How to Get an Inactive Instagram Username in 2023? (Step by Step)

How to Get an Inactive Instagram Handle?

As you know, for creating an Instagram account and joining this social media community, you should choose a unique username, which is not simple. Usually, people prefer to use their name or something that reflects their personality as their username, but this is not always accepted by Instagram as someone may have already chosen it. Now the main question is how to get an inactive instagram username. If you want to know if it is possible to get an inactive instagram accounts name, read the text below until the end and learn about all the details and tricks, like how to buy an instagram username.

how to get an inactive instagram username

Can you get an inactive Instagram name?

Previously you read that based on Instagram algorithms, it is not possible to sign up with a username that has already been used by someone else, even it is one of the inactive instagram accounts. Here, the good news is that Instagram purge inactive accounts by default, and you can use them after that. But now you might say that I can not wait until that time and need to choose my username sooner. So, I suggest you keep reading and learn how to get an inactive instagram username by other tricks.

How to get an inactive Instagram username

Inactive instagram accounts are usernames chosen previously by those users who do not use their accounts anymore, but still, that username is unavailable for you. No matter why that username became inactive, you can try the below steps to see if you can get an inactive instagram username.

  • How to get an inactive instagram username by buying:

While it might seem strange, there are different secondary markets that you can use to buy instagram username there. And it might be more interesting to know that some of those lucky people who were aware of choosing a unique and attractive username can now sell them at a high price. If you are wondering how, that is not so hard, just follow the two below steps:

  1. Contacting inactive Instagram accounts:

It can be the hardest step but do not freak out because you can try different options, such as:

  • Sending a DM to that inactive Instagram account because sometimes they check it. 
  • If you are lucky, you might find an email address or other social media account username on his Bio. 
  • Or you can try by yourself and see if you can find him on another social media platform or not. 
  • And the last option is to check the follower lists and ask his close friend to make a connection between you and him.
  1. Making an attractive offer:

Now, you should offer an affordable and attractive amount to buy Instagram username. Here, there are two items that you should consider. First, think carefully about how valuable that account is to you and then suggest an amount. And second, you can create accounts with the same username on other social media accounts to decrease its value and increase the chance that the seller accepts a lower price.

  • How to get an inactive instagram username by waiting:

In this way, the only one who can help you get one of these inactive instagram accounts is Instagram, and you need to be patient because no one knows when Instagram will decide to deactivate this account. Also, I have to add that it is not a sure way, but there is a possibility.

  • How to get an inactive instagram username by getting a patent on the name:

This is not a common way to get one of the inactive instagram accounts because you need to wait a lot and spend even more than when you decide to buy instagram username. However, if your chosen inactive username is a business name, you can be exclusive to your business by trademarking it and reporting that there is an account with the same name as you that might cause confusion for people who want to contact you.  Be careful that this way will not always work because some Instagram’s terms state that usernames are given based on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • How to get an inactive instagram username by choosing a similar name:

Actually, this is the simplest way to get an inactive Instagram username. As you know, it is possible to choose an Instagram username of up to 30 characters and include letters, numbers, periods and underscores. So, sometimes adding an underscore or a number is the best way to change that inactive instagram account username in a way that is allowed but not changed a lot.

Can we buy Instagram username?

Of course, Yes. As you read above, one of the most common ways people use to have an inactive instagram account is to buy it. If your goal and having that unique username is as valuable as paying much money, that can be a great way. To know more about how to buy instagram username, you can read the first section of the “how to get an inactive instagram username” paragraph.

Will Instagram delete inactive Instagram accounts?

That is possible, but not sure. Many people who like to own one of those unique inactive instagram accounts, choose to wait until Instagram disables and delete that account, then use it. But there is nothing to show how much time you should wait, and that makes it a risky but still free-to-pay method.

How to request Instagram to delete an inactive account?

According to Instagram algorithms, an inactive account is not used or checked for 30 days, and then it is deleted within 5 to 10 working days. Now, if you face an inactive IG account with your desired username, you should check it to see if it has any posts, stories, or following, and then you can report it to Instagram via [email protected] and explain what you want to claim with all your reasons. Then you should wait and be hopeful to hear back from them. Or you might suddenly see your username automatically changed.


  • Instagram username taken but does not exist

That can be due to a type of Instagram ban, in which the app deletes the account but keeps the username.

  • How long does it take for a username to become available after someone deletes their account?

You can simply delete an Instagram account but to recycle it you should wait about 6 months.

  • Can I request an inactive username?

Yes, if it was inactive for three years or more you can ask to use it as a premium member.

  • What happens to a user name after Instagram bans the original account?

Mostly, Instagram deletes it but keeps the username, which means you can not use it to create another account.


Would you like to choose an Instagram username already chosen by inactive Instagram accounts? But do not worry, there are some ways, like buying that instagram username, waiting for an Instagram purge, changing it with a symbol, and even trademarking it. If you need to know more about how to get an inactive instagram username, read the above text completely.

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