How to Schedule Posts on Instagram?

Schedule Posts on Instagram

If you were not aware of this fact, let me tell you that one of the most effective ways to have an organized and powerful Instagram account is to schedule your posts. Consistency is the key to engagement, so you need to maintain a consistent posting strategy. This would make your account look so disciplined.

These days Instagram has more than 1 billion active users who share millions of posts every day and make it hard for your posts to be seen if you do not have a specific strategy. If you want your content and posts to get engagement and to be noticed, you need to know when your followers are more active. Then after that, you can choose those times as your appropriate time for posting.

This information can easily be detected if you switch to a business account on Instagram. You need to keep in mind that you do not necessarily have to have a business to own a business account and you can opt to do that any time you want just to have access to a lot of capabilities of Instagram business accounts. Now it’s time to know about the benefits scheduling your Instagram posts can have for you.

Why should you schedule Instagram posts?

Instagram studies and personal experiences of Instagrammers show that the accounts which post 7 times or more a week have 3 to 4 times more engagement than those who don’t. This would show how consistent posting can help your account to grow. Moreover, it is believed that businesses who post more than once a day can drive more interaction and followers to their accounts, but remember not to overdo posting, 1 to 3 posts a day is the best.

Now imagine since you want to keep your engagement growing, you have to open your Instagram app 3 times a day to choose the post you want to share, take time to edit it and find the right caption for it, list the relevant hashtags under the post and decide what filter would go best with it. Doesn’t that take a lot of your daily time which you have to devote to other tasks of your life? Such as your job, your routines, and your family? But you still have to be active on your Instagram and share posts if you want it to grow and to be consistent.

That’s precisely when Instagram post schedulers would come in handy. An Instagram post scheduler is made to auto-post your content at the exact time you have set for them to be posted in the future to get the most engagement for you.

Other benefits of scheduling your Instagram posts are as below:
  • It saves times and energy

Now that you have decided to auto-post to your account, you do not have to devote hours a day to open Instagram several times for posting to your account and wasting time editing filters, captions and hashtags. All you have to do is to open your Instagram schedule post tool, choose the photos or videos you aim to post in the future, edit their captions and set the best hashtags and schedule them for later.

No worries, your posts will be posted at the set time in the future, one by one with your preferred settings. You do not even have to touch your phone again!

  • You will Gain more followers

Most of us go to Instagram to see some good and worthy content on our desired subject, and we all love the accounts which care about their audiences more and have a very disciplined timing.

Imagine I am a very busy working woman who only goes to Instagram to track her favorite accounts and if I know the exact times on which one of my favorite account posts, I can check their profiles at those times, and I know when they correctly post which makes followers like me happy and saves their time.

Another thing is that if you keep posting 2 or 3 times a day, you have a higher chance to appear on your specific hashtag list so more people would find your posts and interact with it.

So when you have set to auto-post your posts, you’ll never forget to share your pictures or videos a couple of times a day meanwhile you will not miss the time you knew more Instagram users were online.

gaining Instagram followers
  • Your engagement will grow

By now I hope you have switched to a business account and you have analyzed your Instagram posts, so you know when your posts get more interaction, and that’s why you know when to set your posts to be shared. In result, since more people are online and are surfing Instagram, 100% your post is going to get much more engagement than before. And if you decided to auto-post more than once a day, then you will most probably appear on your follower’s feed, and they’ll notice your new post and will interact with it.

  • You can manage multiple accounts at once

When you are working with an Instagram scheduling tool, you can have more than account added to it, so you have the ability to apply your desired settings and preferences to more than one account. Now you can surely feel how beneficial it can be to use a scheduler. Editing as much as posts you want for multiple accounts to schedule them for later, all in a short time! Isn’t that tempting?

Which Instagram scheduling service is the best?

What are the factors which make you decide which service is the best for you? Cheaper price? More efficiency? More options and capabilities? Safety? Or does it have to be user-friendly and easy to use?

All the things above are the reasons which made Instazood to standout in the list of best tools for Instagram post scheduling.

Instazood has some features no other similar tools have such as:

  1. Instazood does not have any limits for post scheduling.
  2. You can also schedule when you want a post to be deleted if it is temporary.
  3. Set your watermark for all your post to protect them from being copied.
  4. You can add a first comment under your post, which includes the rest of the caption you could not write due to Instagram’s 20000 characters’ limitation. 
  5. You have the ability the to manage the posts you have shared with Instazood or even managing their comments!
Instagram post scheduler

How to Schedule your posts using Instazood?

  • Selecting your photos/videos

The first thing you need to do in order to make your posts ready to be scheduled is to select the one or the ones you want to make changes to and set to be publish in the future.

For this purpose, go to your Instazood dashboard> select scheduled posts> click on the blue button “select files.”

Instazood dashboard
  • File selection

In this page, the file/files you have chosen will be displayed and you can either add to them or remove each one you want. After that, simply click “Next.”

Instazood dashboard
  • Post settings and parameters

Now we have come to the page where we can see the “post parameters” on the left side while “description and post settings” on the right side of the page. Each of them has some settings for the post you want to edit before scheduling.

Instazood dashboard

Post parameters: In the left side of the page are some settings which include the “Filters” you can apply to your picture and are uniquely make by Instazood for your posts to look better. Another option Instazood provides for you, is to add your specific watermark or logo on your pictures to keep them from being stolen or misused. You can see the “Watermark” option on your post parameters under “Filters.”

On the top of the page comes the settings for your picture size as “Aspect ratio,” which you can change how your photo would look.

Description and post settings: Here comes the main part of your post’s settings. The first thing you’ll get to edit here is the caption of your post on the “Description” section. Then below that, you have to set the exact date and time you want your post to be published so that would be your “Scheduled time.”

The other options which come under your date and time are the additional options you can set for your post, such as setting a time for it to be deleted in the future if it is an ad or you want it to be temporary. You can also choose a location for your photo by tapping on “Location.”

For some reason, so many people do not like to get comments on a specific post or all of them. Instazood has even thought of this and has added the “Disable comments” option for you to choose if you needed it.

Instazood is one of the only services on the business which give out real likes and views that is an option on your settings each time you are setting an auto-post for future. You have the option to buy as many likes and views you wish for your scheduled post.

Instazood dashboard

Now you can just sit back and relax since you have successfully scheduled the posts you want to be shared to your Instagram later at a specific date and time. Moreover, you do not have to worry that you’ll miss the right time to post and you’ll definitely gain more engagement, and at last, you make your followers happy by your discipline and posting strategy. This is not a thing to hesitate on, just do it, and you’ll thank us later.

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