightCenter

  • Community hashtags

Instagram is a platform with a lot of communities, and this option helps you be more active and use it through your goals. Your mail activity in community hashtags is to find your related community or create one and be the starter. In communities, people support each other because by supporting you, they are potentially supporting themselves. Being active is also important. Interact with people to make new friends. #mytravelgram

  • Location hashtags

Location hashtags are the low, competitive hashtags, but it’s a good option for the people who handle local businesses and travelers. Location hashtags make you specific because it is not general anymore. People can easily find you through the use of location hashtags. For example: #NewYorkidsPhotography.

You may get low traffic from location hashtags, but they will be your loyal customers. If you are managing a business on Instagram, the combination of Location, Niche, Industry Hashtags would be a great option for you.

  • Event hashtags

These hashtags make your followers feel that you are alive and active and always beside them. You should put energy to be updated and be aware of all the events on the calendar or something that happens on that special time and date, such as a popular person’s death or some natural events such as earthquakes or floods. These hashtags mostly help you keep the existing ones. But it’s necessary. #SuperBowl

Top Instagram hashtags to get new followers

Getting new followers was, is, and will be an interesting topic for everyone on social media platforms and Instagram is no exception. You already know a lot of ways to get new flowers on Instagram, but the Instagram hashtag is the best way to get new followers. It plays an important role in growing your Instagram reach, and it helps you improve your following.

Here is a list of top hashtags on Instagram for getting new followers:

#follow: 306 million+ posts
#like4like: 296 million+ posts
#tagsforlikes: 209 million+ posts
#instalike: 207+ million posts
#likeforlike: 193 million+ posts
#follow4follow: 178 million+ posts
#followforfollow: 133 million+ posts
#l4l: 123 million+ posts
#f4f: 121 million+ posts
#followback: 76 million+ posts
#instafollow: 75 million+ posts
#likeforfollow: 42 million+ posts
#likeforlikes: 41 million+ posts
#20likes: 41 million+ posts
#likeback: 37 million+ posts
#likes4likes: 29 million+ posts
#followher:  29 million+ posts
#followhim: 24 million+ posts
#pleasefollow: 23 million+ posts
#like4follow: 23 million+ posts
#teamfollowback: 22 million+ posts

Now take a look at top Instagram hashtags with the screenshot from the Instagram app.












How do hashtags get popular on Instagram?

Becoming a popular hashtag on Instagram is the final place for everyone, but the way you can become popular is hard. Hashtags get popular when you share them everywhere, in your post, story, and even Instagram bio. People can be a great option for you to make your hashtags popular. Ask your friends and followers to share your Instagram hashtag on their page.  You can also create a campaign and interact with lots of people, then share and use that campaign’s hashtag, which is actually yours.

How to follow a hashtag on Instagram?

After considering the above options about hashtags on Instagram, It’s better to know how you should follow a hashtag on Instagram.

  • Open your Instagram app
    on your phone.
  • Search the hashtag you
    want to follow.*
  • Tap the hashtag when you
  • Then you will see the
    hashtag and its number of posts.
  • By tapping the follow
    button, you are that hashtag’s follower.
  • Done.

* if you couldn’t find the hashtags, you can use the posts that use that hashtag and find it.

Why can’t I follow a hashtag on Instagram?

All the people use Instagram hashtags to increase their engagement, and when they fail to nail their goals, Feel disappointed. This feeling will be stronger when they don’t know the reason. Let’s see why you cannot follow a hashtag?

Your profile has been shadowbanned

When you are shadowbanned, Instagram blocks all your content. It means that no one can see your content but your followers. The question is, how you should understand you have been shadowbanned? Because there is no notification for this action.

If you search the one specific Hashtag that you use in your post and you don’t see it in your hashtag search result, then you have been shadowbanned. Using a ban and repetitive hashtag can be shadowban reasons.

You want to follow banned hashtags

There are a couple of reasons that make Instagram ban your hashtags.

  • Sharing the content that
    you have no right to share
  • Sharing offensive and
    annoying photos or videos
  • Having unusual actions such
    as too many likes, follow and comments same as bots
  • Posting content that shows self-inflicted

By searching that specific hashtag, you can recognize whether it’s banned or not. Search the hashtag on the search icon, if that hashtag doesn’t appear in the search result .so its ban.

In some other cases, Instagram will show you several posts, but you will see this notification:

“Recent posts from # alone are currently hidden because the community has reported some content that may not meet Instagram’s community guidelines.”

Note! The hashtag could be blocked temporarily or indefinitely. This means that one day, it might be back from being blocked.

Let’s see numbers of banned hashtags on Instagram


Instagram considers you as a spam

Instagram, as one of the most popular apps among people, is really strict about its users and their activities. Such as following a large group of people in a short period. The other thing that can make you be recognized as spam on Instagram is commenting repetitive content or liking too many posts all of these activities show you are using bots and because of that, Instagram considers you as spam. Because of that, you should be careful about your activities and the content you share.

Instagram is replicating once again!

Instagram is replicating once again, and it is not surprising news for Instagram fans because they see this action before. TikTok is a new brand self video making an app that gives people the option to record lip-sync music videos, share your own useful creations, remix titles, and browse other people’s videos. With these features, TikTok has reached more than 1billion active users per month, which is not something that Instagram can just wing it. Now Instagram is working on “clips.”

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