How to get more followers on Instagram

The Instagram bot is an automation tool which can do activities on behalf of a person on Instagram. Automation software is becoming one of the essential parts of social media management.

Automated activities can follow, like, comment, direct message, view stories, and schedule posts instead of individuals. Instagram growth service will increase the engagement and number of followers using marketing strategies.

How to get more followers on Instagram

There are seven different ways that a person can use Instagram automation to gain more followers and expand the circle of fans. These are including:

  • follow bot
  • auto liker
  • auto comment
  • auto unfollow
  • DM Bot
  • view stories
  • scheduling posts

If you are looking forward to increasing the number of followers on Instagram, then you have entered one of the worthiest future trends.

Statistics show that more than 3 billion people all around the globe would use social media, and Instagram is one of the world popular social media. Thus, it is well worth to invest in this topic to grow your revenue.

Individuals can do all of these actions from the web and any browsers. Managing Instagram activities on pc is also possible with the help of Instagram automation.

#1 Instagram follow bot

One of the best ways to show your profile and build a connection with other Instagram accounts is following them to get followed. If others see a profile on their notification menu, they most probability visit the profile, and once the content is eye-catching, they would follow the account.

How Instagram follow bot would growth your account?

With four different targetings, Instagram follow Bot can boost the number of followers.

  • Target usernames (to follow their followers)
  • Target hashtag users
  • Target hashtag likers
  • Target locations

Not only Instagram automation tools like Instazood are a cheap and affordable service, but also there are lots of advantages besides that. Using automation, you have many ways to select who your bot is going to follow.

The first way which an Instagram bot uses to find the target fans is to find others’ followers list. When a person targets any usernames, Bot service will follow those usernames’ followers automatically.

The second way is that you can find some accounts which their followers most suits you. These accounts can be your competitors or similar accounts to yours. So, you target the 3-10 number of these usernames, and the bot will show you how many users it has followed and also the number of users who have followed back. In this way, the efficiency rate would help to recognize which targets are more useful and bring in more followers to your account.

The third way is using hashtags. Who use hashtags in their posts, and captions that are hashtag users (hashtag owner), and Who like the specific hashtag’s posts that are hashtag likers (hashtag lovers). You can choose both hashtag owners and hashtag lovers in your Instagram follow bot. Therefore, the bot starts doing action on those related accounts.

The reason is while you are choosing the related hashtag to your account aim, the most probably who use or like the hashtag posts would like your content too.

Finally, the fourth way is to use location targeting. If your business location is in the States, you can choose your target places from New York, or any other locations near your area.

#2 Instagram like bot

It might be frustrating for many of us to open the Instagram app every hour and like others’ posts, but automating like action is a helpful way.

The same as follow, when you like someone’s posts, you are triggering them to check back your profile, especially if your Instagram profile picture is eye-catching.

Thought, the newest Instagram algorithm has limited the number of followings and likes on Instagram. These, when you are using automation, you better divide Instagram actions and do few actions per hour/day. For example, 200 like and follow per day could prevent “action blocked” error on Instagram.

How should you choose your target for like Bot? Select the target once, and all the actions including follow, like, unfollow, and view stories would take place on the selected targets.

Though there is an option on Bots to turn on and off each action separately, and you can also change the targets. Another advantage of using Instagram auto liker is that it will continue working overnight, so set any time zone and leave the Like actions to robots.

#3 Instagram comment bot

Reading, replying and commenting on others’ posts is one of the most essential activities of Instagram, which every Instagram user can take into considerations to better perform on Instagram.

Since the Instagram algorithm is focusing on quality content; it is recommended to use auto commenting carefully to prevent irrelevant comments. You can use a comment tracker to reply to other your comments with just a few clicks.  An Instagram comment tracker shows all the comments of all posts in one place, and this makes you able to read and rely faster than opening each post in a new tap and reply to their comments upon.

Thought, since opening a photo or video and writing the comment is time-consuming, many users prefer to use comment automation on Instagram to keep engagements, and saving time.

#4 Auto unfollow bot

As you might know, Instagram has limited the number of following up to 7500, so users need to unfollow to get new following opportunities and show the profile to new Instagram users. Hopefully, Instagram unfollow bot will do this action automatically when it reaches a certain number of followers (as you have set).

#5 Auto scheduling posts

Managing posts and schedule them for the coming weeks and months is amazing functions of social media automation tools.

#6 Auto DM Bot

If You are going to introduce your products or invite others to join a campaign and any other promotion, automating direct message on Instagram is an excellent option to achieve this aim. It is possible to customize the type of message; for example, you might send a welcome message or promotion-introducing messages. Sending the right messages to the right persons can increase the number of followers, especially when they are satisfied with the provided service.

#7 View stories

Users can see who has watched their stories, and they get curious to visit the watcher’s profile.

Instagram Bots use this advantage to attract more visitors or followers to be. The excellent point is that viewing stories with automation can be done with all other actions on Instagram. They won’t interfere with each other’s functions.


The Instagram bot is an automation tool which uses some marketing tactics to bring more followers in. In this way, it follows, unfollows as needed, comment, view stories, and thousands of action fast and straightforward.

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